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Metziahs.com The First Deal Site Catered to the Jewish Woman

by imasinger Today at 7:08 pm

Kosher Kitchen
by cbg Today at 7:07 pm

Interesting Discussions
by Dolly Welsh Today at 6:58 pm

Household Management
by yenny Today at 6:51 pm

by cbg Today at 6:50 pm

by Fave Today at 6:44 pm

by Tila Today at 6:39 pm

by Tila Today at 6:37 pm

by amother Today at 6:31 pm

Teachers' Room
by Rosemarie Today at 6:08 pm

Interesting Discussions
by kenz Today at 6:02 pm

Children's Health
by mummiedearest Today at 5:47 pm

Cleaning & Laundry
by zaq Today at 5:38 pm

Children's Health
by ra_mom Today at 5:20 pm

Parenting our children
by imasinger Today at 5:15 pm

Chinuch / Education
by amother Today at 4:50 pm

Recipe Collection
by centurion Today at 4:36 pm

Kosher Kitchen
by amother Today at 4:32 pm

by alittlebirdie Today at 4:29 pm

Aliyah Questions and Israel related Inquiries
by OOTBubby Today at 4:24 pm

by gp2.0 Today at 4:08 pm

Kugels and Side Dishes
by DunkinLover Today at 4:01 pm

Tehillim Needed
by Dolly Welsh Today at 3:41 pm

Moving/ Relocating
by utterly purple Today at 3:38 pm

Vacation and Traveling
by doctorima Today at 3:37 pm

by esheschayil Today at 3:32 pm

Tehillim Needed
by amother Today at 3:31 pm

Aliyah Questions and Israel related Inquiries
by esheschayil Today at 3:30 pm

Interesting Discussions
by Dolly Welsh Today at 3:29 pm

by devash1 Today at 3:22 pm

Vacation and Traveling
by sky Today at 3:02 pm

by samuelszs Today at 2:59 pm

Vacation and Traveling
by samuelszs Today at 2:53 pm

Aliyah Questions and Israel related Inquiries
by samuelszs Today at 2:45 pm

School age children
by MotherofSix Today at 2:41 pm

Recipe Collection
by sheifelah Today at 2:28 pm

Chinuch / Education
by eema of 3 Today at 2:21 pm

Inquiries & Offers
by DrMom Today at 2:10 pm

by amother Today at 2:08 pm

Recipe Collection
by mirah2 Today at 2:00 pm

Children's Health
by amother Today at 1:56 pm

by Hashem loves me Today at 1:54 pm

Sheitels & Tichels
by mirimiri Today at 1:45 pm

Kosher Kitchen
by Tweedy Today at 1:42 pm

by Mommy82 Today at 1:10 pm

by ra_mom Today at 1:10 pm

School age children
by gibberish Today at 12:45 pm

Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, Fast Days, and other Days of Note
by kollel wife Today at 12:44 pm

by israelgirl Today at 12:39 pm

by sv9506 Today at 12:38 pm

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by Yael Today at 9:23 am

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by marina Yesterday at 10:10 pm

by amother Yesterday at 5:02 pm

by fmt4 Yesterday at 10:14 pm

Today's Hot Topics

Announcements: Rifuah Shilaymah Mihayrah for These 2 Ladies

Would you all please daven for Rifuah Shilaymah Mihayrah and say Tihillim for these 2 ladies:

Divora bas Sara

Faiga Rivka bas Divora

Thank you all.

Replies : 3  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: FS613 Today at 9:49 am

Announcements: Metziahs.com The First Deal Site Catered to the Jewish Woman

Metziahs.com is an exciting site bringing you daily deals on the latest fashions for women and children. All this is at majorly reduced prices, up to 90% off! It features designers such as BCBG ,Burberry, Chloe, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Vennetini, Michele, and lots more. The best part is that you can shop in the convenience of your home on your computer or smartphone. Avoid the traffic, the long lines, and the longer hours shopping. We recently added a maternity section featuring modest and affordable maternity wear. At Metziahs.com the most affordable and up-to-date fashions are already picked out with you in mind. Now that’s what we call service!

The posts are updated daily and the fashionable clothing can be worn modestly. So, check out the daily deals on www.metziahs.com and stay current by following them on Instagram @metziahs @metziahskids and @metziahsmaternity You’ll be glad you did.

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Today at 9:38 am

Announcements: Bde chaya mushka bat perla

May her memory be a blessing.

Replies : 4  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: andrea levy Yesterday at 12:51 am

Announcements: Chaya Mushka bas Perla

Perla Zaltzman, Mother of Chaya Mushka has asked EVERYONE to please say Tehillim for THIS 30 MINUTES.
Please let everyone know.

Replies : 3  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: imachossid Wed, Jun 24 2015, 10:41 pm

Announcements: Mazel Tov, I have my own identity now

Thank you to all the imamothers who made it happen.

Special thanks to JMM-uc. This is in your honor.

And to all the kind women who helped me decide to do it, and who helped me figure out how to do it.


Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: youngishbear Tue, Jun 23 2015, 5:41 pm

Announcements: Ebook sale, just in time for vacation!

Newly released!

Play It Out (Scents and Senses Trilogy #2)

by Loren Secretts

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy/Adventure

She believes the drama of her high school days is over, but doesn't know she has yet to play the hardest act of her life.

Starra's eighteenth year brings college studies, bridesmaids' gowns, and budding relationships. Back on her island, life is peaceful, but in just one night -- a night that was supposed to be one of the happiest in her life -- her world explodes.

Struggling to keep afloat as waves of distress threaten to overcome her, Starra has never been more vulnerable or as open to liaisons with shady characters, both human and other-worldly. She fights her battles with the only means available to her -- her acting skill and her connections.

Yet once again, Starra's experience shows that friends who bring boons can also bring banes – sometimes deadly ones.


Play It Out (and the Scents and Senses trilogy) will appeal to readers whose literary diet includes wholesome secular books. It is a “clean read” free of indecent language, immodesty, gratuitous violence, or content that would be offensive to Jewish readers.

This is an electronic book priced under $5. If there are teen/tween bookaholic girls in your life, or lovers of YA fiction of any age, this would make a perfect gift. Published by Clean Reads, it is available in all formats, and doesn’t require an ereader (for example, it can be read using apps, or via kindle cloud).

Available at most ebook retailers including:
Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YA.....m_sw_su_dp
Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/.....0151649773
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/545854

Now only .99 at Amazon! Scents and Senses (Scents and Senses Trilogy #1)

Scents and Senses
Supernatural friends. What the fairy tales didn’t tell you.

Playing the role of a knight in shining armor is more complicated than it seems in the storybooks, as sixteen-year-old Joy discovers when she repeatedly comes to the rescue of a fifteen-year-old human. But when she meddles in the girl’s social life, Starra sends her packing.

Starra is determined to completely dissociate herself from the subterranean creature that has manipulated her life and cast her into the limelight. However, her resolve is soon tested when she becomes involved in a critical situation where supernatural assistance can enable her to carry out a daring plot.

Eventually, Starra’s involvement with her new other-wordly friends extracts a heavy price when she is beset by challenges that range from the down- to-earth struggles of a typical teenage student, to the realm of the fantastic. Nothing prepares her, however, for the ultimate challenge.


Amazon (kindle): http://www.amazon.com/Scents-A.....B00JPEVIZS (On sale now for .99! Sneak peek available!)
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/.....0149200726
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/429266

Wishing you many great reads!

Loren (Secretts)

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lorensecretts/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages.....119?ref=hl

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Tue, Jun 23 2015, 10:22 am

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