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Book/judaica idea

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Post Thu, Mar 30 2023, 4:28 am
DD received a set of books as a bas mitzvah gift. We already have the same set belonging to the family and it's not the kind of thing you need to own your own (she can always buy one when she grows up and moves out if she wants it then...) so she wants to exchange it but for something similarly meaningful.

She is not really into Judaica though. Maybe she could use a new siddur but that would only use up a small portion of the credit. For machzorim we daven at a shul that provides plenty (we have at home for reference but she doesn't need her own personal set at this point.)

Looking for idea of something meaningful she can buy with the credit. We didn't check with the store yet but it's probably around $70. She is in agreement that she wants to get something that's a keeper, not something she'll read once or outgrow, but also not something that will just collect dust on a shelf.
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Post Thu, Mar 30 2023, 5:16 am
A book with short stories or divrei Torah on the parsha
A Jewish history book
A book with photos and stories of gedolim
There is a set of books called great Jewish… one has artefacts, famous letters, kevarim etc , they are beautifully designed and really nice just to pick up and read a few pages of, they are written by a rabbi Bamberger
Artscroll Chumashim/nach , always useful for reference
Living emunah (for teens)
A Haggadah
Recipe books
A nice mezuza case for her room
Books like a Yiddishe kop or the kichels which are great for every age
Jewish written books about nature or the human body or animals
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Post Thu, Mar 30 2023, 5:38 am
Thanks for the ideas!

Looking for specific titles rather than categories.

We have the artscroll chumash/nach already.

Jewish artifacts book sounds interesting especially for one who is not a big reader and can pick through here and there (she's a voracious reader of fiction but that's not what we're after here)
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