Inserting Images into Posts

There are many great reasons to take advantage of the opportunity to add pictures to your Imamother posts. You can post pictures to share aspects of your life with other members, to discuss an item you wish to purchase, or to add humor to a post. You can even post a scanned page of an article for members to discuss or debate.

The examples in the user guide use However, or similar image-sharing websites can also be used to insert images into posts.

Uploading Images to

1. Go to and select "Browse" Screenshot 1

2. Select your image Screenshot 2

3. Press "Start Upload" Screenshot 3

Getting the Code Off

4. Click and drag your cursor to highlight the "Direct Link", then copy the link Screenshot 4

Inserting the code into the post

5. Go to the post that you want to insert your image in, then click the image icon. Screenshot 5

6. Paste the URL of your image into the box Screenshot 6

7. Preview your image, then press submit Screenshot 7

Screenshot 8