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Chit Chat
by imasoftov Today at 2:14 am  >>|
Chinuch / Education
Machon HS
by amother Today at 1:57 am  >>|
Simcha Section
Sukkah safety
by amother Today at 1:42 am  >>|
Yom Tov Dishes & Menus
by dankbar Today at 1:13 am  >>|
Fashion and Beauty
by tachles Today at 12:46 am  >>|
Childrens place
by Tzutzie Today at 12:35 am  >>|
Salmon for Yom Tov
by thanks Today at 12:21 am  >>|
Which style door knobs?
by amother Today at 12:07 am  >>|
Delmonico Roast recipe
by Violet123 Today at 12:07 am  >>|
Recipe Collection
Use for saurkraut?
by dankbar Yesterday at 10:45 pm  >>|
How long in the fridge raw?
by saralem Yesterday at 9:58 pm  >>|
Chinuch / Education
What camp for dd
by reality mom Fri, Sep 21 2018, 6:17 pm  >>|
Kugels and Side Dishes
cauliflower popcorn
by noosheen Fri, Sep 21 2018, 5:42 pm  >>|
Wedding advice NY asap!
by cnc Fri, Sep 21 2018, 4:09 pm  >>|
Baby Names
Gedolim Name with "Dov" in it?
by LiLIsraeli Fri, Sep 21 2018, 3:42 pm  >>|
Simchas Torah
by amother Fri, Sep 21 2018, 3:26 pm  >>|
Fashion and Beauty
Kids black dress
by SixOfWands Fri, Sep 21 2018, 3:10 pm  >>|
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Manners & etiquette
by imasinger Yesterday at 11:00 pm
Machon HS
by amother Yesterday at 8:20 pm
Salmon for Yom Tov
by ra_mom Fri, Sep 21 2018, 3:53 pm
He is on the money as usual
by debsey Yesterday at 10:35 pm
Not looking forward to YT
by happyone Fri, Sep 21 2018, 6:16 pm
He is on the money as usual
by Esty4 Yesterday at 10:41 pm

Is the gefen cookie butter good and worth getting?
yes-it's almost/just as good or better than biscoff
no, biscoff lotus cookie butter is much better
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Im sorry if I hurt you on imamother

It is possible to still hurt people even if this is an anonymous forum. Pls be careful with what you write. May we all forgive one another and be inscribed in the book of life and prosperity.

Replies : 6  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: thegiver Mon, Sep 17 2018, 2:06 am

Alta Shulamis Rachel bas Yairel - Sharon Polatoff

Please daven for Alta Shulamis Rachel bas Yairel.

Sharon Polatoff is an amazing woman in my community, a powerhouse of chessed, who quietly goes about helping countless people in so many ways, and takes so many young families in the community (my own among them) under her wing, treating them like her own children. She has been battling cancer and was rushed to the hospital on Rosh Hashana, and is now fighting for her life. Please daven for her, bring in Shabbos early, make challah, any zechus you can!

She needs Rachmei Shamayim desperately!

Replies : 19  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: tryinghard Fri, Sep 14 2018, 12:13 pm


The mikvah I use went up in price. Just the one near me or did all the Mikvah Israel go up in price?

Replies : 8  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Fri, Sep 14 2018, 1:08 am

Please have my son in mind

my son is having some bloodwork tomorrow please have him in mind

Replies : 6  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Tue, Sep 11 2018, 11:52 pm

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