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Giving Gifts
19 dd birthday ideas
by teachkids Today at 7:05 pm  [6]   >>|
Vacation and Traveling
Kosher hotel / cottages
by amother Today at 6:57 pm  [0]   >>|
Oh! No! Pesach "Horror" Stories
by EishesYo Today at 6:41 pm  [76]   >>|
How sad is it?
by ILOVELIFE Today at 6:14 pm  [35]   >>|
Ideas for long yontif afternoons
by aricelli Today at 5:50 pm  [3]   >>|
Vegan protein for pesach ...
by studying_torah Today at 4:51 pm  [34]   >>|
Pesach Recipes
Binah cholent recipe-Thursday?
by ra_mom Today at 4:39 pm  [24]   >>|
Pesach Recipes
Fresh & Easy Passover Apple Pie
by ra_mom Today at 4:32 pm  [6]   >>|
Interesting Discussions
I need ideas PLEASE
by married123 Today at 3:56 pm  [16]   >>|
Cottonseed oil makes you sick?
by amother Today at 3:38 pm  [13]   >>|
Manners & Etiquette
Invites to Parents
by amother Today at 3:22 pm  [5]   >>|
Baby Names
by amother Today at 3:11 pm  [9]   >>|
Manners & Etiquette
Thanks for all the PSAs!!
by amother Today at 3:05 pm  [19]   >>|
Children's Health
Help! 12 month old sleep
by 987gold Today at 2:52 pm  [15]   >>|
Orange Ices
by honey Today at 2:43 pm  [3]   >>|
Tehillim Needed
Calling all imas
by cbsp Today at 1:43 pm  [168]   >>|
Pesach Recipes
Ra_mom & yo'ma & the new recipe
by greenfire Today at 1:19 pm  [16]   >>|
by Amarante Today at 1:15 pm  [0]   >>|
Reading Room
Literature, how important?
by youngishbear Today at 12:53 pm  [24]   >>|
Kosher Kitchen
Purple spot on chopped meat?
by ra_mom Today at 12:47 pm  [2]   >>|
Teenage undergarment
by artsy Today at 12:36 pm  [3]   >>|
Beware Pesach Hotel Scam
by amother Today at 11:58 am  [57]   >>|
Pesach Recipes
Passover chocolate mousse
by greenfire Today at 11:17 am  [54]   >>|
Seder chicken or meat recipes (with sauce)
by ra_mom Today at 11:04 am  [6]   >>|
Baby Names
Naama pronunciation
by amother Today at 10:30 am  [2]   >>|
I told God at the Seder
by cozyblanket Today at 8:51 am  [26]   >>|
Children's Health
Spinoff measles: lice?
by amother Today at 7:57 am  [56]   >>|
Pesach Recipes
Pesach cholent
by Ruchel Today at 7:53 am  [34]   >>|
Baby Names
Boy Double names with Michoel
by Ruchel Today at 7:52 am  [16]   >>|
Stop complaining and just stay home
by allthingsblue Today at 7:47 am  [28]   >>|
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Rubs me wrong, but is it really?
by Rappel Yesterday at 10:33 pm
Rubs me wrong, but is it really?
by crust Yesterday at 10:30 pm
by amother Today at 2:12 pm
Oh! No! Pesach "Horror" Stories
by amother Yesterday at 2:59 am
Oh! No! Pesach "Horror" Stories
by hodeez Tue, Apr 23 2019, 11:14 pm
Rubs me wrong, but is it really?
by amother Yesterday at 10:43 pm
Literature, how important?
by amother Today at 10:42 am
Invites to Parents
by asmileaday Yesterday at 6:36 pm
Literature, how important?
by amother Today at 9:38 am
Vegan protein for pesach ...
by greenfire Tue, Apr 16 2019, 12:49 pm
Oh! No! Pesach "Horror" Stories
by amother Tue, Apr 23 2019, 4:39 pm
Oh! No! Pesach "Horror" Stories
by doodlesmom Tue, Apr 23 2019, 10:20 pm

How do you pronounce the name Naama?
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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Apr 17 2019, 1:44 pm

Some people will do anything to avoid Pesach cleaning!

I'm in the hospital with sepsis. All tefillos welcome. Shoshana bas Sara.

Replies : 116  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Fox Wed, Apr 10 2019, 4:03 pm

CAHE Offers Young Jewish Women Options in the Medical Field

When a Jewish woman is looking for a career, her choices are often limited – there’s the classic accounting and physical therapist, but these careers are not for everyone, and the degree programs themselves can be long and demanding - especially if you are balancing education with raising a family.

The Center for Allied Health Education (CAHE) offers certificate programs in healthcare for women looking to enter the medical field and leave 2 years later with an official certification in their field of choice. These certificate programs include Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiography, Medical Assistant and more.

The programs are tailored for the needs of a busy frum woman, being shorter and organized around the Jewish calendar year.

The Center had earned national acclaim for training graduates in a practical, hands-on approach since 2007. Their programs combine the necessary classroom instruction with real-world clinical rotations in laboratories, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Located in their state-of-the-art, 20,000 square-foot facility in the heart of Brooklyn, the school is a natural choice for a frum woman looking to get a high quality education in the field of healthcare.

Upon graduation, the Center for Allied Health Education will work with the graduate to help them find employment in their field of study or a related field.

Careers in healthcare can be gratifying, lucrative, and are in high demand. The Center for Allied Health Education can help you enter this career path more quickly than a conventional degree, ensuring you can maintain the balance of both parnassah and building a Jewish home.

Find out more at our open house Wednesday, April 10th at 6:30pm
RSVP today on our website https://www.cahe.edu/springopenhouse or call 718-645-3500

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Apr 10 2019, 9:14 am