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Chit Chat
The Arbitrarily Disagree Game
by Jewishfoodie Today at 12:18 am  [315]   >>|
Cleaning & Laundry
Landsend white shirts
by amother Today at 12:14 am  [1]   >>|
What am I supposed to do with her
by dankbar Today at 12:02 am  [28]   >>|
Simcha Section
Simchas are bh overtaking my life
by amother Yesterday at 11:52 pm  [34]   >>|
Chit Chat
by singleagain Yesterday at 11:40 pm  [6]   >>|
Bingo whole sale
by lavenderchimes Yesterday at 11:29 pm  [8]   >>|
Parents are really ok with this??? Why???
by amother Yesterday at 11:29 pm  [32]   >>|
Tzedakah and Vacation
by amother Yesterday at 11:09 pm  [42]   >>|
Interesting Discussions
How do you look Jewish??
by amother Yesterday at 10:56 pm  [29]   >>|
Working Women
Do I quit or not.
by thunderstorm Yesterday at 10:50 pm  [18]   >>|
Parenting our children
When my ADD affects my kids
by amother Yesterday at 10:14 pm  [2]   >>|
Vacation and Traveling
Kosher near kalahari etc
by Kumphort Yesterday at 10:13 pm  [1]   >>|
Vacation and Traveling
Any minyanim near Sturbridge,MA
by amother Yesterday at 10:07 pm  [5]   >>|
Vacation and Traveling
Vacation near Brooklyn
by sky Yesterday at 9:57 pm  [1]   >>|
What's app group
by simcha123456 Yesterday at 9:14 pm  [1]   >>|
Children's Health
Toddlers in taxis
by Ellie7 Yesterday at 8:15 pm  [12]   >>|
Dairy & Pareve Meals
Angel Hair Pasta Dressing
by mom39 Yesterday at 7:16 pm  [4]   >>|
Chinuch, Education & Schooling
Chinuch tips
by unexpected Yesterday at 7:04 pm  [4]   >>|
Fashion and Beauty
Wig Grip - Lakewood
by amother Yesterday at 6:35 pm  [0]   >>|
Children's Health
Vocal cord cyst
by amother Yesterday at 5:33 pm  [31]   >>|
Parenting our children
Fair cost- Flatbush
by amother Yesterday at 5:14 pm  [9]   >>|
Neve Yakov
by BadTichelDay Yesterday at 4:08 pm  [1]   >>|
Parenting our children
Kids are moody- normal?
by FranticFrummie Yesterday at 4:05 pm  [14]   >>|
Children's Health
Pediatric Dentist in Jerusalem?
by amother Yesterday at 2:09 pm  [1]   >>|
New York related Inquiries
Taanersville with Eiruv
by amother Yesterday at 2:00 pm  [0]   >>|
Kosher Kitchen
Does seaweed need a hechsher?
by FranticFrummie Yesterday at 12:37 pm  [3]   >>|
Vacation and Traveling
Escape the Room
by amother Yesterday at 12:21 pm  [10]   >>|
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How do you look Jewish??
by amother Yesterday at 6:54 pm
Drama at the Checkout Counter
by Einikel Yesterday at 12:17 am
Tzedakah and Vacation
by pesek zman Tue, Aug 20 2019, 11:53 pm
Drama at the Checkout Counter
by imasinger Yesterday at 7:40 am
Tzedakah and Vacation
by amother Yesterday at 12:20 am
Drama at the Checkout Counter
by DrMom Yesterday at 1:26 am
Drama at the Checkout Counter
by amother Yesterday at 12:57 am

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I lit a candle for 40 days

for R Menachem Mendel of Riminov & saw a yeshua & I want to publicize it
I would also like to thank Hashem publicly for the yeshua

Replies : 8  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: supermamma Mon, Aug 19 2019, 12:06 am

Please say tehiilem for my 81 year old mom with lung cancer

she is diagnosed with stage four cancer and just had a trach put it and a peg for food
she has been in hospice then taken to a hospital where she has been unrespnosive for three
weeks she is on a respirator .please daven that they should take the trach and peg out
thank you
esther bat chana fruma
I have lost all hope

Replies : 20  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Sun, Aug 18 2019, 7:33 am

Urgent Tefilot needed for terror attack victims

Please say urgent tehillim and tefiilot for Nachum Elimelech (18) ben Zehava Rivka who was injured in a car ramming attack this afternoon at the entrance to Elazar in Gush Etzion.
He is in surgery and has life threatening head injuries.
His sister, Noam Aliza (20) bat Zehava Rivka was also moderately injured.


Replies : 7  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: etky Fri, Aug 16 2019, 8:41 am