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Kupath Ezrah Desperately in Need of Assistance

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Chabad Article on Homosexuality and the Jewish Community
by OPINIONATED Today at 2:39 pm

Interesting Discussions
Can Israel ever have real peace?
by PinkFridge Today at 2:36 pm

Chit Chat
Sequential Thread Titles...
by greenfire Today at 2:36 pm

Giving Gifts
Birthday gift ideas for 4-year-old
by MaBelleVie Today at 2:30 pm

Shabbos and Supper menus
help me make chulent
by ra_mom Today at 2:27 pm

Moving/ Relocating
Moving to Utopia, USA
by amother Today at 2:19 pm

Stroller-buggy board
by gande Today at 2:14 pm

Simcha Section
what to wear to a chasuna?
by amother Today at 2:13 pm

Hospital Indemnity Policy- is it worth it?
by amother Today at 2:01 pm

if there was one thing that ppl would learn from you..
by groisamomma Today at 2:01 pm

Household Management
what cartoon character do you cook like ?
by amother Today at 1:55 pm

Work at Home Mothers
both working fulltime parents
by Petra Today at 1:48 pm

Interesting Discussions
What do you think of this orthodox women's dance group?
by amother Today at 1:45 pm

Announcements & Mazel Tovs
Appeal for Greenie's Wedding!
by marina Today at 1:25 pm

spinoff: frum Jews have high incomes
by wife2 Today at 1:21 pm

Chinuch / Education
Parenting course
by lk1234 Today at 1:18 pm

Do you save money?
by perquacky Today at 1:14 pm

Working Women
Cheating/Stealing/Not Honest????????????
by black sheep Today at 1:10 pm

Tehillim Needed
Shul Terror victims Tehillim update
by boysrus Today at 1:01 pm

Challah and Breads
never baked challah - recipe please?
by lovemytwins Today at 12:55 pm

Toddler help!
by musicmom Today at 12:41 pm

Manners & Etiquette
Spinoff- IF, what should you say?
by amother Today at 12:36 pm

Sheitels & Tichels
Daniella wigs review!
by maiven Today at 12:34 pm

Son constantly hits at gan
by FranticFrummie Today at 12:29 pm

Inquiries & Offers
West Hempstead Info
by nyer1 Today at 12:28 pm

Vacation and Traveling
Orlando with a baby
by momoftwo2 Today at 12:16 pm

best price for chocolate leben in lakewood
by sky Today at 12:15 pm

Recipe Collection
Name your favorite Imamother recipe
by gmgv Today at 12:14 pm

great new kids book
by amother Today at 12:09 pm

Moving/ Relocating
lakewood-chassidish women
by Chayalle Today at 11:56 am

Parenting our children
Adopted Child - open about it?
by FranticFrummie Today at 11:42 am

Manners & Etiquette
infertility trouble does NOT equal adoption by default!!!
by amother Today at 11:38 am

Household Management
How to cope and manage when baby wants to be held all day
by amother Today at 11:32 am

Product Reviews
Norman's Yogurt - Job Well Done!!
by smss Today at 10:39 am

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Would u go to isreal now?????
by ArganMagic Today at 10:36 am

Simcha Section
individual vegetabel and dip
by sky Today at 10:08 am

Tehillim Needed
Nomi Esther bas Tzipporah URGENT
by obsesseddancer Today at 9:36 am

Household Management
How to cope and manage when baby wants to be held all day
by amother Today at 9:32 am

Chit Chat
What is your immediate reaction to thread titles (continued)
by imasoftov Today at 6:31 am

Please help me choose an Ipad
by Raisin Today at 5:12 am

Fashion and Beauty
LA Shopping
by ruth Today at 4:39 am

Children's Health
not bringing down babies fever
by yalimommy Today at 4:21 am

ISO toddler blanket
by Dev80 Today at 3:39 am

Recipe Collection
Good Guy Foods
by Dev80 Today at 1:59 am

Vacation and Traveling
hechsherim in Miami
by amother Today at 1:16 am

Inquiries & Offers
Hanging up signs in Lakewood
by naturalmom5 Yesterday at 11:29 pm

Keren Eiser In Wllmsbrg (NY) or othr orgs 4 budget planning
by amother Yesterday at 11:06 pm

Moving/ Relocating
by 21young Yesterday at 10:54 pm

ABA therapists out there?
by flowerpower Yesterday at 10:38 pm

Moving/ Relocating
Need to move: West Hartford?
by justforfun87 Yesterday at 10:34 pm

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Would u go to isreal now?????
by Scrabble123 Yesterday at 6:24 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by amother Yesterday at 5:27 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by notshanarishona Yesterday at 2:02 pm

Spinoff- IF, what should you say?
by Madam F. Yesterday at 12:24 pm

Cheating/Stealing/Not Honest????????????
by causemommysaid Yesterday at 4:44 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by amother Yesterday at 12:03 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by Raisin Yesterday at 12:14 pm

Moving to Utopia, USA
by watergirl Today at 7:20 am

Would u go to isreal now?????
by debsey Yesterday at 3:04 pm

Cheating/Stealing/Not Honest????????????
by SRS Yesterday at 4:31 pm

infertility trouble does NOT equal adoption by default!!!
by amother Yesterday at 8:53 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by ROFL Yesterday at 5:12 pm

Spinoff- IF, what should you say?
by cbsp Today at 12:39 am

Spinoff- IF, what should you say?
by Fox Yesterday at 12:55 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by boysrus Yesterday at 1:45 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by Sanguine Today at 3:46 am

spinoff: frum Jews have high incomes
by causemommysaid Yesterday at 11:00 am

Chabad Article on Homosexuality and the Jewish Community
by saw50st8 Today at 10:42 am

Would u go to isreal now?????
by FranticFrummie Yesterday at 3:01 pm

Can Israel ever have real peace?
by m in Israel Yesterday at 3:36 pm

Adopted Child - open about it?
by amother Today at 3:24 am

Can Israel ever have real peace?
by FranticFrummie Yesterday at 2:33 pm

Cheating/Stealing/Not Honest????????????
by justmarried Yesterday at 3:39 pm

What is your immediate reaction to thread titles (continued)
by debsey Yesterday at 3:02 pm

Would u go to isreal now?????
by doctorima Yesterday at 2:07 pm

Today's Hot Topics

Announcements: Shul Terror victims Tehillim update

I received this on my local e-mail (I don't know who wrote it, but I know who posted it). I'm passing on the whole thing

I just came home from Ein Karem from visiting my good friend Risa Rothman. I also went into Miri and spoke at length with Mrs. Mu'almi/

The best news is that Shmuel Goldstein lay tefillin this morning!! Of course many more tefillos are needed, but he's all there.

Rav Eitan Mualmi – had an 8-hour operation on his arm yesterday to try and save it. They seem optimistic. The blow to his head did not reach the brain!!!! They haven't woken him up yet because he needs kochot to deal with his arm – but Mrs. Mualmi is very optimistic and thanks Hashem that his brain is OK. (it's his left arm…)

Risa had not spoken to the doctor this morning when I saw her. The nurses said that he had a calm night. (B"H she also slept well last night). The doctors can't be sure whether there's brain damage or not – STORM SHAMAYIM!!! They're worried because he lost so much blood.

I think that I'm giving you the latest update….

We should continue to hear only besurot tovot

Please stop for a minute and pray urgently for Eitan ben Sorah – it is URGENT. He is hanging between life and death. The murderers chopped him on the head with an ax and he is in a life-threatening place right now

Please pass this on to five others and pray

The same person also posted:
The following are in need of ​prayer for refuah shlema

Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila.

Chaim Yechiel ben Malka.

Eitan ben Sarah.

Yitzchak ben Chaya.

Others who were wounded in the pigua who also need tefillot:

Yaakov ben Rivka Rachel (Paramedic)

Moshe ben Atara

Ron ben Rut

Avraham ben Charna

Aryeh ben Bracha

Avraham Shmuel ben Shaina

This piguah hasn't taken the wounded chayalim off my list. Especially Yehuda Yitzchak ben Iris. There were a lot of miracles during Tzuk Eitan but some people are still waiting for their Nes

Replies : 5  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Sanguine Today at 1:39 am

Announcements: Global conference call today (November 11) at 3pm EST

For Jewish women all over the World!
After the shocking news from Eretz Yisroel, we have to unite together to do everything we can to bring Moshiach, to take action. Also in conjunction with our great yomtov, Rosh Chodesh Kislev! Together, we need to add in light.

Join Nshei Chabad International for an uplifting conference call, where we can unite together with the power of Achdus and the power of Jewish women from all over the world!
Thursday at 3 p.m. EST, call in and be part of this special call, bringing more safety and refuah to our brethren in Eretz Yisroel...The more women, the more powerful!

3:00- M.C: Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov,
Welcome and Rebbe's Kapital

3:10- Rabbi Michoel Seligson,
Adding in light to help Eretz Yisroel; Rosh Chodesh Kislev

3:30- Mrs. Leah Kustiner:
Transforming Darkness into Light- Living with the light of Geula daily

3:45- Mrs. Shterna Zirkind,
What can we do now; Joint Hachlata

3:55- Conclusion and Yehi Ratzon- "we want moshiach now"
with Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov

Dial in Number:(712) 432-1212
Meeting ID: 484-453-659 PIN In case you miss it! Playback Number: (712) 432-1219

May we see and hear only great news in Eretz Yisroel and the ultimate news of Moshiach now!
Help spread the word! Via whatsapp, texting, facebook, email... Thank you!

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Cherries Yesterday at 12:41 pm

Announcements: Kupath Ezrah Desperately in Need of Assistance

Monsey: Kupath Ezrah Desperately in Need of Assistance​, Charity Looks for Help as Funds are Depleted

Established in 1959 by Rabbi Hershel Mashinsky Z”L and Mr. Sam Nussbaum Z”L, Kupath Ezrah was founded to address the crisis of poverty in our community. 55 years later, what started as a small project has evolved into a multifaceted organization with an annual budget exceeding $2 million. Kupath Ezrah is a beacon of hope and support to families in need.

Kupath Ezrah is unique because it belongs to the community and tends to the needs of all Jews without exception. Every contribution goes entirely to helping the needy. All operating expenses are covered by profits from Kupath Ezrah’s well established Nearly New Thrift Shop and Furniture Exchange.

One of our primary functions is providing monthly stipends to needy families in a confidential and respectful manner. Each and every recipient is treated with the utmost dignity. Unfortunately, due to the dramatic increase in the number of families desperate for financial assistance, the situation is critical. 10% of families within the greater Monsey area are currently relying on us to help them pay for food, shelter, and utilities.

We are currently supporting more than 600 families throughout the year and applications for help continue to pour in. We cannot meet this growing demand without your generosity.

Since Kupath Ezrah’s inception, we have distributed more than $30 million and have never faced a time when we were unable to send monthly stipends to those in need. However, this month we do not have the funds to support the families who rely on us and have had to delay our assistance, causing pain and embarrassment to members of our community who cannot afford basic necessities.

We are appealing for your emergency support to give relief to those who need it most.

We Need Your Help!

Donate Now
Call 1-888-MITZVOS
Mail check to PO Box 3, Monsey, NY 10952

Kupath Ezrah is a recognized 501c3 charitable organization and is endorsed by leading Rabbonim. 100% of donations go directly to needy families. All donations are tax exempt.

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 12:17 am

Announcements: Tehillim needed

Rochel bas gittel

A beloved bubbi and mommy.Please daven for her for a refuah shleima and a yeshua. She has terrible pneumonia that is not responding to antibiotics and is in the ICU. They want to put her on a respirator and keep saying not much can be done. Please daven.

Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: jordana1 Wed, Nov 19 2014, 9:33 pm

Announcements: Please help the families of the Har Nof Attack!


For anyone looking for a way to do something to help the families affected by the Har Nof attack, here is a link to donate to the widows and orphans of the murdered kedoshim, H"yd, who are dealing with this horrific tragedy.


May Hashem comfort the families among the mourners of Tziyon and Yerushalayim

Replies : 6  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: jewish613 Wed, Nov 19 2014, 7:44 pm

Announcements: Urgent:Chaim Yechial ben Malka(Har Nof attack)

Please daven for Chaim Yechial ben Malka. They chopped off his hand and shot him in his eye.

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Chickpea Wed, Nov 19 2014, 7:37 pm

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