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Post Mon, May 18 2015, 4:33 am
abound wrote:
Okay, I understand that kids get riled up and see things in black and white. I understand that they (We) have all gone through a lot this year. Something must have instigated this. As adults, we have to teach them the correct way to act under all kinds of situations. They will be better people for it.

Oh, and Etky, I understand that this was last year. Hopefully this year the situation was happy. Bezrat Hashem next year we will all be able to go up bachdut and without any security.

May we be zoche to the Geulah Shleima!

It wasn't. As Sanguine said, there was Palestinian rock throwing and rioting, lots of Allahu Akhbar being yelled in the faces of the boys who were singing and dancing etc. I saw some footage today. Lots of security personnel who are pretty much useless in these types of situations. The parade has become a flashpoint - the Palestinians regard it as a provocation - and everyone is there filming waiting for violence to erupt. Maybe its time to reconsider the format of the parade. What was once a beautiful event has become a photo op for Palestinian propoganda.Truthfully I don't think highschool kids need to be in that situation.
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Post Mon, May 18 2015, 9:08 am
Missed this clip yesterday. I think this is what we all wanted to see (make it full screen)
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