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Post Tue, Nov 28 2023, 5:36 pm
I’m looking to keep my daughter local for seminary next year. My daughter is in a bais yakov type school and is a great girl.

Here are seminary’s I’m looking into:
1) Elyon
2) asaf
3) migdal
4) Kerem

We live in brooklyn and I’d prefer here.
Anyone know pricing? It’s a strong consideration. Any seminary gives breaks for good girls? ( I know for sure I don’t qualify for any gov. Loans as we are middle class).

We’re heimish.

Thank you in advance!
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Post Wed, Nov 29 2023, 6:11 am
I’m not in that area, but you might get more responses if you are more specific in the title.
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Post Wed, Nov 29 2023, 7:28 am
I would contact the seminaries for pricing. A quick Google gives all of the contact info, as well as a price.
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Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 11:20 am
where do you see pricing from google?
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Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 6:14 pm
asaf is 13000 without dorm
migdal and kerem similar
dont know about elyon but it is a half day sem with college in the afternoon. the other 3 are full day
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Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 6:40 pm
Elyon is doing the middle semester in Israel next year
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Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 6:46 pm
My daughter is in migdal. She loves it. 14000 for sem. 4800 for the dorm. 2800 early bird for tti. ( I got about 5000 from FAFSA) plus traveling back and for shabbos. She's weather uniform from HS. Bought her one more so that she wouldn't have to do laundry there. They don't need any other clothes ..no pressure in that area. She takes a small suitcase with her laundry every Sunday.
Kerem was 21ooo without the college fee. But I heard that it's a drop less this yr. Plus offering same college as migdal. Where you get a degree in Judaica studies but won't be finished by Aug. Need some phone classes or tests during fall semester.
I don't know about assaf
Elyon is around 20000-21000. ( heard that you can get 10000 off of you qualify for financial aid) But get a full degree in 1 year Talk to an accountant before you apply. Might be cdai for her to apply for financial aid under her name and not declare her as a dependent
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Post Thu, Nov 30 2023, 7:26 pm
Def look into Bnos Chaim, if DD is a good girl. Lakewood based but they have quite a few girls from Brooklyn and price is reasonable especially if you qualify for FAFSA.
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