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Piano lessons for 4yo boy?

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Post Tue, Sep 06 2022, 10:22 am
I want to give piano lessons for my 4 yo boy.
Is he too young to learn?

Does anyone know a teacher (male) where I can send my son to?

Boro park area

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Post Tue, Sep 06 2022, 10:34 am
What I was told when I was looking into this was that they should be reading well before they learn to read music.

You can definitely let your child "play around" with music before that. Experiment with different instruments, listen to the difference between high and low notes, teach them an easy song they can play without looking at music notes...
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Post Tue, Sep 06 2022, 10:51 am
Is he very musical?

I'm sure anyone that teaches kids can teach him as long as he can learn.

What has he been able to do so far.

My 6 year old just started learning. My husband teaches her. One song a week.
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Post Tue, Sep 06 2022, 1:37 pm
I give piano lessons and I find that unless the kid is very mature, they ussually get burnt out if they start before 6. They expect to just be able to play any song they know right away, and get frusterated when it cuts into playtime.
As an after school activity for when its too cold to play outside can work sometimes.
It also depends on if you want them to learn to read notes or to just memorize songs...
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Post Tue, Sep 06 2022, 1:45 pm
I'm a piano teacher (not in your area though).
At that age, I would do "music" lessons -- working on developing a sense of beat and pitch using movement activities, rhythm instruments, and easy keyboard games, before moving into some easy pieces. I would keep it age appropriate and fun, and it would look very different than traditional piano lessons sitting on a bench for 30 minutes drilling songs over and over.
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Post Thu, Sep 08 2022, 10:08 pm
I know this might be a ''Duh'' for some ppl but for me it wasn't.

There is keyboard lessons
And there is piano lessons.

Its not the same thing.
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