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Mekubal "Rabbi Tzion Menachem"

Has anyone heard anything about this Mekubal?

He's scheduled to come to the NY area soon, from Eretz Yisroel.

Thank you.

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Today at 3:12 pm

Tehiilim need NOW for boy stabbed in Pisgat Zeev

Tehiilim need NOW for boy stabbed in Pisgat Zeev in critical condition (I think he's 16 yo) don't have a name but it's important now!

Replies : 10  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Sanguine Yesterday at 8:59 am

Yossi Gerson has been found

Bichasdei Hashem, Yossi Gerson who has been missing from Lawrence, NY since Shmini Atzeres, has been found. He is in good condition.

The family thanks the outpouring of support, Tefillos and the hundreds of volunteers who searched for the past few days.


Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: rainbow dash Sun, Oct 11 2015, 3:18 am

Tehillim for Am Yisrael with Candle lighting this week

Received this message:

Rav Kanievsky requested that women recite the following Tehillim following Candle Lighting, in this merit may Am Yisrael be saved!

#130 קל
#121 קכא
#144 קמד
#83 פג
#93 צג

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Sanguine Fri, Oct 09 2015, 10:45 am

Husband Arrested

I got a hysterical call from DH. He was stopped for holding his phone while driving. The police told him that the car is uninsured. He didn't have much time to talk to me. He said the cop was nice enough to let him call me before he is being restrained. She told him that he will be there for the night. Please have him in mind. Can any one tell me what happens next. What is happening to my DH right now. Can I do something to get him home for the night?

Replies : 44  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Thu, Sep 24 2015, 12:48 am

G'mar chasima tova!

Wishing all of klall yisroel, in every corner of the world, G'mar Chasima Tova! May this year bring unity to all the Jewish people. May Hashem be close to us and give us Bracha and hatzlacha in everything good! May we be zoche to Moshiach and it should come seamlessly without anymore tsar.

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: sneakermom Tue, Sep 22 2015, 12:05 pm

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