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Do you drink on Purim?
by greenfire Today at 6:52 pm  [44]   >>|
Yea or nay?
by amother Today at 6:50 pm  [19]   >>|
Do you ever hide on Purim?
by Laiya Today at 6:49 pm  [14]   >>|
Last minute diy toddler costume
by OutATowner Today at 6:47 pm  [6]   >>|
Shabbos and Supper menus
Supper before a fast
by zaq Today at 6:34 pm  [2]   >>|
Such silly problems with my cleaning help
by amother Today at 6:28 pm  [13]   >>|
Regular Clothes “costume”
by amother Today at 6:00 pm  [8]   >>|
Your best corned beef recipe
by octopus Today at 5:50 pm  [1]   >>|
School age children
Dd age 14 doesn’t exercise
by amother Today at 5:47 pm  [20]   >>|
Keeping baked good for mm fresh
by renslet Today at 5:32 pm  [6]   >>|
Help with my kishke
by amother Today at 5:19 pm  [5]   >>|
ISO wheelchair gemach
by Cheiny Today at 5:00 pm  [3]   >>|
Giving Gifts
MM in Vienna Austria delivered
by Metukah Today at 4:13 pm  [3]   >>|
ISO TV show recommendations
by amother Today at 4:12 pm  [10]   >>|
Reading Room
by Miri7 Today at 4:04 pm  [39]   >>|
Poor Shaming on Purim
by greenfire Today at 3:56 pm  [146]   >>|
Giving Gifts
Flowers in London
by Metukah Today at 3:52 pm  [1]   >>|
Flatbush megillas Esther leigning times
by amother Today at 3:21 pm  [1]   >>|
Schumer: Shomer?
by malki2 Today at 2:35 pm  [1]   >>|
Children's Health
Wont eat a thing!
by nyc123 Today at 2:07 pm  [18]   >>|
Corn beef conundrum
by Cheiny Today at 1:40 pm  [8]   >>|
J&J iced cappuccino - Lakewood
by mommyla Today at 1:38 pm  [24]   >>|
How do I teach them to get along?
by mha3484 Today at 12:50 pm  [1]   >>|
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Comment on report card
by DrMom Today at 2:27 am
Comment on report card
by groisamomma Yesterday at 11:43 pm
Comment on report card
by teachkids Yesterday at 11:53 pm
Comment on report card
by amother Yesterday at 11:19 pm
Are either of these safe?
by lfab Yesterday at 8:22 pm
Comment on report card
by amother Yesterday at 11:23 pm
Yea or nay?
by DVOM Today at 2:58 pm
Purim Humor - Let's make some
by Jewishfoodie Yesterday at 10:13 pm

How has the medication experience been for your child?
Totally smooth and great!
Bumpy but doing well now.
Tried it and wasn't worth the downsides.
We won't try it.
My kid refuses to take it.
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I am having a major health crisis

Please daven : Malka Tauba bat Sarah Imeinu

Replies : 95  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: sequoia Sun, Mar 17 2019, 8:29 am

Seriously wounded in terror attack today (March 17)

The public has been asked to say urgent tehillim and daven for Rav Achiad Ehud ben Carmit, father of 12 from Eli in Israel, who was wounded critically in a shooting attack next to Ariel this morning (Israel time).


A 19 year old youth was also wounded seriously in the same attack, I don't have his name.

Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: BadTichelDay Sun, Mar 17 2019, 7:29 am

Sirens went off in Tel Aviv - two rockets fired from Gaza

BChasdei Hashem Iron dome intercepted one and one fell in an open area no casualties. Several treated for shock.

Replies : 21  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Thu, Mar 14 2019, 4:54 pm