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What's the going hourly rate to rent a small pool 3x a week?
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Post Thu, Jun 06 2024, 6:36 pm
ahuvasrob wrote:
True. That's why it's recommended not to "rent" rather have them "contribute" towards cost of maintaining pool Smile

I don’t know who is recommending this but in the event someone is injured or dies, calling it a contribution is not going to fool the insurance company. It wasn’t a lawyer or an insurance agent or at least not a competent one.

Insurance will rightfully state they don’t cover because your pool was no longer a pool being used by a family but was now a public pool that was being used for commercial purposes. The liability risk is significantly higher when a pool is rented versus being used by a family although obviously relatives and friends can sue.

However it is the same with a car. Your insurance will cover you if a friend is injured in your car but won’t cover you if you are using your car to drive people for money like Uber or equivalent.

If you rent through Swimly, they provide insurance coverage as part of the fee they charge to use their platform.
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Post Thu, Jun 06 2024, 9:57 pm
amother Anemone wrote:
Someone is free to charge whatever they want.

The issue is whether anyone will rent it if the price is too high. Fairness is irrelevant.

Some people don’t really need or want the money and therefore won’t rent it unless they get a high enough amount to make it worth it.

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