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End of year pet peeves

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Post Mon, Jun 24 2024, 7:06 pm
Why o why dear lovely morah do you tell us on Monday to bring in a nosh for Tuesdays good bye party.
Like couldn't you have told us in time for our weekly shabbos shopping??

(Oh also, pray tell me why each kid needs 25 peices of nosh for each party. So if we are giving 4 parties per kid on average (reading groups, rebbe, afternoon teacher, ABC party, siyum) etc etc that's 100 extra pieces of junk this week. Maybe assign 10 kids to bring in food? Or encourage prizes instead? )

Rant over. Now let's figure out what to do.
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Post Mon, Jun 24 2024, 7:08 pm
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Post Mon, Jun 24 2024, 7:54 pm
Do we have the same Moros 😆
I was trying to be dan lekaf zechus and I decided that it’s the kids , at least in my case because they’re older than 1st grade, that are pushing for the party and the Morah says ok and also the Morah is not trying to pressure parents so it’s an “optional” situation. I told my kids to try to find enough pieces of candy for everyone from our shabbos party stash and that’s that.
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