Help me figure out the sabbath mode for my GE oven

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Post  Wed, Sep 16 2009, 6:56 pm
Does anyone have the GE stove with sabbath mode who can help me?

I got a GE JGPB36 with a sabbath mode after my old Caloric went the way of all broken and impossible to fix appliances.

I tried it one Friday , leaving the food in and setting it to go off after two hours. It went off after two hours, but although I had set it for 200 degrees, everything dried out and some stuff burned - that oven was really hot!
I bought two oven thermometers and they both generally read okay when I bake, so I tried sabbath mode again. today. After some time, it climbed to 350. I put the temp down again, and then it read lower - but no nearly as low as I had set it.

I have three questions if any imamother has this stove or something like it:

(1) how do I make sure that it won't go off after 12 hours if I set it on erev RH? I want to have it for the 2nd day of RH

(2) when am I supposed to set the temperature - is it supposed to first heat up and then I adjust it down? It does not seem to work to adjust the temp when I first set it into sab mode - or am I doing something wrong?

(3) Also the booklet says it goes down (or up) in 25 degree increments. Is this true? It does not seem to go as low as I set it. Also, how could I get it down to 170 if it is in 25 degree increments (the lowest that it says it goes)?

Thank you So Much! I don't remember ever before having had this much trouble understanding a manual for an appliance. Embarassed
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Post  Wed, Sep 16 2009, 7:13 pm
if u have the same as me, u press bake & broil at the same time till sf comes on.then u press clock a few times till it says sab. then you press start, bake, start. you should have one backwards c. wait a few seconds-can even be a minute, and another c will come on. its set to 350. if u wanna lower it, push bake, -, till it gets 2 ur temp. if u want it at 250, press - 4 times, but careful, cuz u dont see the numbers-you have to keep track!
if you want it only for fri night, u push cooking time, and + till it gets to what time u want, but if u want it
for more than 24 hours, you dont push cook and it stays on till u shut it

I didnt read ur whole question, but I hope this answers u!
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Post  Wed, Sep 16 2009, 8:15 pm
omg! I just read thru your question-sorry! Embarassed I see you didnt need help figuring out HOW to use the shabbos mode-I thought you did, from the title, & I skimmed your quest really fast.
now that I have more time, and I read it, I realized that. anyway, I answered your 1st question there

2) you can adjust the temp whenever you want-either before it preheats, or after it heats up!

3) I dont know-mine seems pretty much on target, but you can just set it to lower-like if you want 250, set it to 225 or 200 What
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Post  Wed, Sep 16 2009, 8:18 pm
You can contact the star k at www.star-K.org .
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Post  Thu, Sep 17 2009, 6:03 pm
OP here
Thank you so much mommy#1 - both of your posts were very helpful!
And thanks Fayge - I had read their site and it made me want to use the feature.
sorry it took me so long to reply - I had a crazy day today
Shana Tova
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