Hysterical! Bernie warning jews about Trump!

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Post  Sun, Jan 26 2020, 12:27 pm
If this isn’t the height of irony, I don’t know what is. Bernie, the self hater, defender of terrorist palestinians, refers to Israel as oppressors, maligns a sitting PM of Israel, has threatened to cut aid, has been endorsed by the anti Semitic, pro-BDS Squad members (if the muslims are endorsing him, you can be sure it because he’s pro muslim, anti Israel).

On the other hand, Pres. Trump has signed legislation punishing universities that tolerate anti semitism, has released Rabbi Rubashkin from prison, released us from the dangerous (to Israel and the US) Iran deal which Israel has condemned since Obama stupidly got us into it, moved the embassy to Jerusalem, declared Golan Heights to belong to Israel, removed the illegal designation from settlements, been Israel’s biggest defender at the UN, defunded the terrorist PA, defunded anti Israel UNRWA, etc. And who’s the real threat to Jews?!!

Bernie Sanders Rolls out Video Casting Trump as Threat to Jews

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