Whats so bad about Las Vegas?
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Post  Tue, Sep 10 2019, 2:14 pm
urban gypsy wrote:
Nope! But powderblue, thunderstorm, nchr, stillnewlywed, Amarante, royalblue, treetop12, HonesttoGod, misrael, and SixofWands have been there, and green lives there, and they all say that it's not that bad.

I will say that I was there in March and perhaps the dress was more appropriate. But I’ve seen topless women in Manhattan and people literally completely exposed and I did not see any of that while I was on the strip at all. There are billboards and ads but not actual people that I’ve seen.
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Post  Wed, Sep 11 2019, 2:22 pm
I've been to Vegas 4 times and it's by far my favorite place to go. You know the characters that are roaming the streets in Manhattan? Like mikkie mouse etc.
In Vegas they have bikini police ladies walking the streets and naked men. They also have trucks with naked ladies and a number to call if your interested. It's basically overrated. Some men hand out cards if your looking for zex call... You can walk on the street without paying extra attention to these things. Most ppl walk past them without a glance. There's tons to do there. Lots of exciting shows,casinos, malls etc
I love that place , fun , free shows. You can. Go there without planning your trip cuz there's so much to do there. Vegas=fun.

Theres lots of men there looking for girls. I was approached each time I was by myself without dh. Men looking for girlfriends. You just gota decline and be careful.
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