What is your immediate reaction to thread titles (Part 3)
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Post Wed, Apr 28 2021, 1:15 am
How to stop toddler’s bad smacking habit

I read this as, "How to stop toddler's bad smoking habit." My first thought was, "If he's got that habit, it's your fault, not his."
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Post Wed, Apr 28 2021, 6:16 am
Space planning

Another thread about family planning, spacing & age gaps?
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Post Wed, Apr 28 2021, 1:16 pm
No cake for me


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Living Princess


Post Wed, Apr 28 2021, 2:03 pm
Day camp for 20mth in BP

wow, that's a really long summer vacation!
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Post Wed, Apr 28 2021, 2:34 pm
If I only had one dishwasher...

People have TWO?

But then my immediate reaction to my immediate reaction was, "I really need to get out more"
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Post Wed, Apr 28 2021, 2:59 pm
Throat kills

Uh oh! Did she catch my strep? I'll try not to breathe on the posts anymore.
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Post Thu, Apr 29 2021, 10:44 am
Which masks are so comfortable, you can't remember you have one on?

This one (fill in the blank), said no one ever.
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Post Thu, Apr 29 2021, 5:34 pm
When is the norm for a mother-in-law to come visit after giving birth

I imagine that a mil who gives birth won't be up to visiting you for at least six to eight weeks.
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Post Thu, Apr 29 2021, 6:19 pm
Who do we turn to?


אנחנו מאמינים בני מאמינים
ואין לנו על מי להשען
אלא אלא על אבינו
אבינו שבשמים
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Post Thu, Apr 29 2021, 6:29 pm
How long for colouring/highlighting?

Until they start colouring on the walls or table. Then I take the markers away
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Post Thu, Apr 29 2021, 6:31 pm
Freezing cheese! Help!

Put a sweater or jacket on it
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Post Sun, May 02 2021, 3:35 pm
"where to buy natives in Lakewood?"

I'm pretty sure slavery is illegal
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Post Sun, May 02 2021, 4:02 pm
shaqued_almond wrote:
"where to buy natives in Lakewood?"

I'm pretty sure slavery is illegal

Thank you. You saved me from reporting.
( Wink )
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Post Tue, May 04 2021, 12:11 am
Is anyone a virtual assistant?

“Yes, me,” replied Alexa
“Me too,” said Siri
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Post Thu, May 06 2021, 3:35 pm
How early did u start counting?

The night after the first seder. Isn't that when we're meant to start?

Tonight is the fortieth night of the omer.
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Post Thu, May 06 2021, 10:50 pm
Is it uncomfortable or totally not

Oh, sweetie...I don't know how to tell you this but...
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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 8:09 am
Is it possible to raise socially normal kids...

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Post Fri, May 07 2021, 10:25 am
Bachelor's might soon be obsolete

As well it should! It reeks of binary privilege! As does the Bachelorette! Hiding
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Post Sun, May 09 2021, 3:39 am
Israel related Inquiries & Aliyah Questions

Sure, we have lots of those. Miniature apartments, miniature salaries, etc.
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Post Sun, May 09 2021, 5:30 am
Route from NYC to Australia?

It's going to be a long drive. Pack a lot of snacks for the kids.
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