Can You Tell Me Anything About Bnos Sara Seminary?
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Post Fri, Dec 04 2020, 10:08 am
Neve food is the best. When I went for the summer after attending a different seminary during the year, I thought I had landed in Gan Eden. I went to the kitchen to congratulate the head cook (was named Düsseldorf at the time, not sure if he is still there).
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Post Fri, Dec 04 2020, 10:11 am
Just chiming in to add our experience. My daughter is there now. LOVES it! We r OOT but pretty with it😊 I would say. She is bright kih but her Hebrew wasn’t great, she seems to be fine though. Hashkafikly they seem quite Chareidi but not necessarily yeshivish, if that makes sense. Food isn’t great, but they can cook for themselves in the apartments if they want- she does sometimes.
All around super high caliber environment & girls... highly recommended!
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Post Fri, Dec 04 2020, 10:31 am
My daughter is there now. She is very happy. No place is perfect.

She choose to go there because she wanted to be intellectually stimulated and because the crowd is more of an OOT feel -a less competitive environment socially and materially. I feel that she got both. She sounds very comfortable in the social scene there and some of the work sounds challenging.

For her, an added bonus, so far has been that they treat the girls (mostly) as adults. Meaning that its my understanding that she has more independence to move around the country than many of her friends in other seminaries. Of course, they aren't allowed to be reckless, but other seminaries were not allowing girls on buses and were requiring girls to only go out for "needs" only. That may have changed as the situation evolved, but that is what I heard.

I understand that rules like those are meant to protect the girls and society at large (from spreading Covid), but my daughter would've withered under those rules. So I am doubly happy she ended up in Bnos Sara.

I am by no means pushing Bnos Sara, but for this daughter is has been a very positive experience so far. My next daughter has no intention of applying there since she is more "in towny" and wants a different type of learning. Every girl has to find what suits them more.
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Post Fri, Dec 04 2020, 11:19 am
Just seeing the title of this thread made my heart beat with excitement which I know many other Bnos Sarah alumni can relate to Smile
OP, in regard to your concern about the Ivrit, yes, it's true that many of the teachers speak straight Ivrit, but I do remember that there were some girls who literally had zero background with this language. The first couple of weeks they struggled (teachers are aware and sensitive to this) but the picked it up within a few weeks! I clearly see how being surrounded by a certain language is definitely the best and quickest way to learn it. So, although it seems major right now, I wouldn't be too concerned about that
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Post Fri, Dec 04 2020, 1:39 pm
Bnos sarah alumni here, going there was one of the best choicest I have ever made. I have only the best things to say, it is a wholesome warm fun growing place. Intellectual and lot of work but tons of fun due to great staff and great group of girls. Best memories ever from my year there!
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Post Sat, Dec 26 2020, 11:08 pm
Can anyone share with me the contact info for a Bnos Avigayil student, either someone whose there right now or went last year? Trying to find someone for DD to call and ask questions, and no one went there from her school.
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