Public school- should we send?
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Post  Wed, Oct 11 2017, 4:50 am
I think it depends a lot on the child's personality.

Someone who is easily pressured to fit in with the crowd and who has a shaky foundation in his Jewish identity/yiddishkeit would not be an excellent candidate for this plan.
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Post  Wed, Oct 11 2017, 5:47 am
To add to something brought up earlier: it's not necessarily going to be easy for a frum kid to make friends in public school, even if her classmates are all pretty good kids, which is not a given.

Even though I grew up secular, my parents did not think that TV was a good thing for children, and they limited it quite strictly (I watched the occasional documentary). And while I don't think they're wrong, it was very socially isolating, because the latest show, or the latest boy band, was often the main topic of conversation in elementary school.
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