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How do people afford the summer expenses????
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Are you able to afford summer camp and expenses?
I am BH able to afford summer camp and expenses  
 31%  [ 41 ]
I am not able to afford summer camp and expenses but I send anyway  
 51%  [ 68 ]
I am not able to afford summer camp and expenses so I dont send and dont spend  
 16%  [ 22 ]
Total Votes : 131



Post Tue, Jun 18 2024, 2:31 am
Everything you do with kids will cost less than camp. If you have a large family u have your own sports team. Compete with another family whatever the boys like. Since preteen and teen at dusk because am isn’t an option.

Cheapskate summer
Board games
Find free days for libraries
Biking and hiking (get a list of local and distant ones older kids enjoy further trips)
Coordinate social time with friends so you have a break

There’s no mitzvoh to entertain your children with paid trips and rabbi avigdor miller says it destroys the child! Structure is very important though! Not sure how teenagers work with sleeping in…
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rainbow dash


Post Tue, Jun 18 2024, 2:50 am
Crazy. Bh, I live in antwerp Belgium. We have day camp. This year my younger 2 14 years olds are going to aguda daycamp. It costs 275 eu each. That's 295 dollars. It's from 930 till 4 or 5. Longer on days when they make a big outing.

My older dd17 is going to be a Madricha.

It's only 4 weeks. August is off.
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Post Tue, Jun 18 2024, 3:10 am
In my mind, obligatory camp is for kids who need supervision while you work.
The kids who don’t need supervision anymore can figure it out themselves. I haven’t spend even a minute thinking about what my teens will do in the summer. They would love to do absolutely nothing. They can get together with friends and do outings. They can sleep half a day if they need to. They can find a job. Why would you spend thousands they don’t have to entertain them?
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Post Tue, Jun 18 2024, 3:23 am
We should make the summers productive. Teach typing, sewing, or other basic skills. Stuff they need to learn.
Boys can and should learn how to sew on a button. Basic home repairs. Yard work.

Good, healthy, work that will actually help them in the future.
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Post Tue, Jun 18 2024, 9:55 am
I don't usually send to sleep away camp. Where I live there are day camps until mesivta age for boys. Sporty for the sporty kids and travel day camps for the non-sporty. I have 2 beis medresh age boys plus one early teen boy--and this worked for us. Once they hit mesivta age, they were "camped out" and wanted to work.

My oldest girl is preteen. She's going to a day camp camp that also has until high school age.

I can't say the camps are cheap, but nothing like sleep away camp. I'm paying about 2k for the whole summer per pre-teen/teen aged kids and about 1k for elementary school.

This year is the 1st year I am sending to "sleep away camp" but not by choice. My beis medresh son's yeshiva is renting a camp and there is added cost on top of tuition. But I can't not send, as it's part of yeshiva.

I really set money aside the whole year. A little here and there. Amounts that aren't so noticeable day to day, but add up quickly. It doesn't cover everyone and everything, but usually covers some.
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Post Wed, Jun 19 2024, 5:36 am
How do u teach boys this

Also how do u motivate them to keep at it or…gulp…start!
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Post Wed, Jun 19 2024, 6:20 am
amother Milk wrote:
I don’t send to sleep away camp. Can’t afford it. I send to daycamps BH I live in Lakewood and can get away with it

How old are your kids? There are no day camps in Lakewood for mesivta age boys.

In theory they can get a camp job, but thats not my sons' personality and also, they work really really hard the entire year, and do need to relax a bit while learning in the summer. I don't think theyre up to working hard in a day camp.

Every year I ask my sons' rebbes if I can keep them home in Lakewood so they can relax and leaen and was told no.

What drives me crazy is this goes on for my beis medresh age sons too!
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small bean


Post Wed, Jun 19 2024, 7:29 am
Why are you asking your sons rebbi? It's between you and your son.
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