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Posts that do not conform to the rules below should be reported by clicking the report button next to the post. Members who do not respect the rules will be asked to conform or leave. We reserve the right at any time to change or add any rules to this list.

1. Treat each other with dignity and respect. All dialogue should be in a polite and civil tone. All members have the right to engage in heated and even passionate debate, as long as you can address issues, not people. Launching personal attacks against another member is unacceptable. Avoid words of incitement. Mocking and insulting language should never be used. Avoid stereotyping and sweeping generalities. Personal attacks should be reported to the moderating team.

2. All posts must conform to the Torah. Imamother caters to Jewish Orthodox women, adheres to the strict guidelines of our Torah, and continues to be molded upon the feedback of orthodox women. Posts that contradict the teachings of our Torah, or even interpretations of the Torah that do not follow our strict laws, are forbidden. We require posts to be predicated upon the belief in the 13 Principles of Faith as outlined here.

3. Be authentic when posting. All posts must be authentic and honest. Our members spend time and energy answering posts and posting something made up as if it really happened, takes advantage of their kindness and wastes their time. It’s ok to change tiny details to protect your privacy, like changing a daughter to a son, or the age of your child. But the essence of the story must be accurate and honest. Anyone who persists in posting dishonestly after being warned will have their posting privileges revoked.

4. Intimacy: In order to keep a tznius atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable, we do not allow explicit intimate topics to be discussed. However we recognize that the intimacy forum on Imamother is the only anonymous resource available to married women who are having trouble with intimacy or have questions. Therefore we do allow women to get answers for their questions. Anything intimacy related should be posted only in the intimacy forum, so that those wishing to skip over these topics can do so easily. Never discuss intimacy privately with another member whether through private messages or any other way. When starting a new thread, please be specific but do not include explicit details that are not needed. It is up to the moderators to decide what is acceptable and what isn't. If you post explicit posts, you will get flagged for verification. When enough varied answers have been provided the thread may get locked to avoid discussing intimacy only for the thrill. Sometimes a topic not normally allowed, will be left open for a short while so that the original poster can get the help she needs. As soon as the mods feel the thread has served its purpose, the thread may be hidden or locked.

5. Spam and Advertising: Posting about your website or business is considered taking a free ad, and is not tolerated. You are not allowed to post affiliate links from which you or anyone else earn commission. Posting about a friend's business is also not acceptable. Do not email or private message any members with this information either. This is considered spam, and is unacceptable. If you'd like to advertise or post a sponsored post, please email us for rates.

6. Trolls: The description "troll" applies to any man, never married woman, non-religious, non-orthodox or non-Jewish person, who lied on the questionnaire in order to gain unauthorized access to Imamother. The description troll also applies to any legitimate member who posts something dishonest for the purpose of creating drama and getting attention. Any user who posts suspicious looking threads should be reported to Yael. All reports are kept confidential. If Yael decides that the user is likely to be a troll she will deactivate the user, and attempt to verify them. After passing verification, a legitimate user will be reactivated. If the user refuses to be verified she will lose her membership to Imamother. If it is not possible to verify legitimacy, the user will be assumed to be a troll. Many times someone who posts in a troll-like way turns out to be legitimate, so in order to avoid hurting a real woman's feelings, it is not permitted to call troll in a thread. Troll accusations should be made only in reports and private messages.

7. Illegal Activity: Posts asking about or encouraging illegal activity or halachicaly unacceptable activities are not allowed.

Halachic Disclaimer:

The posts on Imamother are written by a very varied group of women with different views and hashkafos. Please don't take any comments or answers as a P'sak Halacha. Please ask your own Rav to find out which opinion you should go by. Never change your custom or minhag based on what an Imamother member has told you. You must verify in real life with your own Rav or trusted advisor what you should do.

Medical Disclaimer:

The posts on Imamother are intended for educational and informative purposes only. Although we do have some health care professionals on Imamother you cannot assume that any advice given was given by a health care professional. All medical advice is for educational purposes only and should be verified with a doctor before deciding how to proceed.