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This Shabbos, At the Kever of the Besh"t

Emissaries were sent this week from Israel to various famous gravesites in Europe, as part of a massive prayer & tzedaka event run by Bnei Brak-based charity organization Kupat Ha’Ir. Sites visited will include the kever of the Baal Shem Tov in the Ukraine, that of the Remah in Poland, the Chasam Sofer in Slovakia, and more.

Whilst the emissaries are gathered at their respective gravesites this shabbat, an impressive nearly 50 gedolim will join in prayer in Israel. The rabbanim include, but are not limited to, Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Rav Gershon Edelstein, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rav Zilberstein, Rav Hillel, The Rachmastrivke Rebbe, Rav Dovid Cohen, Rav Shimon Galai, Rav Neventsal, Rav David Abuchatzera, Rav Finkel and Rav Elbaz. All rabbanim and emissaries will pray simultaneously for those who donate to Kupat Ha’Ir’s "9th hour" tzedaka campaign.

The timing for the gathering is due to the traditional segulah of the “9th hour.” The 9th hour of the 9th of Kislev (the 9th month) is mentioned in seforim by the Ramban and others as a particularly auspicious time for prayer.

As campaign text so succinctly puts it, the “stellar list of participants speaks for itself.” Those who are hoping to bring bracha into their own lives or that of their loved ones are urged to donate here soon as space is limited.


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Today at 9:47 am

Children Left Alone to Care for Disabled Mom

A tragic series of events has transformed a happy, wholesome family into a highly dysfunctional household.

15 years ago, Avi Siluk lost a long-fought battle with terminal illness. He left behind a wife, and 10 grieving children.

Widow Sara Siluk took on the daunting challenge of supporting and raising her children alone. For years, she succeeded in giving them what they needed, often working long hours and sacrificing her own health to do so. Recently, however, an unexpected tragedy knocked the family off their feet once more: Sara suffered a severe stroke, which left her disabled.

Since then her teenage children have been forced to come to her aid, helping take her of her extensive medical needs. Without a parent collecting income, the necessary live-in medical assistance is not financially feasible. Robbed of their childhoods, 16-year-old Yaakov and 18-year-old Shoshi’s daily life consists of helping their mother to eat and bathe. It is a far cry from “normal” teenage responsibilities.

Having just married off 25-year-old daughter Rikki, the Siluk family is now critically poor. Unable to pay bills or purchase clothing, their once-happy home is now a dark den of illness & fear. An emergency fund has been started by the kallah, with the goal of indefinitely providing her mother a live-in aide. The medical assistance would give Sara, who has suffered so tremendously, the care that she needs. It would also give Shoshi and Yaakov the childhoods they deserve. Such a change in their lives would truly be valued beyond money.

Donations are being accepted here for a limited time.


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Mon, Nov 12 2018, 12:36 pm

Ground-breaking Marriage and Parenting Weekend for Couples

After receiving an incredible demand for continued guidance in maintaining positive and loving homes in today's tumultuous and hectic world, Jroot Radio, the popular online station, created an innovative and unique program geared to give couples a chance to reboot, learn and relax.

Kesher, The Marriage and Parenting Couples Retreat, is an affordable Shabbos getaway which will allows couples to escape, while learning skills that can transform and empower all their relationships at home.

“The weekend was seriously designed with all frum couples, in mind.”, said Rabbi Yitz Greenfield, a lecturer and one of the organizers of the event. “Whether you're Litvish, Chassidish, Sefardi or any other type, with good relationships or not-so-good relationships, we all have similar challenges at home. We all realize how challenging it is to maintain a Bayis Neeman in todays generation.”

The Kesher Retreat will be held on Parshas Vayeshev, from November 30th to December 1st. The program will feature top relationship and chinuch experts, including: Rabbi Yitz Greenfield, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, Rabbi Effie Goldman, and other experts in the field of Marriage and Parenting. This Shabbos will take place in the beautiful Homewood Suites in Mahwah, NJ. The Hotel boasts luxurious suites which include a living/dining room, bedroom and kitchen.

Dining will be private in order to allow couples to spend quality time together. Couples can bring their own food, or order a complete Shabbos food package delivered to their suites. Classes and Minyanim will take place in the conference rooms and their will be a joint kiddush and Melave Malke. There will also be specially focused classes on how to connect to today's teens.

As part of its effort to make the program affordable, Jroot is offering an introductory rate for $599 per couple, and offered a early bird rate of $499. While the early bird rate is now expired, you can still book the weekend for as low as $499 by entering coupon code: minus100, at checkout. (Before Nov. 16th or before coupon suites are sold out, whichever comes first)

The program is designed not to be a big crowded event, so space is very limited and suites are expected to sell out quickly.

For more information and for registration go to thekesherretreat.com, call/text or WhatsApp - 917-773-8581

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Replies : 4  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Thu, Nov 08 2018, 9:52 pm

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