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Today's Hot Topics

Announcements: We Need Your Help: Save a Life and Help Simon Breathe

Please listen to the plea of Simon's family and help us reach our much needed goal. Every penny will go towards helping Simon breathe for the coming months, and ultimately breathe on his own. You can also do your part by spreading the cause with the campaign link and hashtag: “Please support this campaign: gofundme.com/mp8no4, #HelpSimonBreathe” via social media or by sending the link to your friends.

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Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Sun, Mar 01 2015, 9:28 am

Announcements: Please daven

Please say tehillim for :Devorah Chana Bas Tzirel.
She needs a refuah bekarov.
She has severe injuries due to a fall.

Replies : 4  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: sophy Sat, Feb 28 2015, 9:11 pm

Announcements: Where Working Women Need To Be This March

Working women continue to blend roles and expectations, conflict and coordination, balance and fulfillment in their many obligations. For frum women, the challenge can be even greater.

As the legendary Parnassah Network grew to encompass all of the Parnassah needs of Klal Yisroel, it became apparent that a division was necessary to cater exclusively to women, speaking directly to their unique position and challenges.

The Women In The Workforce division, ably coordinated by Tova Herskovitz, LSW, strives to meet the needs of working women at every stage of their career. From fresh seminary graduates to accomplished CEO’s seeking similarly successful frum women with whom to network, to talented mothers who have taken a hiatus from the working world to raise their growing families, Women in the Workforce offers a high level of support and professional education for every woman.

At the core of WIW is an executive committee of women successful in their respective fields. These professionals in fields such as law, media, accounting, nonprofits, consulting and more give up of their time and expertise to shape the direction of the organization in a manner that would prove beneficial to Jewish women everywhere.

As the date for the highly anticipated Parnassah Expo draws near, plans are in place for an intensive regimen of workshops and networking opportunities for women at every stage of their career. Women in the Workforce is utilizing an entire ballroom at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center for its programming, through which every attendee will find invaluable tools and guidance in a supportive environment.

A full lineup of speakers and workshops are scheduled for both March 17th and 18th of the Parnassah Expo. Presentations will include relevant topics such as work/ life balance, legal issues pertaining to female employees, technology tools, time management skills, and finding your personal strengths and skills.

Attendees at the Expo will be able to access and connect with many outstanding women. Among those presenting and attending will be Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, Touro College career services, Leah Zagelbaum, Director of Communications Agudath Israel of America; Rivka Sender, CPA, Senior Manager at KPMG, and Founder of HaSviva; Nechama Basser, Director of Product Delivery and Strategy for American Express Mrs. Chanie Jacobowitz, Director of Community Affairs at Beis Medrash Govoha; Chaya Fishman, founder and director of The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur; Janette Levey Frisch, employment/ HR attorney, and Estie Rand, consultant and coach Strand Business Consulting.

By bringing a diverse group of women together and providing a varied and dynamic schedule of events, the program for women at the Expo will be beneficial to every attendee in whatever stage they find themselves and within whatever field they work in.

The Parnassah Expo will take place at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison, NJ on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 17th and 18th. For more information or to register for the women's program, please visit womeninworkforce.com. For questions, contact info@womeninworkforce.com or call 732-746-0305

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Feb 25 2015, 8:06 pm

Announcements: Life in the Palace: YA fantasy series where Jews are heroes

It can be tough to be a frum teen. To stand firm against sirens of the secular world. Advertisements promise a world where everyone is more beautiful, wearing less clothing, listening to better music, having more fun, and falling in love.

It’s not that they don’t want to be frum….but it does look like the secular world is having more fun.

Life in the Palace (book 1 of the Palace Saga) is the antidote. It gives frum teens the chance to be the ones with nail biting adventures, epic love story and funky soundtrack.

In essence, the Palace Saga is a secular fantasy series in which the Jews are the heroes.

If your teens are reading secular books, then you owe it to them to show them that the lifestyle they’re living can be just as exciting as anything they read, watch, or see on the street.

(It’s not bad for adults who could do with a little reminding either.)

The Palace Saga follows the story of Chloe Diaz as she discovers that, against all the odds, her mysterious study partner Tal is telling the truth. Tal and her family really were sent from Heaven to maintain the connection between the physical world and the Divine. They perform good deeds in the physical world and earn fire-power to do battle in the mystical Palace realm. Tal volunteers in the homeless shelter and earns herself a sword in the Palace. Chloe thinks it’s the coolest thing she’s ever heard. Her gorgeous boyfriend Seth is less impressed. But Chloe discovers that Seth has been less than forthcoming about his own family background.

Although be warned, since the Palace Saga is written to combat the appeal of the secular world, it is written like a secular book. The same sassy jokes, the same heart pounding true love (and the same occasional swear word.)

The series follows Chloe and Seth as they transition from ‘regular’ secular teenagers to be fully observant. So while they might swear in the first book, by the end of the series all the language is clean and everyone is frum.

Each book covers a different theme. Book 1 deals with intermarriage and why Jewish identity is important. Book 2 covers hashgacha pratis and why mitzvos matter. Book 3 discusses the yetza hara and how we overcome it. Book 4 (on sale in Spring 2015) will cover shomer negia and anti-Semitism. The final book of the series will cover Jewish ideas on marriage and finding your place with the observant world.

Download the first book in the series For Free from Amazon


Scroll down for a sneak preview:

(Chloe has arrived unexpectedly at Tal’s house on a Friday night.)

We were just making our way towards the front door when it opened and through it walked a group of men all wearing suits.

We all froze.
“You’re home early,” Mrs. Perr said brightly.
“A lot of people are on vacation so things moved more quickly,” one of the men explained.
“Who’s this?” a youngish guy asked. He might have been the brother-in-law.
“This is Chloe, Tal’s study partner. She just stopped by for few minutes.”

I would have smiled and made my way towards the door if it wasn’t for the fact that I had lost all control over my body. I just stood there and stared. I didn’t even care if by now they thought I was beyond weird.

Behind each of the men was a large shape of fire and l...

Replies : 65  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Mon, Feb 23 2015, 9:12 am

Announcements: Save Our Friends' Bakery

This is a very sad story and I am hoping you can help.

Our friends have owned a bakery in Cleveland for at least several decades. Now the husband is very sick, in the final stages of adrenal cancer and he has not been able to work. They are 100K in debt and about to close. Their little girl is friends with my daughter and they play together all the time.

Here is a link to donate money to save this family's livelihood. If you are looking for a good tzedaka cause for this month, please consider this bakery.

This is the link to donate: https://www.fundme.com/en/proj.....His-Bakery

This is the bakery's website : http://www.laxandmandel.com/

Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: marina Sun, Feb 22 2015, 5:23 pm

Announcements: Consideration with Purim Costumes and MM

After a discussion taking place in another forum, I thought this was worth posting here. Another poster mentioned there was value to actually quoting, so I'm posting the link (the whole link isn't working, you'll have to copy and paste it not just click) and then some of the text.


Hundreds of Jews across the United States dress up to celebrate the holiday of Purim, and while many draw inspiration from biblical sources, and others from historical contexts, many others draw inspiration from current events and figures. In anticipation of the holiday, the Board of Directors of the Shivtei Jeshurun Society for the Advancement of Jewish Racial & Ethnic Diversity would like to take the opportunity to remind members of the Jewish community that they should wear costumes, not cultures, and formally condemns the use of black-face, yellow-face, brown-face, and all its iterations and incarnations.

The premise is simple: Despite the "harmless" intent of the costume-wearer, no Jew anywhere would tolerate a celebration of Halloween which included the wearing of a costume depicting Shylock--the character used by Nazis for anti-Semitic propaganda, and for the past four centuries the traditional image depicting of Jews as cruel, lecherous, and avaricious. Similarly, no Jew should tolerate individuals dressing like a "Mexican", "Geisha girl", or "thug", or as a black person by putting on black-face makeup. The act of dressing up as a stereotypical cultural character is problematic because they hold the same weighted history of dehumanization as Shylock does.

These costumes reduce the depiction of different cultures down to a collection of stereotypes and assumptions which are far more hurtful and one-dimensional than the richness of any person's background. Much like the "Costumes, Not Cultures" movement surrounding Halloween, it is time to apply the same ideology of sensitivity to Purim. The Jewish population is as racially and ethnically diverse as the non-Jewish population, and it is imperative that the Jewish community rejects any practice that alienates or offends any member of its community or any other community.

For this reason, and because it is the right thing, we ask every member of the Jewish community to join the SJS in rejecting the use of racist and offensive costumes to "celebrate" a holiday. We task all Jews to think through their choice of costume, and educate individuals who wear racist, insensitive, and offensive outfits.

I agree that dressing up as a caricature of another “race” is poor taste and offensive. What about generally harmless depictions of other cultures? Or things like ninjas, samurais, or Egyptian mummies that are historical costumes, not racial characters. Shouldn't that be okay?

A racial group does not make for an appropriate costume. Dressing up as another culture is--if not racist--then at the very least insensitive, appropriative, and an act of privilege. The concepts of cultural appropriation and racism are closely intertwined, and many people think "racist" only means "negative caricatures of a race intended to ...

Replies : 56  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: skirtznsox Thu, Feb 19 2015, 11:53 am

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