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The Wig Outlet

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Post Sun, Jun 09 2024, 7:35 pm
Just wanted to pass this along for people who don’t have SM accounts like instagram etc. I bought one wig from The Wig Outlet and really love it! They are tagless/label-less overstock someone buys but very very nice. They have lace top, lace front and silk top, falls and sheitels. Mostly long lace from what I’ve seen. Prices are crazy reasonable. They are having a huge sale next weekend!

There’s also a WhatsApp group


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Post Sun, Jun 09 2024, 7:42 pm
Does anyone have contact information? I would love to reach out to them if they’ll be in the Lakewood area .
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Post Sun, Jun 09 2024, 8:10 pm
As far as I know there is only the WhatsApp group with the link I posted and the instagram account. They do pop-ups that change location weekly. They’ve been in Lakewood and I’m sure will be back soon. I’d try the WhatsApp group

amother Saddlebrown wrote:
Does anyone have contact information? I would love to reach out to them if they’ll be in the Lakewood area .
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Post Mon, Jul 01 2024, 11:04 pm
Hi, has anyone bought from them ? What was your experience? Ty !
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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 12:23 pm
I just bought so I can share my experience but it was a little different because it was when the sales were much smaller and there were more tiers to the pricing.
I got a higher end 23 inch size large wavy lace top for 1,600- now this would likely be 1100 in the current sales but since I don't know the brand, it's possible it wouldn't be there.
I took it to someone trustworthy who sells custom sheitels and she said the hair is very nice the lace is not the best quality but I did well for the money. I got a lot of baby hairs put in to complete the hairline and cut so total came to 2,200. I did go to the owner's house and she helped me pick out which is also probably why it is such a good piece, because it fits great and so forth. So far I love it so much.
My advice is as follows; Go to the sale with a friend, If you are really serious about buying, spend the $100 to go early so you can get customized service from them and not fighting the crowds.
Probably best to not buy anything that the cap does not fit right, is not the right texture you are looking for, or is really off color-wise. I say this because my sheitelmacher said people have come in with wigs that they should not have purchased for the above reasons and now have to spend a lot more to fix this before they cut style ect.
I think the Wig Outlet is serving a very great need and I hope they continue to be successful.
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