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Frum wedding fashion whatsapp?

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Post Tue, Jun 18 2024, 9:34 am
My non-frum friends have a close family wedding coming up and they asked me for help with what people wear.

For context, this is a YU/Stern wedding, right-wing MO and the wedding is in the Teaneck area. Clothes has to be fully tznius.

Can anyone please give me IG accounts they should look at? My friend is 50, her daughter is 20.
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Post Wed, Jun 19 2024, 9:09 am
I was at a wedding last night.
Is it a black tie/fancier or less fancy?

This was a fancy event. (BTO)
Most people (young and old) wore long. But not everyone.
The girls wore a lot of light prints. People really wore everything. Teaneck is much less of a “uniform “ then I perceive other communities to be.
I don’t have Instantgram so I can’t help you there.
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