S/o what’s do you consider...wine and takeout
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Post  Thu, Jun 25 2020, 11:18 am
The point isn't the takeout and the wine, anymore than its the lattes. That isn't what makes you rich or poor.
Its about how you budget and spend your money.

If your money is tight and you are making $30,000 a month than chances are you are spending A LOT of money on houses and cars etc. Which, obviously is your choice. I highly doubt someone making that much money is spending an equivalent amount on takeout (maybe wine if you are a connoisseur).

If you are poor than spending money on takeout and wine is actually going to make a difference in your budget.

The question is are you spending mindlessly or you budgeting properly?


If you budget properly you can spend money on whatever you want. But the cuts you make to save money will vary greatly on your income and spending habits
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Post  Thu, Jun 25 2020, 11:48 am
My husband is a bus driver, you can just imagine what my monthly income is.....significantly less than 8k. But bh for this. I know ppl who struggle more than us. Food is something we never skimp on. Wine, my husband isn't a big drinker so we don't really buy the expensive wine. Tho He does makes kiddush every shabs on a sweet, low percent alcohol wine he likes. More chashav he says. Takeout, I rather buy meat and make something home than eating out. Other than meat, pizza or others we buy if and as needed. I'm really grateful no tuition balance And not backed up with rent....cuz I feel, once a balance always a balance.

To be really honest, I think there is so many other things people splurge on. But as I learnt in life, everyone has money for what THEY want and feel is important.
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Post  Thu, Jun 25 2020, 11:59 am
Wine for kiddush and havdalah or as a beverage with a meal? The first is something of a necessity, though wine comes in all price groups and you can get plain ordinary concord grape for not that much. Cheaper still in the bigger bottles. Too bad it no longer comes in gallon jugs. You can also use grape juice which is even less costly. As a bev with a meal, though, wine is definitely a luxury.

Far be it from me to tell ppl how to spend their money but a lot of little leaks can lead to financial disaster. That can be wine with meals, frequent takeout or eating out, luxury TP--although these days you buy what there is, since you seldom have a choice of brands if there is any to be had at all--and other pricey items when there are more economical alternatives. late fees for all kinds of things, for example--you may as well take your paycheck and put it on fire because that's money spent for no reason, that does you no good and gives you no pleasure. It's seldom one thing that does the damage, but a pattern of mistakes and careless spending.

Of course everyone needs to be able to splurge a little to make life feel worth living, but it should be one or two occasional things, not an every day occurrence. A Starbucks coffee once a month may not make or break you, but on a daily basis it can wreck a budget. The tighter your situation is, the tighter your control needs to be. One of my friends loves fancy wine and has a glass with dinner every night. But she lives an otherwise low-key lifestyle, doesn't spend money recklessly, and has more than enough money for her modest needs. She didn't indulge this wine passion when she was paying yeshiva tuition and childcare.
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Post  Thu, Jun 25 2020, 12:02 pm
Regardless of what you do in normal times, I firmly believe that in corona times, everyone needs the occasional treat for morale if it is at all possible (and I realise that it won't always be).
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Post  Thu, Jun 25 2020, 1:05 pm
We save our wines from Purim for Shabbos and buy an extra case or two pesach time when it's on sale, to last the year.
What job pays 30k/month? It's so out of my reality, might as well say 300k/month to me.
I buy takeout once a month and it's about $100, family of 9. Sometimes I buy more often if I'm time-challenged and need food asap. I'd rather buy than stress.
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