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Teachers' Room
Embarrassed student what to do?
by relish Today at 10:05 am  [31]   >>|
Who won the Israeli election??
by jerusalem90 Today at 10:02 am  [19]   >>|
Are you woke?
by urban gypsy Today at 10:02 am  [10]   >>|
Children's Health
My kid has PANDAS, AMA
by amother Today at 9:59 am  [25]   >>|
Rosh Hashana-Yom Kippur
Forgive and forget?
by amother Today at 9:41 am  [12]   >>|
Fashion and Beauty
Whats with the lace tops?
by watergirl Today at 9:39 am  [9]   >>|
Roast question
by ra_mom Today at 9:29 am  [1]   >>|
New square
by southernbubby Today at 9:09 am  [4]   >>|
Why aren't schools any cheaper OOT?
by amother Today at 8:54 am  [51]   >>|
Fashion and Beauty
(rabbit) fur jacket
by FranticFrummie Today at 8:38 am  [1]   >>|
Fashion and Beauty
ISO New purse
by singleagain Today at 8:01 am  [5]   >>|
2nd cut brisket
by ces Today at 7:49 am  [4]   >>|
Baby Names
Baby Girl Names Help!
by amother Today at 7:37 am  [5]   >>|
Recipe Collection
Blueberry Bars Recipe
by 1091 Today at 7:05 am  [0]   >>|
Household Management
Ink stain on leather sofa
by amother Today at 6:53 am  [4]   >>|
Household Management
Laundry Mystery?
by Iymnok Today at 6:30 am  [9]   >>|
Baby Names
Names of tzadikim that passed away
by Ruchel Today at 6:30 am  [13]   >>|
Baby Names
Names like Chaya
by sl18 Today at 3:17 am  [19]   >>|
Giving Gifts
Baby gift for 5 towns couple?
by dankbar Today at 12:44 am  [8]   >>|
Fashion and Beauty
Maternity dress
by Tzivia18 Today at 12:14 am  [2]   >>|
Teachers' Room
Teacher appreciation thread
by amother Yesterday at 10:42 pm  [14]   >>|
Chinuch, Education & Schooling
Job offer
by amother Yesterday at 10:22 pm  [5]   >>|
Kugels and Side Dishes
Lokshen Kugel
by abs Yesterday at 9:54 pm  [4]   >>|
Plus size maxi skirt
by singleagain Yesterday at 9:31 pm  [2]   >>|
Sheitels & Tichels
I don’t get it....
by Boca00 Yesterday at 9:02 pm  [15]   >>|
Yom Tov / Holidays
Holiday gift ideas
by STR331 Yesterday at 8:30 pm  [2]   >>|
Grocery shopping
by amother Yesterday at 8:04 pm  [15]   >>|
Not having money is REALLY hard😟
by amother Yesterday at 7:36 pm  [14]   >>|
Agt 2019
by amother Yesterday at 7:34 pm  [23]   >>|
Shabbos and Supper menus
Whats For Supper Tonight-Honest!
by simba Yesterday at 7:21 pm  [1706]   >>|
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Teacher appreciation thread
by amother Yesterday at 5:38 pm
Teacher appreciation thread
by Squishy Yesterday at 5:29 pm
Why aren't schools any cheaper OOT?
by amother Yesterday at 10:02 am
How to change school approach
by amother Yesterday at 4:59 pm
Forgot to light candles
by polka dots Yesterday at 4:22 pm

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Birthday gift for cleaning woman

Last week as my cleaning woman was leaving, she mentioned to me that next time I see her , it will be her birthday. I believe she was hinting for a gift. Must I give her a gift? I've been using her for just one year, once a week, and I did give her a nice holiday present last year.

Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: EPL Sun, Sep 15 2019, 7:12 am

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Sat, Sep 14 2019, 9:30 pm

BDE R Gissinger

I just heard that R Gissinger was niftar
He was from the biggest authorities on shalom Bayis and infertility

Replies : 18  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: naturalmom5 Thu, Sep 12 2019, 7:10 pm