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Can I use expired butter that smells and looks fine?

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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 6:24 pm
I have butter in my fridge that I want to use for the between carpools cheesecake bars recipe. It looks fine but I noticed the box says expired a while ago. I don’t want to run out now to buy more.
Would you use it? Thankss
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 6:26 pm
Yes I would
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 6:26 pm
I would
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 6:27 pm
Yes. You would be able to smell if it had gone bad
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 6:28 pm
If it was bad then it would smell bad
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 7:00 pm
I don’t recommend it. Once I used butter that had recently expired because it looked and smelled fine - I made sure others smelled and inspected it as well.
Turns out, the taste was HORRIBLE
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Post Mon, Jun 10 2024, 7:08 pm
I would get a second opinion on the smell.
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