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Post  Fri, Apr 07 2006, 7:23 pm
So now that our children are off from school for Pesach break, I am determined to make this a joyful experience for all of us...and to really enjoy the time with our children instead of getting caught up in the cooking and cleaning.

My children are all under 7 - perhaps others can post ideas for older children.

Some of the things we've done so far...

Write a list (with pictures to keep it exciting for the little ones) every night of what we will be doing the next day - it is so much easier for them to know what we need to do in the morning, in order to get out in the afternoon.

Stick to the basics on the list in case you can't get to it all -they do so well when they know what is expected of them..

Make sure to actually stick to the list.

Always get them dressed in the morning and daven with them - gets the day off to a much better start.

Don't forget to sing with them while doing chores..they learn so many pesach songs in school and it would be a pity if we were too busy to sing with them. Or any songs..

Have little rewards prepared for those days that its necesarry(stickers, choc chips etc)

Planned meals that are basic and easy to cook - the guests like this food just as much as any fancy recipes anyway..

looked at all their Pesach work before putting it in a safe(pesachdik)place to save for pesach - show you appreciate their hard work.

Had them each clean out their own drawers of toys - yes even the little ones can do this with minimal help.

sprayed (and danced) our way through the kitchen cabinets

cleaned our bedrooms (incentive - getting to vaccum all by themselves)

Squeezed lemon juice together...taking turns.

Prepared snack and supper BEFORE everyone gets too hungry to control themselves ( I always know when my kids are hungry - they really lose themselves)

Put on a video for them - and actually watch some of it with them...you need a break too!

Keep the bedtime routine - reading stories etc even though there is so much work still to get done in the house..

Be very generous with praise(for their help, their behaviour etc)

I especially like to look out for when they do something kind for a sibling and make a big deal out of it ..(evben something little) this really minimizes the "home from school" typical sibling fighting

and much more but no time to type

Hatzlacha to all in trying to stay calm (and sane)
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Post  Sat, Apr 08 2006, 10:16 pm
SK- I'm crying! If only more mothers wld be like u!!! I teach and interact with many parents over the years. Many have the attitude of 'the less home the better" (esp the week before pesach)

May Hashem give u the z'chus to see much nachas from your kinderlach and may u be an inspiration to many.
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Post  Sat, Apr 08 2006, 10:24 pm
yes, thanks for inspiring me.
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