Purim Pressure -tips to make it calmer
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Post  Sun, Mar 05 2006, 4:29 am
I love purim.

as a child it was great fun and even now as an adult I try and keep-up the purim spirit. I dress up. Go out in the street to see all the kids dressed-up delivering MM and bochurim shpieling etc. I face-paint my bros & sis and fiddle with ribbons and cellophane to prepare the MM the night before.

This year for some crazy reason I volunteered to do the seuda as well. That is worrying me a little but I figure if I stick to a really simple menu and cook things I have made successfully before, like roast chicken and potatos it will be fine. Generally I prefer to make a more interesting menu but I think sanity demands simplicity!
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Post  Sun, Mar 05 2006, 2:44 pm
cl wrote:
sanity demands simplicity!

you could have that printed on lapel buttons and sell them!
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Milk Munch


Post  Sun, Mar 05 2006, 11:22 pm
My sister in law who is very into themes, is baking mini cupcakes (in advance, with grape juice) and dressing her kids up as bakers. (meaning an apron and hat). It's actually simplifying things for her because all kids will be the same and prepared in advance.
(I know its kind of late for ideas but I thought it was a good one to pass along).
Also, for people who make a bajillion pekalach (not only though), I just have to mention how AWSOME a whirly pop is!!
In two minutes FLAT you have a huge vat of freshly made popcorn. In the long run its cheaper than buying, its faster and easier than running to the store, and it tastes waaaaaaaay better. (It comes with recipes to make all kinds of flavored popcorn, sweet, spicy etc.) Fill up the bag with popcorn, throw whatever else you have and your done.
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