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Announcements & Mazel Tovs
Mazol Tov to Greenfire
by IMHopinion Today at 1:59 pm

Announcements & Mazel Tovs
they're marinating
by CatLady Today at 1:53 pm

Kosher Kitchen
have you ever found bugs in your spice jars?
by ElTam Today at 1:51 pm

Manners & Etiquette
Puppy in the cart
by bnm Today at 1:39 pm

Fashion and Beauty
Back of Shirt untucked?
by MamaBear Today at 1:35 pm

Sheitels & Tichels
Where do you buy tichels online?
by little_mage Today at 1:09 pm

potty training tips
by kb Today at 1:06 pm

Chit Chat
What is your immediate reaction to thread titles (continued)
by Squishy Today at 1:05 pm

Cleaning & Laundry
Cleaning Help - Monsey
by amother Today at 1:00 pm

New York related Inquiries
fun day put in Monsey (clothes,restaurants)
by ruchelbuckle Today at 12:42 pm

Wiping in school
by amother Today at 12:42 pm

Sheitels & Tichels
Too tight
by rise above Today at 12:35 pm

Fashion and Beauty
Best Wig / Sheital Brush???
by amother Today at 12:26 pm

still don't have a stroller, plz help me choose
by MaBelleVie Today at 12:18 pm

What is considered "sleeping through the night?"
by wifenmother Today at 12:17 pm

Interesting Discussions
Do you think I can ever do this?
by rosenbal Today at 11:55 am

Baby Names
by Scrabble123 Today at 11:47 am

In the News
BDE baby killed in jerusalem terror attack
by frumsari Today at 11:42 am

Baby Names
baby boy naming- help!
by Scrabble123 Today at 11:42 am

Anyone has a pet rabbit?
by doublemama Today at 11:28 am

Recipe Collection
Vegan potato kugel?
by dimyona Today at 11:28 am

In the News
Ebola in NYC
by Frumdoc Today at 11:27 am

Interesting Discussions
What are your views on Rabbis who use practical kabbalah?
by yogabird Today at 11:13 am

Bp creation center Sunday program
by runninglate Today at 10:59 am

Household Management
Dining room chairs,advice please
by kollel wife Today at 10:51 am

Children's Health
Well Visits?!?
by mandr Today at 10:20 am

Interesting Discussions
My best friend is getting married to my ex boyfriend
by Reesa Today at 9:41 am

School age children
Ds is complaining the school day is to long
by Chayalle Today at 9:32 am

What is your favorite diaper rash remedy?
by sky Today at 9:25 am

Moving/ Relocating
Hershey/Harrisburg, PA
by amother Today at 8:06 am

she made me feel like a bad mother
by FranticFrummie Today at 8:05 am

Fashion and Beauty
Is it possible to make a shaitel longer? How?
by Ruchel Today at 8:05 am

Fashion and Beauty
by FranticFrummie Today at 7:49 am

Manners & Etiquette
Married for over 2 years, never sent thank you cards
by Raisin Today at 7:30 am

How do I know if companies who buy miles are legitimate?
by amother Today at 5:59 am

CLEVELAND: Do you have spare furniture? Huge Chesed!
by marina Today at 5:57 am

Tehillim Needed
URGENT :Pigua victim needs our prayers
by etky Today at 5:50 am

Vacation and Traveling
Serviced Apartment in frum area of Yerushalayim
by amother Today at 3:57 am

School age children
Friendship of kids vs Friendship of mothers (long)
by amother Today at 3:02 am

Sheitels & Tichels
sheital macher in ramat eshkol area
by lovelife123 Today at 2:27 am

Moving/ Relocating
shingles what remedies are Bestt
by Mommastuff Today at 12:42 am

Manners & Etiquette
Carpool - was I wrong?
by amother Today at 12:41 am

New York related Inquiries
Information and experience on Medicaid with a Spenddown
by thanks Today at 12:33 am

Working Women
What would you do?
by amother Today at 12:27 am

Kosher Kitchen
How long does vegetable soup last in fridge?
by amother Yesterday at 11:49 pm

Children's Health
Speech-Stuttering therapist advice please
by amother Yesterday at 11:23 pm

Fashion and Beauty
Plz help me find a dress/gown for teen for cousins wedding
by sushi galore Yesterday at 10:45 pm

Word associations..
by cookiejar Yesterday at 10:40 pm

Fashion and Beauty
Black Long Wedding Skirt
by smoms Yesterday at 10:34 pm

New York related Inquiries
where to sell diamond ring in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or 5 town
by naomi6 Yesterday at 10:17 pm

Today's Most Liked Posts
Ebola in NYC
by supty Yesterday at 10:37 pm

Ebola in NYC
by DrMom Today at 1:11 am

Ebola in NYC
by gold21 Yesterday at 9:26 pm

Ebola in NYC
by pause Yesterday at 9:29 pm

Ebola in NYC
by Clarissa Yesterday at 9:48 pm

she made me feel like a bad mother
by MaBelleVie Yesterday at 9:35 am

Ebola in NYC
by supty Yesterday at 10:31 pm

Ebola in NYC
by pause Yesterday at 10:32 pm

Do you think I can ever do this?
by MaBelleVie Yesterday at 11:20 pm

Ebola in NYC
by gold21 Yesterday at 9:57 pm

Ebola in NYC
by sneakermom Yesterday at 11:31 pm

Ebola in NYC
by causemommysaid Yesterday at 11:58 pm

Do you think I can ever do this?
by amother Yesterday at 11:09 pm

Do you think I can ever do this?
by yogabird Yesterday at 11:02 pm

Ebola in NYC
by gold21 Yesterday at 9:33 pm

she made me feel like a bad mother
by mummiedearest Yesterday at 2:15 pm

by Barbara Wed, Oct 22 2014, 7:43 pm

she made me feel like a bad mother
by Runner18 Yesterday at 10:10 am

she made me feel like a bad mother
by Chayalle Yesterday at 9:43 am

Ebola in NYC
by Raisin Today at 7:41 am

The Klinghoffer opera is not about Klinghoffer
by Raisin Yesterday at 3:39 pm

Ebola in NYC
by vintagebknyc Yesterday at 9:50 pm

Ebola in NYC
by sequoia Yesterday at 10:18 pm

Do you think I can ever do this?
by debsey Yesterday at 11:34 pm

BDE baby killed in jerusalem terror attack
by ally Today at 2:06 am

Today's Hot Topics

Announcements: they're marinating

sometimes a simcha just falls into your lap ... & you say thank you hashem for the brocha

my baby girly is marinating with her new chosson

I'm getting my flask ready ~

Drunken Smile Mr. Green Cheers l'chaim !!! mazel tov Cheers Mr. Green Drunken Smile

Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: greenfire Today at 1:20 pm

Announcements: Mazol Tov to Greenfire

I couldn't post my happiness for you and your daughter in the other thread.

Replies : 3  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Squishy Today at 1:09 pm

Announcements: URGENT :Pigua victim needs our prayers

I just got this from a close friend...

Many of you know that my daughter-in-law is the minahelet of a school for women from Spanish speaking countries who wish to convert to Judaism.
One of her students, a lovely girl who left her family in their village in South America in order to convert, was injured in yesterday's pigua. She is in serious condition.
Please daven for her - Yemima bat Sara.
Another problem. She is all alone in this country. My dil was with her all night. And some of the women (all Spanish speaking) from school will come to her. But she is more or less alone in this.
It is so sad.
Please daven for Yemima bat Sara. Hashem should give her a refua shelaima.

Replies : 7  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: hila Yesterday at 5:14 am

Announcements: Basya bas Chaya Miriam

My daughter's very good friend, who is 18, is having surgery tomorrow, Wednesday October 22, 2014. Please daven for Basya bas Chaya Miriam for a refuah shleimah.

Replies : 1  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: obsesseddancer Tue, Oct 21 2014, 4:39 pm

Announcements: Tefilos needed for Leah Bas Rivka

Please daven for Leah Bas Rivka she has been a mentor to so many baalei teshuva amongst many many other acts of Chesed in the chicago community.

If you are a chicagoan, there is a kinnus tonight at kins for women at 8:30.

May she and all cholim have a refuah shelima.

Replies : 1  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: mha3484 Tue, Oct 14 2014, 1:50 pm

Announcements: Tehillim needed - please

Please say tehillim for a close family friend. She is a very sweet woman who has done so much to help others. I can't stop thinking about her, her husband and children:(

Her name is Sara Simah bat Basha Liba.

Tizku l'mitzvos!

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Mon, Oct 13 2014, 9:05 pm

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