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Groundbreaking Couples Retreat
Chinuch, Education & Schooling
Seminary wishlist
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El Al passengers- seriously?
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Student loans, Mortgage Advice
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Chasanah gift vs making Sheva Brochos
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Vocal cord cyst
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I hate hate cooking!
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Best black tights
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Junk Removal
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Food in manhattan
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What challa board should I buy?
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Stamford Hill a wonderful community!
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Anyone with info on lev tahor
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Playgroup in Stamford Hill
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Chevie Garfinkles Camp Fronteir
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Fashion and Beauty
Custom suits from China
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Shabbos Chanukah program
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Please help me find my niche....
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School age children
Playing with matches
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Baby Names
Girl names corresponding to shevatim
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I have the best in laws!
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Interesting vaccine video
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El Al passengers- seriously?
by Sebastian Yesterday at 10:19 pm
El Al passengers- seriously?
by Israeli_C Yesterday at 10:31 pm
El Al passengers- seriously?
by Raisin Today at 8:16 am
El Al passengers- seriously?
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El Al passengers- seriously?
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Anyone with info on lev tahor
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Unpopular Opinions
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El Al passengers- seriously?
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El Al passengers- seriously?
by etky Today at 2:11 am

Should we attempt Miami restaurants during Yeshiva Week?
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7 Children Miraculously Saved From Fire

As the sun rose last Thursday morning in Beit Shemesh, a dozen terrified families stood outside their building on Chazon Ish street, surrounded by emergency responders. Those who were suffering from shock, however, were the fortunate of the group. Men, women, and children were evacuated on stretchers to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital due to burns and smoke inhalation.

Just after 5am, a fire erupted in the home of the Yosef family. The blaze initially trapped the parents and 7 children inside of their home. Firefighters were miraculously able to save them after removing the bars of their window. The entire family was hospitalized. While most have been released, two of the Yosef children, ages 7 & 9, are still in the intensive care unit in serious condition.

Everything the family owned was destroyed.

The family was reportedly known within their community as exceptional baalei chesed. Parents Shalom and Yiscah were known to take in challenging children (whether challenged mentally, physically or otherwise) so as to give their parents a break. It has been speculated that one of the children they had taken in may have mistakenly started the fire.

“We truly cannot believe that this is happening,” says moving emergency fund text. “We are so grateful to be alive, but we are not out of this nightmare yet. Not until we have all of my babies home safe with me. And not until we have a home to live in.”

With most of the children now home from the hospital, and two being monitored on respirators, the Yosef family reportedly do not have clothing to wear, or the means with which to wash it. A fund has been opened in hopes of helping them to purchase basics such as toiletries, clothing, appliances, furniture, school supplies, shoes, and other essentials.

Before the tragic fire, the Yosef family were known to give a helping hand to those in need. Whether or not strangers will extend the same chesed to them remains to be seen.


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Today at 10:38 am

Groundbreaking Couples Retreat

After receiving an incredible demand for continued guidance in maintaining positive and loving homes in today's tumultuous and hectic world, Jroot Radio, the popular online station, created an innovative and unique program geared to give couples a chance to reboot, learn and relax.

Kesher, The Marriage and Parenting Couples Retreat, is an affordable Shabbos getaway which will allows couples to escape, while learning skills that can transform and empower all their relationships at home.

“The weekend was seriously designed with all frum couples, in mind.”, said Rabbi Yitz Greenfield, a lecturer and one of the organizers of the event. “Whether you're Litvish, Chassidish, Sefardi or any other type, regardless of the status of your relationship, we all have similar challenges at home, and this weekend will B'h allow you to escape while learning incredibly powerful tools to empower all your relationships."

The Kesher Retreat will be held on Parshas Vayeshev, from November 30th to December 1st. The program will feature top relationship and chinuch experts, including: Rabbi Yitz Greenfield, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, Rabbi Effie Goldman, and other experts in the field of Marriage and Parenting. This Shabbos will take place in the beautiful Homewood Suites in Mahwah, NJ. The Hotel boasts luxurious suites which include a living/dining room, bedroom and kitchen.

Dining will be private in order to allow couples to spend quality time together. Couples can bring their own food, or order a complete Shabbos food package delivered to their suites. Classes and Minyanim will take place in the conference rooms and their will be a joint kiddush and Melave Malke. There will also be specially focused classes on how to connect to today's teens.

As part of its effort to make the program affordable, Jroot is offering an introductory rate for $599 per couple, and offered a early bird rate of $499. While the early bird rate is now expired, you can still book the weekend for as low as $499 by entering coupon code: minus100, for the next 24 Hrs. (till 11/18/18 11:59pm)

The program is designed not to be a big crowded event, so space is very limited and suites are selling out.

For more information and for registration go to thekesherretreat.com, call/text or WhatsApp - 917-773-8581

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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 8:30 pm

Tehillim for Vaccine injured children

Please stop and daven for us!!!!! We were born perfectly healthy and had clear injuries after we were religiously vaccinated. Don’t call our parent anti-vaxxers just because they don’t vaccinate us. They are really just ex-vaxxers who had to learn about vaccines the hard, painful way. Our parents spent countless days/months/years educating themselves, shedding many tears in order to make the decision to protect us from harm. You dont want your children getting vaccine injured c”v in order to believe us. You have no idea how hard it is to be ostracized just because our parents decided to protect us from more harm! Dont you think its just easier to listen to the drs and get fully vaccinated?!. We stand to gain nothing by not vaccinating, if anything its a lot harder dealing with all the hate.
If you just took a look at the adverse reactions in the vaccine insert, you would see a list of our injuries. We dont understand how when a baby has a stroke or seizure shortly after getting vaccinated, you could deny that its from the vaccine when its clearly written in the vaccine insert as a possible side effect! THEY wrote it, not us! Instead of hating us, please daven for us!

Sarah Leah bat Sarah
Refael ben Chana
Yosef Shalom ben Rinah Mazal, Rachel Ahuva bat Rinah Mazal
Heather bat Tami
Michael ben Oshrit
Nissim ben Oshrit
Alex Avrahm ben Yanna
Taliya Zeva bat Miriam
Malachi ben Shoshana Resa
Syma bat Shira Rut
Moshe ben Tziporah
Shlome ben Leah Surah
Tom ben Liora
Lear Rafael ben Karin
Chava Yehudis bat Mindel
Rivkah Michal bas Simcha Malka, Avigail Leah bas Simcha Malka
Leah bat Sarah Rochel
Eliyahu ben Faiga
Dina bat Margalit
Israel Arye Leib ben Klarin
Noa bat Mazal
Mazal Dina bat Simcha
Daniel ben Simcha
Ariel ben Vered
Noa bat Vered
Ziv ben Jeny Michal
Amilly bat Ohr
Gavriel Yitzchak Tzvi ben Esther Malka
Yehoshua Eitan ben Esther Malka
Tair bat Elinor

Replies : 58  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: i3hashem Thu, Nov 15 2018, 12:42 pm

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