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Manners & Etiquette
To all you Brooklyn bashers...
by yo'ma Today at 3:17 pm

Salads & Dips
New Salad Recipe?
by tichellady Today at 3:16 pm

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by amother Today at 3:15 pm

Chinuch / Education
Disney movies- yes or no?
by DrMom Today at 3:01 pm

Looking for email address of Tiferes
by 4sons Today at 2:56 pm

Teachers' Room
not paid yet for p3 for may.anyone elSe?
by faigy123 Today at 2:56 pm

Buying a laptop for my teenager
by mummiedearest Today at 2:47 pm

Announcements & Mazel Tovs
Flying to Israel from or to US?
by myself Today at 2:42 pm

Children's Health
palpable lymph node in infant??
by the world's best mom Today at 2:41 pm

Vacation and Traveling
Denver - Hotels near minyan
by faigy123 Today at 2:38 pm

Reading Room
Mishpacha -p23 - Can You Afford this Shidduch?
by proudema Today at 2:28 pm

black & blue mark on cheek, doesnt hurt?
by amother Today at 2:22 pm

Reading Room
The Grey Lines (Binah Serial by EGSchwartz)
by Chayalle Today at 2:21 pm

Children's Health
Insomnia in Kids
by smoms Today at 1:57 pm

Fashion and Beauty
for those that wear eye shadow
by Heyaaa Today at 1:56 pm

Chinuch / Education
Queens people: Bnos Malka vs. YCQ
by happyfam Today at 1:44 pm

Monsey Spook Rock pool
by amother Today at 1:36 pm

Household Management
How can I sell my car in NY?
by MaBelleVie Today at 1:23 pm

Reading Room
Split Ends - Mishpacha serial
by amother Today at 1:15 pm

toy gemach in brooklyn
by mummiedearest Today at 1:13 pm

Simcha Section
Please help me with my wedding budget!
by suzyq Today at 1:12 pm

Sheitels & Tichels
Buy sheitel
by Dolly Welsh Today at 1:09 pm

Kosher Kitchen
Anyone in Monsey/NJ looking for a personal chef?
by IloveHashem613 Today at 1:03 pm

Household Management
Moving right after Birth - a/o w experience?
by amother Today at 12:44 pm

Working Women
Looking for good web designer in Lakewood
by amother Today at 12:44 pm

Fashion and Beauty
A good Epilator
by amother Today at 12:33 pm

Baby Products
by acccdac Today at 12:22 pm

Working Women
hi all! anyone know anything about being a shadow?
by amother Today at 12:10 pm

Product Reviews
T-mobile in Lakewood
by Bitachon101 Today at 11:54 am

Sheitels & Tichels
buying a shaitel with frizz
by IMHopinion Today at 11:52 am

Aliyah Questions and Israel related Inquiries
Wanting to be there so badly
by amother Today at 11:50 am

Big Brother 16 - Jewish contestant this year!
by deena19k Today at 11:49 am

American Girl Doll Clothes - Cheap
by NTR150153 Today at 11:42 am

Inquiries & Offers
ISO a ride from Lakewood to Philly
by Iymnok Today at 11:36 am

Household Management
Cleaning Help
by fraida18 Today at 11:02 am

Moving/ Relocating
Spinoff: moving out pf town for Chassidish famiky
by OOTBubby Today at 10:57 am

Tehillim Needed
Tehillim to Protect the residents of Israel and Tzahal
by Sanguine Today at 10:55 am

Moving/ Relocating
Moving Out of Town Pros Vs Cons
by MaBelleVie Today at 10:53 am

toy store in catskills?
by flowerpower Today at 10:40 am

what to put on top of sheet when night training?
by syrima Today at 10:26 am

Moving/ Relocating
looking for house/ condo in boro park desperately
by amother Today at 10:16 am

Product Reviews
Anyone have the Panasonic Lumix G6 Camera
by happybeingamom Today at 10:10 am

Vacation and Traveling
Anything interesting in Albany?
by self-actualization Today at 10:01 am

Parenting our children
Sleep Issues
by amother Today at 9:51 am

Chit Chat
What is your immediate reaction to thread titles (continued)
by PinkFridge Today at 9:27 am

Kugels and Side Dishes
sides for Shava Brachot
by lakewood mom Today at 9:05 am

Working Women
What do physiotherapists do exactly?
by MaBelleVie Today at 8:57 am

toilet training
by patientmom Today at 8:52 am

New York related Inquiries
Reizel Reit, TTI, Info
by Hakol Letovah Today at 8:05 am

Difference among the 3 Expressions
by FS613 Today at 8:00 am

Today's Most Liked Posts
Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by heidi Today at 5:26 am

Why didn't she shake my hand?
by ectomorph Yesterday at 1:59 pm

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by agreer Today at 1:24 am

last ditch effort to keep daughter out of PS -meeting today
by andrea levy Today at 1:48 am

Disney movies- yes or no?
by Barbara Yesterday at 4:06 pm

To all you Brooklyn bashers...
by yo'ma Today at 7:31 am

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by amother Today at 6:06 am

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by amother Today at 6:17 am

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by rainbow dash Today at 5:27 am

Mishpacha -p23 - Can You Afford this Shidduch?
by amother Today at 1:29 pm

Moving Out of Town Pros Vs Cons
by DrMom Yesterday at 3:53 am

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by Ruchel Today at 3:50 am

for those that wear eye shadow
by MaBelleVie Today at 1:32 pm

Why didn't she shake my hand?
by Frumdoc Yesterday at 1:43 pm

Disney movies- yes or no?
by debsey Yesterday at 7:01 pm

Disney movies- yes or no?
by Barbara Yesterday at 8:36 pm

Disney movies- yes or no?
by Queen6 Sun, Jul 20 2014, 8:54 pm

Muslim Woman in a Jihab Wears MiMuMaxi Frum Skirt ---
by watergirl Yesterday at 9:00 am

Muslim Woman in a Jihab Wears MiMuMaxi Frum Skirt ---
by DrMom Yesterday at 1:23 am

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by mummiedearest Today at 9:36 am

Disney movies- yes or no?
by Queen6 Yesterday at 7:48 pm

Disney movies- yes or no?
by debsey Yesterday at 3:23 pm

Kicking Guest Out For Mikvah Night
by chocolate fondue Today at 10:26 am

Muslim Woman in a Jihab Wears MiMuMaxi Frum Skirt ---
by ValleyMom Yesterday at 3:36 pm

Disney movies- yes or no?
by debsey Sun, Jul 20 2014, 1:19 pm

Today's Hot Topics

Announcements: Flying to Israel from or to US?

Keep this in mind



Please check with your airline before heading to airport

Replies : 4  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: miriamnechama Today at 12:51 pm

Announcements: Some names of injured soldiers -- please daven!

The Yeshiva World has posted a partial list of the names of soldiers injured so far in Tzuk Eitan. Please have them in mind in your tefilos, together with those whose names are not listed! May they all have a refuah shelaima, and may we not have any more names added to this list. . .

גיל בן מיכל
אוהד בן אליס גנון
מרדכי חי בן ברכה יהודית
ישי דב בן נרי
עמוס בן סיגל
אוהד בן רות
בן ציון בן רחל
איתי אהרון בן אילנה
משה אלעד בן עיתיאל
יונתן שמעון בן גיטל
יוני בן שרה
אביעד בן סימה
ארז בן שרית
דוד ילחק בן סוזי
רמי בן רמונד
עובדיה בן רויטל
דניאל מנדס בן מרים
יונתן שמעון בן מסעוד
מור מרדכי בן שרית
נריה בן חוה
שקד בן אורה
אליאל בן אריאלה
אליהו בן חוה
ארד ליאורה
ליאל בן אילנית
שוהם בן יפה פלורה
יעקב בן לאפו
מיכל בן פרידה
יואב בן גילה

- See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com.....3MjEq.dpuf

Replies : 6  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: m in Israel Sun, Jul 20 2014, 4:45 am

Announcements: Secrets to Becoming Cherished for Life webinar - Frum women

Dear Friend,

You’re invited to a webinar exclusively for frum women: “The Secrets to Becoming Cherished for Life” presented by New York Times bestselling author of The Surrendered Wife Laura Doyle.

Laura is allowing me to invite the first 50 women who respond to this invitation to participate in this webinar as my guest, free of charge.

You will learn:

The balance between taking care of your needs and the needs of your relationship

How to stop unhealthy and painful dynamics in your marriage

How to restore harmony in your home

How to communicate your needs and desires

How to use your power as a woman to inspire change and build relationships

Practical skills that bring fast results

The steps that over 150,000 women have used to revitalize their marriages

I personally persuaded Laura Doyle to offer this new program to our community because I have had first-hand experience with her powerful and effective approach. This webinar offers what you need to know to achieve as the rambam says, “He will love you like (he loves) himself, and will respect you more than himself.”

This is an interactive, online training with slides and video, but if you prefer to remain completely anonymous during the webinar, you can call in by phone and simply listen.

To register,
visit http://intimacyandpeace.com/j but remember I can only have the first 50 women as my guest. Register now to ensure your spot.

May we all be zoche to the shechina in our homes.

Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

Paid Ad

Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Sat, Jul 19 2014, 10:44 pm

Announcements: Tehilim for our soldiers

Dear all,
I hope this email finds you and your families well.

The message below was sent to me just now. I feel that the more tzaddikot/tzaddikim can share in this project, the more chayalim might be protected even better.

Please take a moment to sign up for this important effort to help protect our chayalim currently on duty.
Ask for the name of a soldier to"pair up" with:
Give them a share in every prayer or mitzva you do.
That same organization acted this way already during the last Gaza war (2009) and there were only 13 Israeli casualties, which was both a miracle and a record for any Israeli war!

Please visit this website to sign up:


Please, PASS this email ON![url=http://www.shmiraproject.com/en-us/signup.aspx


Replies : 4  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Mamushka Fri, Jul 18 2014, 12:44 am

Announcements: Tehillim for Rabbi Simes

In the merit of a Refuah Shelamah for Rabbi Simes :

There will be another women’s Tehillim Teleconference, tonight,

Thursday July 17 @ 10 pm EST.

Please call 1-605-475-6700

PIN # 998 7119

There will be Tehillim recitation. As well, they will be dividing up the chapters for daily completion of the Sefer.


Please daven for him. He is in the hospital, and it is very serious.

Thank you.

Replies : 3  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: dee's mommy Thu, Jul 17 2014, 7:21 pm

Announcements: Daven for YOUR soldier

Someone set up a beautiful system. Just text 410-657-2433 (USA) and ask for a name of a soldier. You get your "own" soldier to daven for. that way it can be more realistic and more personal. Think of him as YOUR brother. 
please spread the word and let's get a davening partner for all our dear brothers.
Tizka lemitzvas

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Thu, Jul 17 2014, 10:32 am

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