An eight year old is still not toilet trained at night
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Post  Wed, Nov 07 2018, 12:12 am
My son did the alarm last year at almost 8. All my other children night trained within a few months of day. He couldnt wake up at night.

The ped said not to try the alarm before 7-8 because it doesnt usually work for younger kids. The alarm worked within 2-3 weeks. The instructions talked about 10 weeks!

I bought it on Amazon for about $100. it didnt occur to me to get insurance coverage! The first few nights it woke everyone except him. Within a few days it woke him earlier and earlier until he was dry.

The child also should be motivated which my son was already at that age.

Good Luck! I think past that age it's considered a problem. But no need to go to a urologist before trying the alarm!
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Post  Wed, Nov 07 2018, 6:59 am
8 is about the age most doctors start to consider it a problem that could use some intervention. So it's not so bad if they haven't started to look into intervenention yet, leave your dd alone for now. If he gets closer to 9 and still hasn't improved, then it would be time to suggest consulting with the ped.
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Post  Wed, Nov 07 2018, 2:12 pm
yup definitely hereditary.
Night training was around 8 with 2 kids, and around 12/13 with 2 others.
Fun times.

We tried the alarm one one kid with limited success.
I eventually just got waterproof bed pads and it was the kids job to change sheets/themselves. At a certain point they grow out of pullups.
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