What do you put in your MM if you’re making tons???
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Post  Fri, Mar 22 2019, 4:53 pm
We give to everyone. And I mean everyone we can think of or come across in our rounds. Our mm is almost always on the simpler side and matches our theme.
Usually we make 100, this year we prepared 120 ( a number of new people moved in this past year). we had maybe 8 left in the end. Total cost was maybe $120 for all.
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Post  Fri, Mar 22 2019, 4:56 pm
I put in like 7-8 things at least. But it’s not so pricey because I make some things- baking is cheaper sometimes... I prepare and buy things slowly so I don’t feel the expense so much.
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Post  Sat, Mar 23 2019, 2:42 pm
alef12 wrote:
I made 40. I usually give rolls and some sort of accompaniment. This year it was a mini jar of jam. I used to make about 50 but this year I decided it was ridiculous to give my seuda guests MM as well since I'm feeding them a meal lol. So I cut down a bit. I package it differently every year. This year I used a cardboard box with a plastic window.
The cost of each MM is was under $1.50 each if you only factor ingredients and materials. But I actually run a small bakery out of my house and sell the rolls for $2 each so not really so inexpensive if you figure it that way TMI

My kids (who are not little youngest is 9) make their own, they each have a budget of $30 and make what they can with that, they could make one giant one or 30 $1 ones.
They are usually extremely creative and end up making 15-25 amazing themed mishloach manos within their budget (of course they work on it for weeks)

Love the budget ideas for older kids. Otherwise it can really get out of hand..
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Post  Sat, Mar 23 2019, 10:03 pm
I make 25 about $5 ea.
Then I buy bags and regift
I also make 2-3 very fancy ones to give to certain ppl as Hakarat Hatov, or special Rebeim
With the fancier ones I give a big bottle of wine, usually regifted from wine ppl give me throughout the year. The cost of the big ones $15 + wine = about $30

I don’t give home bake stuff, since I don’t eat other’s stuff and end up giving it to my cleaning lady.
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Post  Sat, Mar 23 2019, 10:24 pm
I made 85. Clear plastic cylinder container with lid (2" diameter, $0.40 apiece), color-coordinated mini schnapps ($1), candy cane ($0.30 I think), handful of saltwater taffies (maybe $0.30 each?) so approximately $2 each, plus label (I print them myself) and a ribbon ($6 altogether). We were left with 4 at the end of the day. The kids each gave about 15 that cost somewhere between $1-2 each.
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