Did something "bad" happen after buying a house?
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Post Wed, May 18 2022, 5:30 am
Another thought,
I heard from a big Rav that when a person gets something good it’s the best time to ask for anything else that they need.
He gives a mashal that if there’s a heavy door that was closed and suddenly it got opened then it’s much easier to keep it opened by sticking in a foot into that opening, rather than to open it up from scratch.
So he says that when you get a blessing or a simcha in your life you should say thank you so much for this wonderful thing Hashem I’m so grateful for all Your Kindness and also please if you can help me find a good shidduch for my child and good health and good friends for my kids etc etc. (and you can daven for your friends as well!)
Keep asking, keep thanking Hashem and keep Davening for Him to look after you.

In the Tefila of nishmas we see the same idea, thanking and Davening that Hashem shouldn’t leave us.
Maybe say that Tefila as thanks to a Hashem, It’s also a segula for continued blessing.
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