Baby screams when I leave the room
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Post Fri, Dec 02 2022, 1:59 am
amother Maple wrote:
Gosh I relate
My baby is 15m, walks alread, but only wants to be on me. And sometimes even on me cries hysterically. Won't even be happy in same room, if I try to cook he'll be there crying at my skirt desperately. Sometimes he'll play if I'm sitting on the floor with him. But as soon as I get up he's there, crying at my feet. It's so exhausting. I've tried figurung out if there's something underlying but I dont know I just dont have energy anymore.

Could be teeth
Have you tried giving a painkiller just to see if there is change in behavior?
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Post Fri, Dec 02 2022, 2:00 am
amother Dodgerblue wrote:
Baby carrier! But put your baby facing you so he can’t touch dangerous things like hot pots, knives… it’s not easy doing things like that especially my back aches when reaching past to do dishes. But nothing else works and at least I hav my hands free to do laundry, cooking, cleaning, bathing the other kids… hatzlocha! Much beach’s, nachas and koach!

Does it work with an older baby? I think they are too smart for that
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Post Fri, Dec 02 2022, 3:46 am
My baby is 16 months old. I definitely wouldn't expect her to play in another room while I do chores. She wants to be near me. That's normal and developmentally appropriate. Why can't your baby play on the kitchen floor while you cook OP?

I'll put a toy bucket on the kitchen floor for her to play with while I finish up supper. Or a pot and some spoons with a couple of raisins in it. Or some fun kitchen tools (she likes my set of measuring spoons that are on a ring that she can click open and closed). She's old enough at this point to enjoy standing next to me on a chair at the counter, so if what I'm doing is not dangerous (washing dishes, baking a cake) she stands next to me and 'helps'. She loves splashing in the sink, putting ingredients in the mixer.

I leave buckets of toys in strategic spots around the house, in places that I need a distraction for her. I keep a bucket of matchbox cars next to the washer/dryer in the basement, a container of dolls and doll clothing by my laundry folding spot, a bucket of pegs outside the upstairs bathroom. I switch out the toys occasionally.

As she gets bigger, she does sometimes wander away from me to play in a different room. It's her choice though, and she can come right back to me when she wants to. That security makes her feel safe and confident enough to play independently away from me.
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Post Fri, Dec 02 2022, 4:03 am
amother OP wrote:
Ok maybe I haven't actually looked into any type of swings I figured there was a large variety

Baby normally plays happily in a safe area in the living room with toys while I do my own thing but if dare leave the room it's less then 3 seconds before the loud bawling starts and doesn't stop until I come back in and comfort even if I sing and talk from the other room
In general baby is so easygoing it's just this new thing I can't figure out

Yup totally normal
I put them in the high chair buckled
With cups and the tiniest bit of water
They love pouring from one cup to another
Or a pieces of parchment and a tiny tiny bit of yogurt/applesauce/baby food various colors and let them finger paint
Tape down the paper
Yes it’s messy -straight to bath time and nap
How do you put him/her to nap,

I’ve seen ppl put purel and then things like pompoms in a gallon size zip lock bag and tape it to the high chair table top for them to squish around
Never tried it make sure it doesn’t leak

If you don’t want the mess there are toys that suction cup
Also tie a toy with an elastic,
Baby loves to throw things
This way you are not constantly bending down
Eventually they learn to pull it up themselves

High chair, baby gate, crib, and sometimes crying
My baby was ok if he could see me
The second he couldn’t he would scream (not cry) that’s ok too

When I was a pre1A Morah I had a child who would occasionally tear up
When I asked him why he said I’m ok I just miss my mom and that’s ok
I would answer me too and ask around who else misses there mom
When I normalized it no one made fun
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