Any MM ideas for rich / fancy people
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Post  Thu, Feb 23 2017, 12:46 pm
This thread is from 2 years ago so presumably the OP figured it out already.
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Post  Thu, Feb 23 2017, 12:53 pm
Oh good. So she can use the chipotle seasoning, since that would be really trendy 3 years ago. 😉
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Post  Thu, Feb 23 2017, 1:46 pm
Kugglegirl wrote:
Everyone loves delicious home baked treats.

Depending on what is "trendy" right now, you could go a head and impress the "fancy people" with home made jelly, jam or chutney in what ever is the exotic flavor currently. Send it in a cute jar or deli container with cute lables. (I know there is a big need to do something cute.) & with some fresh baked rolls and bread sticks.

Chipotle was recently one & I was so excited to find chipotle powder in my grocery store. Now everything tastes like Chipotle for about a year in my house, so if I am one of the fancy people you want to impress, pick a different spice. I guess you will have to watch some of those fancy cooking shows for research.

Look! Here is an on-line source to order deli containers, muffin packaging just like they have in the store, Chinese containers for that Dim Sum theme you always wanted to do.


Also paper plate with plastic wrap and a post-it note are equally effective for accomplishing the mitsvah.

Have you seen some of the quantities on that site? 450 Oriental take out containers and 2000 french fry bags.
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Post  Thu, Feb 23 2017, 7:03 pm
I know. And at the dollar store you have to buy 8 plates in a package!!! Like who needs that? The mitsvah is to send 2 MM's right? So I'm just going to take 2 plastic grocery bags, put an orange and a coke in one and a candy bar and a bag of pretzels in the other. Totally nailed that mitsvah! Right? Happy Adar everyone.
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