Do schools give financial aid to families with one income?
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Post Sun, Aug 30 2020, 7:19 am
Once school allows it, don't listen to people judging from afar. I'd rather homeschool than limit because of tuition, and that's despite the horror of months cooped up. I feel some groups are more forbidding and some nicer to parents. I wonder...
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Post Sun, Aug 30 2020, 8:30 am
amother [ OP ] wrote:
Just curious...and wondering if it varies between right wing/left wing schools.
My kids are in middle or the road school and I’ve heard that it’s almost impossible to get financial aid if both parents don’t work.

In Lakewood years ago - I haven't negotiated tuition for quite a while so I can only talk about years ago - there was not much negotiation, period. Most of the women I know were working (and still are) to pay for tuition. Even the reduced tuition of the RW schools is exorbitant when you take into consideration the average size RW family (in my community eight to twelve children is very average).

I don't really understand most of the posts here on this thread. Most people I know are working to cover their basic bills, the scenario of a family who is able to afford to pay their bills plus basic tuition with the mother not working, yet would be able to pay full tuition if the mother works - seems a bit far fetched.
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Post Sun, Aug 30 2020, 8:38 am
notshanarishona wrote:
Many examples:
Special needs child, Immuno compromised child, mom can’t find a job that pays more than babysitting or it will make just a little more and cause family to benefits and be even worse off financially, this year- some kids are learning remotely and mom doesn’t have child care, and I an sure their are many more.

I finished grad school and looked for 3 years for an entry level job. In the interim, I went back to my bachelors level job, but it caused all kinds of resume problems for me. In addition, many places of employment will not accept someone who has a higher level of education for a lower level job (in my field).
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