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4 Weeks to Successful Parenting with Tammy Sassoon M.S.Ed.

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Today's Hot Topics

Announcements: Sassoon Children’s Shloshim Marked with New Book

The entire Jewish world was plunged into shock and grief this past Rosh Chodesh Nissan as the terrible news spread: A horrific house fire in Brooklyn took the lives of seven children of Rabbi Gabriel and Gayle Sassoon, and left Gayle and their fifteen-year-old daughter Siporah critically injured. For the shloshim of these pure korbanos, a new book about the fire and the deeper message of this tragedy has just been released.

Seven Eternal Lights: Messages and Memories from the Sassoon Family Fire was compiled by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis, Rosh Kollel, who put out the book Living On: Messages, Memories and Miracles from the Har Nof Massacre. “In some ways this book is a continuation of the first one,” says Rabbi Travis. “The tzaros are still continuing, showing us that there’s more to be done….
“Unfortunately, since the Har Nof Massacre we’ve been jolted by other wake-up calls,” Rabbi Travis continues. “Four Jews in France were murdered Erev Shabbos in a kosher food store; seven Sassoon children were taken…. Hashem is calling out to us, and we must rouse ourselves and respond.”

Prominent rabbanim whose invaluable perspectives are included in the book include: Rav Moshe Shapira; Rav Shlomo Diamond; Hacham Yosef Harari-Raful; Rav Yitzchak Meir Morgenstern; Rav David Ozeri; Rav Yisroel Reisman; and many others.

The book has four main sections: Focus on Faith, which describes the tragedy of the fire as it unfolded; Memories, about the seven children who perished: Eliane – 16, Rivkah – 13, David – 12, Yehoshua – 10, Moshe – 8, Sarah – 7, and Yaakov – 5; Messages, conveying the incredible faith of the father, and the words of Rabbanim and family members, in a powerful presentation of the Torah outlook on this tragedy; and Kabbalot, detailing specific commitments ordinary people have made to change their lives in meaningful ways in the aftermath of this tragedy.

This book is a tribute to the beautiful, untainted lives of the Sassoon children, and to the mesirus nefesh of their mother and surviving sister, who risked their lives trying to save the others. We marvel at the faith of the father and the extended family, and the meaningful messages they express.

It is clear that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is sending us a strong message, that this tragedy belongs not only to one family or one community, but to all of Klal Yisrael. Together, we learn the true Jewish perspective as we seek to incorporate the lessons of this tragedy into our daily lives.

Seven Eternal Lights helps readers process this traumatic event in positive ways, while giving tzedakah to the only fund that has been approved by the victims’ family. This book was fully sponsored by generous donors, so one hundred percent of the proceeds from its sale will go directly to the Sassoon Children Memorial Education Fund, dedicated to helping families, struggling under the extreme financial burden, to pay for private-school tuition.

Seven Eternal Lights: Messages and Memories from the Sassoon Family Fire is available at Jewish bookstores, or online at Feldheim.com. In Israel, books may be ordered through Kulmus Book Distributors: (072) 244-1670.

Please continue to pray for the injured family members: Gila bas Frances Siporah and Siporah bas Gila.

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 8:21 pm

Announcements: 4 Weeks to Successful Parenting with Tammy Sassoon M.S.Ed.

I've often heard parents lament, "Wouldn't it be great if children came with an owner's manual?"

I finally decided it was time to create one. My new "4 Weeks to Successful Parenting" is a 4 CD course that presents techniques that every parent wants to know to build strong relationships, have happy children, and a relaxed home life.

Last night I was in the checkout line at Walmart. The poor Mom in front of me had a toddler who was clearly having a very bad day. He howled and demanded, but nothing Mom said could calm him down. She was apologizing to everyone around her.

We've all been in that situation. You can expect a certain amount of bad behavior with very small children. But what happens when older children still have behavior problems, get into trouble frequently, and make your life miserable?

What happens when a child you are extremely proud of still seems distant from you? You have that empty feeling that something is missing in your relationship.

Each of the CDs in the set gives you proven, family tested ideas and strategies for raising happy children, setting strong boundaries, and having a positive home life. This course also shows you how to parent with confidence and get the maximum joy from being a parent.

After all, that's what we all hoped for when we became parents - right?

Rather than setting traditional values aside for some new parenting theory, I combine the best of modern expert thought with solid, traditional family values. I feel this will give you a good, balanced approach that really works.

Let's look at what is inside the CDs:

We start with some wonderful methods to get your child to feel your love. A lot of us have parents who we knew loved us, but they may have had a hard time showing it. These simple strategies make sure your child knows and feels the intense love you have for her or him.

Next we look at the best ways to teach specific values to your child. This conquers the frequent problems that arise when children won't listen or don't value what you're trying to teach them.

I also look at how to extinguish bad behaviors, how to set limits that work, and how to insure progress. I also show you how to give your child the space he or she needs to become a strong, healthy individual.

This CD set is the smart, common sense help you need to create a better family life, wonderful children, and the sense of enjoyment you deserve. Get it today!


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 10:01 am

Announcements: Win a Tesla While Supporting a Great Cause

Enter To Win a TESLA
(While Supporting a Great Cause)

We all live on different budgets, and for most of us, a Tesla vehicle is a luxury that hasn’t even made it close to our wish lists. But for some among us, the same can be said about new clothing or shoes. Or chicken for Shabbos. Or even paying the gas bill.

The creative fundraisers at The Chicago Chesed Fund have stepped in to address the latter need, and as a result, you may just be able to add a Tesla to your wish list!

The Chicago Chesed Fund has provided much needed financial relief to Jewish families in crisis since 1987. Today, more than 30 programs and services provide vital assistance to over 4,000 individuals annually. While the organization’s original budget was $100,000, unfortunately the amount of families in need of immediate help has risen dramatically, and today the budget is at over $4 million! They desperately need our help!

To reach out to the broader community, the organization came up with the ingenious idea of raffling off a Tesla Model S 60 KWH. The much-coveted all-electric luxury sedan is valued at $80,000, with the option to customize at the winner’s expense. The drawing will be held on Labor Day. But there’s a catch: A maximum of 3,999 tickets will be sold, so your chances of winning are increased! Which also means YOU HAD BETTER ENTER NOW!
The more tickets bought, the better your chances of winning. Interested participants can find out more information or enter on this page.

Joining the raffle gives you the chance to own a dream car, but more importantly, it earns you a share in the foundation’s vital mission: to help local families in need with discretion, dignity, and respect.

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Replies : 1  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Sun, Apr 19 2015, 9:24 am

Announcements: For Women Who Want To Make A Difference. Be Meaningful!

Dear Ladies!

Be Part of An Historical Change Within The Male Dominated Insurance Industry;
Ladies, Yes We Can!

A Bit Of History
Back in year 1917, two female associates of The Guardian Life Insurance’s field force, Emma Beckmann and Clara Knight earned a dominant place at the prestigious leaders club. The Leaders Club was established that very year of 1917 to distinguish the company’s top sales performers. The two, selected from just eight female producers amongst a large group of male agents, merited their own newsworthy article titled, “A Lesson For Full-Time Men.” It’s the lesson that keeps teaching. Female financial representatives have since proven to be strong contenders in the financial service community.

Why Women?
Women are naturally a great fit for the financial representative opportunity. The career requires problem solving, networking, understanding, critical thinking, and multi-tasking. Hello? Mom’s, wives, are your listening?? You can actually make money on something you do all day long anyhow! Think, listening to three kids with three diametrically different agendas, starting Pesach cleaning while planning for Purim and salvaging the last piece of fried chicken for husband’s dinner… Plus, super convenient, the career allows for flexible work hours, joint work as well as independent work, and best of all, the potential to earn a very lucrative income!
Another piece to consider, is women have become significant household earners, and more often the key decision makers. The growing dominance of the women’s influence has increased the need for female financial representatives and statistics support that. Did you know that 60%* of women say they are the primary breadwinners in their households? And that over 90%* of women feel they need to be more involved in financial planning?

Be Meaningful
Being a financial representative is about being in the business of helping other people. It’s about providing security and stability, insuring people’s future and legacy. It’s about finding the right protection for every individual. It’s about being determined and passionate, it’s about being motivated and inspired to succeed. It’s an opportunity to use the skills you naturally possess, to be in control and essentially run your own business. Do you think you are that woman? Are you the women with great mom or wife skills, integrity, a people person, and looking to do something meaningful while earning a substantial, unlimited income, all at your own hours?

So Do Something About It
Welcome to BFG’s newly launched The Emma Beckmann Women Association. Located accessibly in Boro Park, this freshly established association will start with an elite group of ten carefully selected women. All you need is the passion to help people and the desire to succeed. BFG will train its elite group of ten women with one of the top female producers of the industry. Every chosen financial representative will be exquisitely trained, guided thoroughly and supported fully for a full three years of industry initiation. Each of the assiduously selected female associate of The Emma Beckmann Women Association will be assigned a female agent of support to accompany the new associate’s journey, joining in at sales meetings when necessary, or just to give general guidance and support.

And What’s More,
Yes, With a lot of hard work you have the potential to net significant earnings. Can you imagine the potential as your experience and determination grows? Call now to set up your interview with BFG’s Boro Park headquarters and a chance to join the Elite 10 of The Emma Beckmann Women’s Association.

Elimelich Friedman, Administrator 718-302-8790

Naomi Greenbaum, Team Leader
YOU can be that woman.
BFG will select 10 women to inaugurate the The Emma Beckmann Women's Association.
Registration opens on April 12th!

The opening address will be delivered at the New satellite BFG location in Boro Park on Thursday, May 21st by Michele Lee Fine, Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) and Cornerstone Wealth Advisory, LLC., who was the first financial representative at The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to receive the title of top female producer.* She has been profiled in many prestigious papers, the Huffington Post amongst them.
Be one of the exclusive 10 to hear how!

* http://womenmoneyandsuccessmag.....statistics
Financial Representatives, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. (Guardian), New York, NY

1449 37th St. 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11218 | 718-302-8790 | www.bfgny.com

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Replies : 2  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Apr 15 2015, 3:36 pm

Announcements: Pls say tehillim for my cousin.

My 13 year old cousin got diagnosed with cancer. Her name is Shira tova Bas Deborah pessa.

Replies : 10  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: rainbow dash Wed, Apr 15 2015, 1:52 pm

Announcements: Please daven for young woman with fertility issue

Please daven for Shulamis Carmis bas Sorah , a young woman with a serious fertility condition (severe endometriosis).

Tomorrow is her doctors appointment, she currently is suffering of strong pelvic pain, anything from huge endometrial cysts up to hydrosalpinx and salpingitis are possible.

Please daven for her that everything goes well and she and her husband will be blessed with children, soon!

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Wed, Apr 15 2015, 5:18 am

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