Which store should I shop at?

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Post  Fri, Sep 05 2008, 9:00 am
I live out of town and there are two supermarkets near me. One is very close by (2 min drive), it is nice, great produce, has all the produts I buy but the one drawback is that it's slightly more expensive than the other one. The other supermarket is a bit farther away (7 mins), does not have great produce, it so so clean and orderly and often does not have everything I need but they are slightly less expensive.
I am trying to watch my weekly grocery spending, but recently it just seems like I expend more time and energy going to two stores instead of the one nicer one.

How do you shop? I know some people go to two or more stores to get the best proce on the products they want - it just seems like a waste of time and energy (not to mention super frustrated 11pm runs to the supermarket).
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Post  Fri, Sep 05 2008, 9:05 am
I'd go to the closer one, but that's just me. I say, time is money and so is gas LOL .
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