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Looking for Gift for Chabad Rebetzin

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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 3:19 am
I am very close with my Chabad Rabanit in Israel. Does anyone have any gift ideas and where to purchase from a legitimate website? Thinking about something to do with Chanuka gelt being made into a necklace? Or does anyone else have anything Rebbe related that Chabad shlichim would love?

Is this something that Chabad shlichim would love to have?

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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 4:29 am
The idea of chanuka gelt from the rebbe sounds great. But something about that link feels off to me.
I would like to think people don't sell what they have received from the Rebbe, also the coins look like shekalim? Would the Rebbe have given American coins?
What about something useful for the house? A tehilim with her name (if she doesn't have already). Or other sefer? A gift card?
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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 5:32 am
Hi! I'm also a chabad rebbitzin (def not yours;)) something from the Rebbe would be very meaningful but it's hard to get hold of. The coins on that link don't really look so legit and I'm not sure if there's a real way to verify them.. there are some beautiful leather bound chabad seforim e.g a Chitas.. Alternatively I have seen people print their pictures with the Rebbe on acrilic or print a letter they have received ok acrylic for the wall, although I don't know If you can get ahold of hers if she has.. if she is English speaking there is many new books and seforim recently out.or you can just go with a regular gift, jewellery giftcard, something Judaic for her home.. etc..Depends on her personality too. Good luck!
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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 5:36 am
By the way, if she has a coin herself, the necklace setting is a beautiful gift and it costs a nice amount itself.
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Post Wed, Jul 10 2024, 5:37 am
The Rebbe gave dimes.
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