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Obituary of young woman who OD'd
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In the News
Japanese Diplomat Saves 6000 Jews
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Mazel Tov on Births
Mazel tov to Ruchel!
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Simcha Section
Homemade Bris
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Working Women
If you had these two options
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Fashion and Beauty
Uggs and Socks
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What to get as a birthday present
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So tight- can't breathe!
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High interest savings account
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Parenting our children
Fed up with my 8 year old
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S/O Tipping
by amother Today at 9:56 am  [2]   >>|
Working Women
PSA to Working Women
by FranticFrummie Today at 9:48 am  [21]   >>|
Giving Gifts
Bar Mitzva Gift for not frum boy
by cm Today at 9:05 am  [13]   >>|
Neighbor Offering to learn w my son?
by Ruchel Today at 8:01 am  [19]   >>|
Working Women
CST multi subject NYSTCE
by amother Today at 6:27 am  [13]   >>|
Materna formula in the US?
by Raisin Today at 5:45 am  [2]   >>|
tuition free day school Myrtle Beach
by Raisin Today at 5:21 am  [13]   >>|
Children's Health
by rdmom Today at 2:08 am  [2]   >>|
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PSA to Working Women
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Pros and cons of the flu shot
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Missing Bachur Lakewood
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Pros and cons of the flu shot
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Fed up with my 8 year old
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Mazel tov to Ruchel!

She had a beautiful baby girl

Replies : 11  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: flowerpower Today at 10:51 am

Any update on ysv teacher?

I heard about a teacher 5 weeks post partum unconscious during class time tehillem name please ?

Replies : 3  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: amother Thu, Oct 11 2018, 9:57 pm

HEARTBREAKING: Ginsburg Mother's Message To Klal Yisroel

The world was shocked this week when news spread of a tragic fire in Beitar which claimed the lives of two small children, Efrat Ginsburg (age 4), and Tzvi Ginsburg (age 2).

An emotional message to the public has been released by their mother, Dvori Ginsburg. In the clip her cheeks are stained from tears, and she struggles to speak clearly. Husband Reuven sits silently in pain beside her.

"That I am left without my children, no one can help me," she says, holding back a sob, "but I am left without a home. I don't have anywhere to return to."

Donations are being accepted via emergency fund, in hopes of helping the Ginsburgs to replace their belongings and move into a new home.

"Ruvi and I buried two korbanos today," says Devorah, Images are shown of Efrat & Tzvi, two beautiful, blond-haired children. "They are not only our personal sacrifices. They belong to all of am Yisroel."

Those close to the family are praying that in addition to sharing in their suffering, am Yisroel will also join together in saving them from homelessness during this horrific time.


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Replies : 1  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Wed, Oct 10 2018, 9:40 am

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