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Which Dr to use for ear tags
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Jerusalem- ear infection
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Kate or Megan??
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Sudden fears
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Avi Shmidt Lawyer
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Chicago Imamothers
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Jersey Care - do they cover braces?
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Vacation with newborn
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Ear hair removal
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Working Women
My office is down my back!
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How to daven?
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Why is everyone around me
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Children's Health
Sunnyside Health Center
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Kate or Megan??
by causemommysaid Yesterday at 8:49 am

Who do you like?
Kate Middleton
Megan Markle
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Heartbreaking Letter: "He Is Barely Recognizable"

A heartbreaking letter made its way to the public this morning, after a young mother was forced to tell her tragic story. Chana Gad of Tel Tzion spends her days at the hospital bedside of her husband Assaf. Assaf is suffering from cancer.

“It has been very painful to see what was once a strong young man become so frail,” reads campaign text. “He has lost his hair. He is barely recognizable.”

What is perhaps more painful than the treatments themselves, however, is the poverty that they have subjected their children to. In a difficult-to-watch video, little Tzippy addresses the camera.

“They cook us yummy food and bring it,” she says, describing the help the family is lucky to receive from volunteers.

Their situation has now taken on a new sense of urgency, as the Gad family desperately need new funds to cover Assaf’s life-saving treatments. A fund to save his life, and preserve his family’s dignity, has been opened on the Chesed Fund.

Donations are also being accepted for other families supported by The Israel Cancer Support Network, an organization that funds treatments, food, and transportation for those suffering from cancer.


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Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: Yael Yesterday at 8:52 am

Urgent Tehilim needed for young man in very critical conditi

Please say Tehilim for

Refoel Zeev Dov ben Esther

in very criticial condition

thank you all

Besuros Toivos

Replies : 0  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: chaj Mon, Dec 10 2018, 3:57 pm

Shira Yael bat Liora Sara

Please daven for Shira Yael bat Liora Sara, a 21 year old woman in her 30th week of pregnancy who was seriously wounded in this evening's terror attack, a drive by shooting near Ofra.
She's in surgery now.
Her husband and 5 or 6 others were also wounded but she is in the most serious condition.

Replies : 35  View Post (Post reply)  Posted by: etky Sun, Dec 09 2018, 4:17 pm

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