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Imamother - Connecting Frum Women

Welcome! Imamother is a warm community of married and once married frum Jewish women. We offer you the ability to connect, socialize, share advice, and talk about important issues with other women. We enable you to find answers, support and advice, anonymously, and in a safe environment.  Sign Up

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Baby Names
by amother Today at 12:21 am  
If you didn’t sleep train…
by amother Yesterday at 11:31 pm  
Summer Camps
How necessary?
by amother Yesterday at 11:19 pm  
True or False
by ap Yesterday at 10:52 pm  
by ap Yesterday at 10:51 pm  
Sheitels & Tichels
Dee Dee wigs
by busymum Yesterday at 10:36 pm  
Post your Wordle score!
by Shoshie Yesterday at 10:26 pm  
S/O Last Letter First Name
by boysrus Yesterday at 10:17 pm  
Last Letter Name a Place
by boysrus Yesterday at 10:17 pm  
Camp Fay-gah Memories!
by amother Yesterday at 10:10 pm  
Toddler on shabbos
by amother Yesterday at 9:43 pm  
by 613mitzvahgirl Yesterday at 9:00 pm  
Giving Gifts
Gift before surgery
by amother Yesterday at 8:33 pm  
Reading Room
Illusions - Ami Serial
by amother Yesterday at 8:32 pm  
Hiking shoes that look cute
by amother Yesterday at 8:28 pm  
Summer Camps
Camp Bais Yaakov
by amother Yesterday at 8:23 pm  
Needlework and Sewing
Going rate?
by amother Yesterday at 7:43 pm  
Whoopi sale
by amother Yesterday at 7:24 pm  
Fashion and Beauty
by twolilgirlies Yesterday at 7:24 pm  
Computers, Phones and Devices
by amother Yesterday at 7:11 pm  
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I don't really care, but I think they're harmless.
I'm a little weirded out by the idea, but I guess I've gotten used to it.
So strange. I really don't get it.
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