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Wrapunzel comes to Brooklyn
Children's Health
Hep B Vaccine
by amother Today at 3:18 pm  >>|
Noodle soup mix?
by bargainlover Today at 2:52 pm  >>|
?Jlem succos family of 5?
by amother Today at 12:05 pm  >>|
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Respect is out the window
by thunderstorm Yesterday at 7:44 pm
Respect is out the window
by amother Yesterday at 8:39 pm
what's the weirdest gift you got?
by zaq Yesterday at 7:26 pm
Respect is out the window
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Respect is out the window
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what's the weirdest gift you got?
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Respect is out the window
by amother Yesterday at 8:32 pm
what's the weirdest gift you got?
by amother Yesterday at 3:12 pm
Respect is out the window
by tachles Yesterday at 10:50 pm
what's the weirdest gift you got?
by amother Yesterday at 7:48 pm

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Wrapunzel comes to Brooklyn

RSVP here! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/w.....8253702122 or
on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/2112841625661351

See you there!!

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Today at 1:40 pm

PSA for Palisades Mall Shoppers

Cinnabon is now kosher- certified by Kof-K!

My family always drove an hour from Miami to the kosher Cinnabon at Sawgrass Mills Mall on our yearly vacations, and we were literally heartbroken when they closed down. Now there’s one at our fave mall!!

See this link- https://www.palisadescenter.co.....es-center/

Replies : 3  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: 1ofbillions Yesterday at 12:21 pm

Teacher unable to provide his family w/ basic necessities

I was visiting a Brooklyn apartment of someone I know well. She has a family of 11 children. My heart went out when a child took out a tomato from the grocery box and the mother said she does not have enough. It's only for shabbos, she said. The child obediently put it back. This happened in front of my eyes. This was the last straw.


The temperature of the water for the bathtub is set for so low!
A/C is set to barely remove some of the humidity!
In the winter the heating is only set to a frigid temperature that they walk with 2 sweaters and sneeze a lot. One child took much longer to recover from the flu because of the extreme cold there.

About the parents: The father holds a melamed job but is way underpaid. As you know, some chadorim pay very little for melamdim. (It depends on the neighborhood.) The mother holds 2 difficult home jobs but people lost interest in one of her services. Mother has diabetes but stress is increasing her sugar levels.

On top of all this the little income this family has still needs to cover a tutor for one of the 11 children that is so weak in her studies that her school refused to keep her unless her parents pay for a private tutor. There is no scholarship or sponsor for the tutor that was required.

Click here to donate NOW

Every little bit helps.

To read about their plight click here:

As in other campaigns Chesed Caring has handled, we will manage the money so it is used for nutritious food and utility bills only and she can keep the house at a decent temperature.

To send a check directly by mail please write it to:

Chesed Caring Inc.
12 Heyward Street,
Room 309,
Brooklyn, NY, 11249

On the memo line you may write "Melamed"

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 9:17 am

Before It's Too Late

Michael Natan, 7, of Jerusalem has a winning smile. His grin automatically makes you smile back. When you notice a second later that he is sitting in a wheelchair, you have to control yourself to stop your smile turning into a grimace of pity.

Michael Natan has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, a condition which if left untreated can be life threatening. His muscles grow weaker and weaker at an alarming rate. Recently, he has been confined to a wheelchair. His family is terrified of what the future will bring: further deterioration in Michael Natan's condition will put his life in grave danger. What will be with their son?

Expert medical advice suggests a revolutionary treatment that is only available out of state. The treatment has proven effective at preventing further deterioration of the disease in order to save Michael Natan's life, and may even enable him to get out of the wheelchair. "We are pinning all of our hopes on receiving this treatment as soon as possible," says Michael Natan's mother in a moving video.

The treatment costs, and the costs of flights out of state and other expenses add up to an alarming $50,000. There is no way that the family will be able to save their son's life on their own; an emergency fundraising campaign has been set up to cover the costs of the treatment. Help Michael Natan get lifesaving treatment before it's too late. Make sure that his beautiful smile never leaves his face.


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Aug 15 2018, 1:29 pm

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