Need some tips on how to put on nailpolish
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Post  Sat, Dec 27 2008, 8:48 pm
octopus wrote:
Dh once commented on our wedding video that my nails look so nice (I know, funny thing to notice Scratching Head Scratching Head ) but when he took a whiff of the manicurist place while walking by, he thought the smells in there were hazardous to one's health. So I thought I could do it myself. But nailpolish smells pretty bad, and dh wasn't too thrilled about the smell, either. I want nice nails!!!!

it's a woman's prerogative to look pretty ... either way you do it ... it's your nails - your lungs - your life ... if it's not the odor of nail polish it'll be the odor of s/t else - the world is toxic ... DON'T BREATH ... yeah right Rolling Eyes

maybe if you just limit the polish to 2 out of 8 hands ... Nervous
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