Soviet Style Impeachment

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Post  Fri, Oct 18 2019, 4:03 pm
Excerpt from Article: https://www.americanthinker.co......html

Who could have guessed that the words of Soviet secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria to Joseph Stalin, "Show me the man, and I will show you the crime," would be strangely embodied in American politics and jurisprudence in the 21st century? Moreover, according to Dr. Strangesсhiff — congressman, chairman, and commissar — these wonderful words have recently found their way into the U.S. Constitution.

Secret impeachment would seem to be a new idea, but the curious Dr. Strangesсhiff borrowed it from the closed Soviet trials of dissidents, "enemies of the people," and other "undesirable elements."

Bravo, comrade Strangesсhiff! Please, continue the Orange Man trial behind closed doors. After all, the American people are ecstatic about closed hearings without access by journalists or lawyers. They are also especially fond of the removal of the president based on an anonymous gossip-monger, or two, or three. The number of blabbers is not important, since the transcripts of their testimonies will never be published (not because they are not there, but because that is exactly what the intent was).

How familiar...

The impeachment trials by the troika of Strangesсhiff, Loudspeaker, and Jabba-the-Dem take place in the basement of the Lubyanka Capitol. Citizens of the country are not allowed in the basement trial of their president. Secret investigation, followed by a secret court, and then...secret execution. Furthermore, all these actions are in the same basement. In the 21st century, it is the basement of the Capitol.

Dr. Strangesсhiff spends public resources on a private, non-governmental, and illegitimate project. There is no formal impeachment process because nobody has voted for it. Therefore, the Strangeschiff troika does not even have the legal authority to subpoena anyone to testify. The other day, the third-rate Loudspeaker once again confirmed that there has not been nor will there be any official vote on impeachment.

The horror of the situation is that the Democrats, without realizing it, began to win the indirect competition with McCarthy's anti-communist investigations of the 1950s. Previously, the phrase "witch hunt" was firmly (although not always deservedly) associated with McCarthy, but now Strangesсhiff and his accomplices, who are haunted by fame, efficiency, and (brief) impunity of the Stalinist troikas, have taken the palm.

Bravo, comrade Strangesсhiff! The permanent impeachment is a permanent gift for the Orange Man that keeps on giving. Gathering evidence of the guilt of Orange Man from second- and thirdhand accounts is an excellent strategy, my dear revolutionary commissars. All of these anonymous informers are just fine. The Politburo appreciates your achievements! Moreover, the opinion that Commissar Strangeschiff is making the most miserable attempt at impeachment in American history is simply a slander by those who have not yet been to the re-education camp.

Over the past three years, Democrats have called for a recession, stock market crash, nuclear war, the assassination of the president and his family, the rape of his daughter, the rape of his wife, the bombing of the White House, impeachment and rioting, all to fuel the process of the Sovietization of America.

After the debacle with the Special Counsel Mueller investigation, from whom we learned that Orange Man is not, in fact, a marionette of the nano-führer Putin, and Mueller himself is only the figurehead of the "Down with the Orange Man" gang, it can be assumed that Comrade Strangeschiff is the same inconspicuous figurehead. By the way, the current troika of commissars does not use anything that was dug up by Mueller's anti-Trump team for the bluffpeachment.

Is everything happening in the basement of the Capitol a mockery of the impeachment process? Of course. However, most of all, Americans are interested in only one question: what kind of trick will the Democrats come up with after the hocus-pocus of a permanent palace coup, permanent impeachment, and permanent figureheads fails again?
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Post  Fri, Oct 18 2019, 4:24 pm
Get this out of the Relationships forum and into Politics, please.

(I didn’t bother to read the post)
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Rubber Ducky


Post  Fri, Oct 18 2019, 4:48 pm
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