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Working Women
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Dh wants me to go to work
by oliveoil Tue, Jun 19 2018, 10:28 pm
Dh wants me to go to work
by zaq Yesterday at 7:37 am
Dh wants me to go to work
by Simple1 Yesterday at 7:55 am
Political pressure works!
by camp Yesterday at 1:48 pm
Political pressure works!
by Fox Yesterday at 2:44 pm
Political pressure works!
by Squishy Yesterday at 2:54 pm
Political pressure works!
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Political pressure works!
by SixOfWands Yesterday at 1:35 pm

Please Daven!

My uncle is extremely sick unfortunately. This is the second time he has cancer R”L. He is the father of many children and only one is married. He’s too young...

I literally just lost an uncle. My mother went to visit this Uncle after she got up from shiva. She said the Malach HaMaves is at his door. Crying or Very sad I can’t bear to think...

Yosef Tzvi Ben Rochel Pessel refua sheleimah.

Replies : 6  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Tue, Jun 19 2018, 9:52 pm

Intimacy - What Does It Mean For HIM??

Experience Marital Intimacy as a source of joy , connection and wholeness.

Join Faigy Pollock


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Wednesday, JUNE 20
8:30 pm NY


-Why marital intimacy can be so complex. For everyone!
-How to better understand the source of your struggles in this crucial area of marriage
-To rethink the way you approach this sensitive topic
-How to feel positive feelings about your intimate bond with your husband
-How to better understand your husband when it comes to this specific part of your
-How to better understand yourself, and how differently you operate when it comes to marital
-How to connect with the place within you that confidently connects with your husband, on all

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Replies : 18  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Tue, Jun 19 2018, 10:28 am

An Imamother will do anything for their children's success

Parents would do anything for their children’s well being and development. Some see problems or are alerted by the school of problems. Different kids need different approaches. Some need extra attention with academics, others with confidence and others with social skills. Some are ahead of the class and need other activities to strive. Some go to social workers and professional play therapy. They are smart, win contests in cheder and are brilliant in Yeshiva but delay in other aspects that are harder to pinpoint. We consulted and took advice from great people on our kids דרך.



Creative and smart with great tutoring and teaching talents. Ask him anything in learning or general knowledge and he will explain you with such gusto and clarity! Just he is going thru challenges medically and mentally and he will overcome with YOUR HELP Beezras Hashem.

He needs medicine to pull thru this difficult medical and mental stage. Some medicines that are covered by insurance are not good for him, they have side effects. He started with a special psychiatrist, a private Manhattan MD, who is working with him to find the right medicine that will help him improve a lot without the horrible side effects he had during the other trials.

My husband and I are both working, but we are struggling with the additional burden of a medicine which is not covered by insurance. Your help will enable him to have this more experienced doctor and a medicine that is $1800 every 12 days. It's an injection waiting at the pharmacy for your compassion.

With your generous support and with Hashem's help, he will recover, continue prospering and get a job.

Thanks for your golden heart!

תזכו למצוות!

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Many wishes for הצלחה with your children and no challenges while raising them

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Thu, Jun 14 2018, 9:27 am

New awesome summer vacation spot! Large mountain condos!

“So where are we going this summer?”
If you haven’t yet made summer plans, consider yourself lucky. There’s a fantastic new vacation option for heimishe families and you might still be able to get in on the deal before the dates you want are all booked. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect idea that will excite every member of the family, without boarding a plane or draining your 401-K, this is it!

For one month, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, an acclaimed adventure retreat in
Pennsylvania’s magnificent Laurel Highlands, is partnering with Kosher Springs to make this
incredible vacation amenable to your family. You may have heard of this extreme adventure
resort and wished you could vacation there, and from July 23 - Aug 23 (11 Av -12 Elul), with
Kosher Springs management, you can!!

The resort features miles of scenic hiking and biking trails, sparkling lakes and endless
opportunity for exhilarating adventure. With over 25 activities on premises, and a shuttle to zip you around, it’ll be a-memory-a-minute, so be ready to click!

You can start your day at the alpine slides, head over to bungee jumping, scale the rock wall,
jump onto hydrobikes or paddle boats, and play a few rounds of mini-golf, all before lunch! Or
choose a more immersive experience, like horseback riding or segway tours as the highlight ofyour day. Those made of tougher stuff will savor the challenging downhill bike paths replete with swerves, banks and drops, world-class zipline tours and the superbly-designed shooting range.

After lunch, you’ll have a whole new smorgasboard of activities. Ball courts. Arcades. Fly fishing. Summer tubing. Non-stop fun in a beautiful setting!

And if you’re in the mood to explore the nearby area, you’ll find more beautiful scenic hiking and biking, awesome whitewater rafting, unique zoos, farms, amusement parks, architectural
masterpieces, boating and even the Flight 93 Memorial.

Your accommodations are as tranquil as the activities are exciting. The mountaintop
condos all feature full kitchens, central A/C and spacious living areas with multiple layout
options. With the option of catered Shabbos and daily meals as well as kosher groceries
delivered, you really can travel light.

Kosher Springs is proud to offer this amazing resort vacation at family-friendly pricing. Condos are reasonably priced and you can come for just a few days. Best of all, adventures are deeply discounted, and the resort is offering their daily Adventure Pass at a super-low rate exclusively for Kosher Springs guests.

So, what makes a perfect vacation for your family?
Cool mountain air? Check. Stunning view? Check. Optional kosher catering? Check. Kosher
groceries? Check. Spacious, immaculate accommodations? Check. Minyan and separate
swimming? Check. Easy on the wallet? Check. High adventure? Check Plus!

Rest assured, everyone in your family will be ecstatic, from your typical ‘but-it’s-for-babies’ teen to your cost-conscious spouse. Just show them this and watch their faces.

To get more information or reserve, visit www.koshersprings.com or call 732.993.5577.
Looking forward to hosting you!

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Replies : 53  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Jun 13 2018, 8:48 am

Shuva bat Michal - Stabbing in Afula

Please daven for Shuva bat Michal the 18 year old girl who was stabbed in the terrorist attack in Afula today.
Besorot tovot yeshuot vnechamot

Replies : 1  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: someone Mon, Jun 11 2018, 8:05 am

Shlomo Ben esther Rhoda

My brother is scheduled for brain surgery thursday morning. He will have the part of his brain that is constantly sending him into seizures removed. If all goes well, he will finally have his life back.

Through this whole ordeal, he has remained my role model in relationships and communication. He has touched so many lives even through this tough time.

We need to storm the gates of heaven with our prayers! Please daven for him!

Replies : 18  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Tue, May 22 2018, 10:38 pm

Very big test tomorrow

Hi imamothers
I hate to bother you all but I would very much appreciate if you kept my name in mind in your tfillot because I’m having a big important test tomorrow. It’s Sara Chaya bat freida
Thank you so much and may everyone have a wonderful Shabbos and a wonderful shavuous.

Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Wed, May 16 2018, 2:01 pm

Do you employ possible illegals?
Never ever.
Once in a while (e.g. occasional gardener)
Weekly domestic may or may not be.
Daily domestic may or may not be.
Live in may or may not be.
Knowingly employ
I've used baby nurses/elder care once/a few times
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