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Just a vent, I think
by amother Today at 1:38 pm
exercise video
by Blumy Today at 1:22 pm
Giving Gifts
Chanukah gifts for dh
by cnc Today at 11:39 am
Why are you frum?
by mfb Today at 11:03 am
Dd mustache help
by Blessing1 Today at 9:00 am
Yiddish childrens cds
by alis_al_kulana Yesterday at 11:18 pm
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Just a vent, I think
by southernbubby Today at 9:00 am

Financial hardship + new baby

Link: http://tehilimyahad.com/mr.jsp?r=mAdQCLa9ZKf

My husband and I both unexpectedly lost our incomes the month that we gave birth to our new baby. We've now depleted our savings. While we've been desperately seeking employment, we've been unsuccessful in finding an immediate solution and need a nes gadol to stay afloat this month.

Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Today at 10:08 am

New Release! Best Chanukah toy ever! Tons of Fun!

I’m a mommy just like all of you, and I finally did it. I’m starting my own business selling toys for kids. Thank you all of you for supporting me along the way and sharing your advice.
Here’s the video of my toy. I believe it speaks for itself! Your child will really be thrilled to receive this for Chanukah. And as a bonus to all my fellow imamothers I’m giving you a Chanukah coupon. Visit my website to get the coupon www.littlestar.toys

Here’s some description of the product.
    Our company is owned by a mom just like you, and we believe children’s toys should be fun! Kids should run, play, laugh AND HAVE FUN! Therefore we introduce to you Whack -A- Bug!

    Set off your bug and give it a WHACK! Your bug equipped with motion sensors, will sense your movement and dodge to evade capture.

    Get ready for unstoppable fun! The exciting noise, music, and flashing LED lights will make you want to whack again and again.

    Collect as many of these adorable bug characters as you can. Then form a bug toy train using the magnets to link the bugs.

    Unlike other kids toys, your child will never get bored with This toy; I’m a mom I know Smile Comes equipped with 3 Game modes for unstoppable fun. So let’s all have some fun with these bugs on the run!
Feel free to ask any questions on this forum and I’ll respond.

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Replies : 25  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 6:40 pm

Please daven for a healthy pregnancy!

Please daven for me! I had primary infertility for years and a twin miscarriage in January.
Got BH pregnant again through treatment.
Please daven for a healthy baby and pregnancy as I am not young anymore and have a major diagnostic procedure coming up.

Shulamit Carmit bat Sara.

Please also daven for my friend who is desperately trying for a healthy baby for 18 years now:
Chana bat Miriam Nechama.

Thank you!!!!

Replies : 5  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Yesterday at 12:25 pm

Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim! Please join us.

Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim

Tiny, fragile babies, all alone.

Parents have to leave their little tiny fragile babies in the NICU, knowing they won't be held until the mother or father returns. The baby will probably cry, but no one is there to hold him. The nurses are overworked and busy. They take care of the babies’ physical needs, working to keep them alive. They don’t have time to hold and cuddle these tiny, precious babies when they cry. But the tears of these babies – and their parents – could be alleviated with a simple chessed (act of lovingkindness).

The Zaky is a weighted, hand-shaped positioning device that makes the baby feel like he is being held. Scented by the parent, the Zaky lets the babies smell love, not just sterile hospital scents. They feel the weight of The Zaky hand on their backs, they feel it holding their heads – and they feel safe and secure. The tiny babies sleep peacefully, expending their energy on growing and breathing, not on crying and fussing. Hospitalization is shortened and trauma reduced.

In honor of my daughter Yenty, a 2.5-lb. (1160-gram) preemie who is now six months old, I would like to provide other babies in the NICU in Shaare Zedek with the same benefit that we appreciated so greatly. I would like other mothers and fathers to tuck their babies into these “spare hands” before they take leave for the night. I’d love for them to use The Zaky for those babies who aren't stable enough to be taken out of their incubators and held at all.

The Zaky "hands" are clinically proven to help premature babies. The Zaky reduces the babies’ stress, helps them remember to breathe, helps keep their heart rates steady and allows them to sleep and grow peacefully.

We need you to help us help these babies.

The NICU in Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem has 60 babies, and each of them could use a
set of Zaky hands. One set is $99, plus we have to get them here from the United States. Right now, our goal is to provide each of the 20 sickest and neediest preemies with a set of Zakys.

Please help make this a reality.

more information about The Zaky - http://nurturedbydesign.com/en.....spital.php

If you would prefer to donate via Paypal please use this link: https://www.paypal.me/hugsforbabies

link to campaign: Hugs for Preemies in Yerushalayim

- posted with permission from Yael

Replies : 28  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Liba Fri, Dec 01 2017, 5:23 am

Segulah l'illui nishmas the Riminover Rebbe

As part of the segulah of lighting a candle for forty days l'illui nishmas the Riminover Rebbe, one should publicize when his Tefillah is answered. I am using this forum to publicize that my bakasha was fulfilled.

Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: asweet Thu, Nov 30 2017, 10:17 pm

DIY Chanukah Party Entertainment Show - 60% OFF - Only $9

Entertain the whole family at the Chanukah Party with this exciting DIY Balloon magic show. Create your own balloon animals, hats and much more.

DIY Balloon Sculpting Kit with easy to follow step by step instructional DVD on how to create 30 + balloon Sculptures. Included In the kit: 100 Balloons, Pump, DVD and Instruction manual

Also, a great gift for any child 8+ for hours of fun entertainment.

Now on sale, 60% OFF
Available on Amazon http://bit.ly/balloon-sale-60off
Use Coupon Code: BASAVE60
Only $9 after coupon applied

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Replies : 1  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Mon, Nov 27 2017, 9:14 am

Cyber Monday! Margalit Kids Boutique - 35% OFF

Receive 35% OFF entire store with offer code bfcm17 for one day only.

All items are final sale. November 27th Only.

Margalit kids boutique. A place you can trust to buy just the right clothes for your kids!
Modest. Chic. and beautiful.


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Sun, Nov 26 2017, 12:03 am

Why are you frum?
Never thought about it
Because I was born frum
I am not frum
I am BT. I chose this lifestyle
I am FFB but struggled and chose a frum life consciously
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