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Am I wasting my time trying?

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Post Tue, Jul 09 2024, 3:45 pm
This year I was gonna be super organized. I was gonna call hotels and resorts right after pesach and make plans for every single weekend in the summer.
Well, sibling got engaged and married bh and now here I am with no plans.
My question is, is it still worth my time to try and call Jewish hotels like the lake House out chalet to see if there's any bookings available, or is my desperation making me kid myself into thinking anything might still be open?
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Post Tue, Jul 09 2024, 5:34 pm
Why would it hurt to give them a call and ask?
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Post Tue, Jul 09 2024, 7:43 pm
I know chalet is still iopen for bookings
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Post Tue, Jul 09 2024, 8:04 pm
If you look at the back of the BP weekly - Lakewood paper that can be found online - there’s a couple bungalows and homes available
I called one and she sent pics, it was beautiful and 1800 for weekend
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happy chick


Post Tue, Jul 09 2024, 8:08 pm
Can't hurt to try. Sometimes at the last minute you end up getting better deals.
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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 9:15 pm
Can someone tell me what the lake house chalet is?
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Post Fri, Jul 12 2024, 12:25 pm
Don’t give up on your plans! You can always try doesn’t hurt.
If it doesn’t work out I’m sure there are many home rental options that can work. I just heard about this website https://kvation.com/ from a different thread maybe try there
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