Anyone use pinterest?

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Post  Tue, Oct 25 2011, 7:23 am
Does anyone have a pinterest account, or follow people on pinterest?

For those that don't know what Pinterest is, its a website where people have an online "bulletin board" or "idea board". You know how people would cut ideas, recipes, or other cool things out of magazine and tack it to their bulletin boards for future reference?
So this is the same idea, just online. You "pin" web pages with cool ideas that you like into different "boards" that you make, categorize and name those boards however you like, and then pin more and more ideas to it in the various categories.

The difference between pinterest and a real life idea board is that on pinterest you have followers and you can follow other people, which means when you pin up something, your followers can see what you've pinned and also see those great ideas that you like, and when they pin up something cool, you can also see it and be similarly inspired.

No, I don't work for pinterest, I'm just wondering if anyone else uses pinterest. Why? Because I'm looking for people to follow on pinterest. I especially love pinterest boards on the topics of food, especially frugal recipes or gluten free recipes, green or frugal ideas, cheap decorating tips, etc, but honestly, anything is cool. I like to see what others like.

For me, personally, I use pinterest as a general "bookmarks toolbar" for recipes and ideas I want to try or just in general to remember, with the added benefit that I can access it from any computer with internet access, not just my own computer.

Here's the link to my pinterest account if anyone is interested. Lots of recipes. Most are kosher, some just need some tweaking to make kosher, and most of the recipes pinned are gluten free or frugal or both.


What's the link to your pinterest account?
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Post  Mon, Feb 27 2012, 10:04 am
me! http://pinterest.com/skazm - I just made a photo I hope will tick off the anti-circumcisionists Smile
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