Do you think he is lying to make more money?
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Post  Thu, Aug 20 2020, 4:07 pm
Yes this is why I take my kids to a dentist that I trust, that does not take my insurance, so I'm paying with him cash. He knows my kids, he knows my history and my husband's, and he knows how to treat them, I once took my kids to a dentist who told me they had 10 cavities, and then went ahead and numbed both sides of my son's mouth. I was really upset. I took him to my dentist the next week with the x-rays from the first dentist. My dentist showed me, then not only did my son have seven cavities, but he also had a root canal. The first dentist did not pick up the root canal. The first dentist was so bad, they actually took out the fillings he did and redid them with my dentist. Since then I only go to my dentist with my kids even though he does not take our insurance because I trust him. He has a dentist is amazing, I actually do not like his office because I wait forever but he actually knows what he's doing and he is fear and honest. And by the way, he always shows us the x-rays and exactly which teeth have the cavities. He shows us which ones are okay to leave for now, and which ones we have to take care of.

I actually took two of my kids last week. One of them is four, and was kicking and screaming and did not want to go into the chair, but my dentist was adamant he's going to check his teeth since my 7-year-old has a lot of issues now with her teeth partially because of the dentist I used before and he said that he doesn't want this one to have the same issues. All in all I'm very happy with my dentist, even if I have to wait a long time in the waiting room I know that he gives us a time of day and that he actually knows what he's doing.
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Post  Thu, Aug 20 2020, 6:01 pm
There are absolutely dishonest dentists and practices! My daughter is a hygienist and she’s been working at several different practices, mostly aino yehudim, since her licensure. She has come home with many horror stories! She’s been at offices where they tell their lower class, impoverished patients that they need a root canal when there is nothing wrong with their teeth! The patient then starts crying because they don’t know how they will pay for it. She’s cleaned teeth and done x rays which look fine and then the dentist will fill six “cavities” and tell them to come back next month. Sometimes insurance pays for a cleaning every six months but the office will convince the patients they need to come back more often because their teeth are so bad, and pay out of pocket.
She’s quit offices where the dishonesty and cruelty was so bad and obvious. (She’s told a patient at that office before she quit straight out to get a second opinion before all the work is done...)
So yes, I agree that some dentists can be as bad as some bad mechanics (or bad used car salesmen, or any business where the average person has no clue what they’re looking at or talking about)
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Post  Thu, Aug 20 2020, 8:20 pm
thanks to everyone for responding.

this is actually a frum dentist who is charging me a lot for braces but I have no choice. I dont trust him(there are dishonest frum ppl too unfortunately). I see a lot of posters here had similar experiences that some dentists tell them there are cavities while second dentist says no cavities.

and, to those few who said "well,my dentist explained this to me...."

well, of course, the dentist will rationalize...the dentist is biased!!

im going to take my son to his regular(also frum) dentist and will have x rays to see whats going on. my son has no pain and doesnt eat candy. I also pay extra for my son to get flouride 2 times a year. so, I wont be surprised if my son's regular dentist says no cavities.
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Post  Thu, Aug 20 2020, 8:56 pm
chanatron1000 wrote:
If he uses X-rays, you can ask him to point out where the cavity is. You should be able to see it.

I went now with my kids after having their appts canceled due to corona. They had a cavities, baby root canals, and infected teeth (needs to be extracted). I was like, for real? So she said yes, come and have a look. And she showed me. She showed me how it looked before, 6 months ago, like a regular cavity, and how it looks now, big big one. So I saw.

My husband was at the dentist and was told he has a tiny cavity but they won't touch it, cuz drilling makes it bigger. I so appreciated their honesty.

But yes, there are some who aren't honest.
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Post  Fri, Aug 21 2020, 12:11 pm
amother [ Maroon ] wrote:
Dr Shmuel sadowsky

Where is his office?
Do you know if he takes insurance?
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Post  Fri, Aug 21 2020, 12:16 pm
A good dentist knows what needs filling and what needs to be left alone.
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