What to do with curly hair
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Post  Wed, Jan 14 2009, 12:03 pm
I spend time drying my hair at night. If I don't, and go to be with wet hair I get some interesting hair. I can't stand having cold wet hair in the winter.

every 2-3 days I wash my hair (every day in summer). You can use a diffuser or you can dry it "wavy" (not pin straight but more controlled). To put in under shaitel I braid it (except on shabbat) and use some clippy things that I got at wallmart. (like the clips for kippas with a tiny comb on one side). When I take off the shaitel at home you can spritz it with some product or water to refresh the curl. Even when I straighten it I have to do something after I take off the shaitel...

I've cut my hair shoulder length so the shrinkage is kept around chin level. The hairdresser thins it.

Ouidad has salons in ny to do special cuts to let the hair not poof out as well as products that are pricy but great.
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