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Fire Devastates Chabad of Tallahassee Campus, Destroys Torah Scrolls
by Chabad House Today at 12:14 pm
Depp v Heard
by amother Today at 1:50 am  
Camp bag
by emee2 Today at 1:38 am  
Recipe for blintz pie
by yiddishmom Today at 1:33 am  
S/O Wordle - Guess my word
by dankbar Today at 12:59 am  
Mishkan Yosef Organization
by good-gal Today at 12:48 am  
True or False
by paperflowers Today at 12:29 am  
Working Women
Travel Agents
by amother Today at 12:20 am  
Word game
by happytobemom Today at 12:00 am  
Teenagers and Older children
by amother Yesterday at 11:55 pm  
Working Women
Part time bookkeeper
by amother Yesterday at 11:25 pm  
Working Women
How to know salary norm?
by amother Yesterday at 11:22 pm  
Last Letter Food Game
by birdie1 Yesterday at 11:21 pm  
Linked Words Game :)
by birdie1 Yesterday at 10:43 pm  
Summarize your life
by amother Yesterday at 10:27 pm  
New game, not a word game
by birdie1 Yesterday at 10:19 pm  
Moving/ Relocating
Houston Texas
by amother Yesterday at 10:13 pm  
Camp degel hamisvta
by clearbluenj Yesterday at 10:13 pm  
Sleeping without swaddle
by amother Yesterday at 10:12 pm  
Did your salary go up?
by amother Yesterday at 10:11 pm  
Sheitels & Tichels
by amother Yesterday at 10:08 pm  
Vacation and Traveling
Good boat ride
by amother Yesterday at 9:28 pm  
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Summarize your life
by amother Mon, May 16 2022, 10:37 pm
Ben and batsheva divorced
by amother Yesterday at 9:36 am
Dd 2 pleasures herself
by shabbatiscoming Yesterday at 2:28 pm
Big Green Egg
by groovy1224 Yesterday at 2:43 pm
Was this reasonable?
by singleagain Mon, May 16 2022, 11:37 am
Was this reasonable?
by mig100 Yesterday at 1:07 pm
Was this reasonable?
by amother Yesterday at 1:48 pm

Do you make different foods for every meal?
Yes- I prepare 4 vegetable sides and 4 starch sides
No- I prepare 2 vegetable sides and 2 starches and we alternate
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