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Israeli imas please help

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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 4:54 pm
Please no bashing, just looking for advice
My husband has Crohn’s disease and gets treated with an iv infusion called remicade. When he was in yeshiva it was very complicated to get it in Israel and he worked with someone who helps people with chronic illness in Israel who suggested making Aliyah so he could get on meuchedet and get the medication in Israel (otherwise he had to get it sent with someone coming from America which was hard and not super legal). This person told him he could get a ptur because of his crohns. He did so but never actually got the ptur
It’s now 4 years later, we would love to go to Israel for sukkos but cannot risk him getting arrested in the airport. He is trying to contact the consulate but it’s slow going.
For anyone who was successful in getting a ptur after making Aliyah what can we do to speed up/help this process? He plans on renouncing citizenship after getting the ptur so our son and future children won’t have any issues
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 5:39 pm
Speak to chaim vchesed.
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 5:41 pm
Maybe repost later tonight or early tomorrow morning so the Israeli crowd will see this..
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 8:26 pm
Don't make Succot plans until it is sorted. Israeli beaurocracy is a nightmare to outsiders.

Embassies are always slow, IME.

IMO your best bet would be to PM (he's on Facebook) Dov Lipman and explain the situation and ask him who in Israel you can pay to help you get ot sorted quickly. I don't mean this in a shady "bribe" way, but he probably knows a lawyer or similar who knows exactly what you need to do, and who to talk to to push it through if it gets held up.
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 8:53 pm
Thank you to all who responded. Bumping this up for the Israel crowd
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 10:04 pm
The issue is your husband made Aliyah but then left the country, and he's afraid of the army arresting him for not drafting? I think you should contact some of the orgs listed above. You definitely should try to sort it out before coming for a visit.
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 10:37 pm
Chaim Vchesed 100%
IL: 072-CHESSED (243-7733)
US: (718) 407-2448
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