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5 year old dentist anxiety HELP

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Post Tue, Jun 11 2024, 8:36 am
My child went to the dentist at 12 months and again at 2 years and she was totally fine, in fact they commented on how easy she was.
She is almost 5, and is going for a checkup soon.
A few months back, she saw a video about going to the dentist, but it basically said that the dentist will check for holes in your teeth, and then they fix the holes. She was visibly shaking and tense after, and it took her a while to calm down. She has been traumatized since.
I'm concerned about taking her to the dentist. I switched to a way more kid friendly practice where they work with anxious children, but I'm nervous.
I didn't tell her yet that we are going, but when we brush our teeth in the morning, I started talking about the dentist. Like I'll say- when I go to the dentist they take pictures of my teeth. Or when I go to the dentist they brush my teeth for me.
Her response is always- a nervous face or telling me she doesn't need to go to the dentist cuz she brushes her teeth.
She won't tolerate any other talk about the dentist. I've tried books but she won't look at them.

Any suggestions?
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Post Tue, Jun 11 2024, 2:42 pm
Try to tell her made up happy stories for bedtime or any other time about different little kids going to the dentist and having a good time
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Post Tue, Jun 11 2024, 3:54 pm
In similar situations, I’ve made a social story together with the child which is basically a book where you write a story about the child themselves going through the experience step by step along with illustrations (mine are literally stick people). I also try to include an outing or prize at the end of the appt so they have something tangible to look forward to. We read it many times together well in advance of the appt so that when the time comes the child knows what to expect. I have found this to really help with anxiety!!!
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Post Wed, Jun 12 2024, 5:26 pm
Offer her a prize for after. It gives her soemthing positive to associate with the dentist and soemthing to look forward to after. Helped my dd.
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Brit in Israel


Post Thu, Jun 13 2024, 3:05 am
If you are going just for a check up and they do find something don't have it done straight away!
You want to keep this appointment as an ok experience and it will take her time to process answer any questions she has after of what they did and why.

If she needs a filling or something else book a separate appointment a week or 2 later.
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