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Post  Sun, May 10 2009, 1:45 am
This is a place to vent about household appliances that don't work correctly, but for whatever reason, can't be replaced right away.

I'll start. My vaccuum cleaner makes sparks inside whenever its on and makes an awful smell. Its done this from day one.

My mixer also makes sparks.

My stove/oven- of the five burners on top, only 1 works, and not too well. There are two compartments in the oven- one doesnt work at all, the other only has a top heating element that works, so I'm only able to cook certain types of things in it.

If I use my washing machine too many times in a row, the pipe where it leads into the hole in the ground for the water run off starts leaking, and I get water all over my floor.

B'h my dryer and fridge/freezer work beautifully!

Want to complain about your not working so well appliances?
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Post  Sun, May 10 2009, 2:06 am
I am very frustrated that the second door shelf in my less than 3 year old fridge broke now and every time I call to replace the part they say it is on backorder. This started 2 years ago, when the first shelf broke and I don't know why I can't find the replacements!!!!

My oven/stove was bought at the same time and the cover's hinges broke soon after purchase. I have just been too lazy to replace those since I don't really need the cover for the stove to work.

I'm just upset this happened to new appliances.
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