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BH was able to keep my Kabbalah from Yom Kippur What next ?

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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 6:19 pm
I heard a shiur before yom kipur that when accepting upon one self to be better the upcoming year it is important to takr something meaningfull and very small so it could last.

I personally accepted to make one bracha a day with kavavanah (meaning slowly , with intention I am talking to hashem and concentration on meaning of the words) till chanuka. Bh I was able to keep it and feel It has helped my connection somewhat (and have sometimes made many times a day) but now was wondering if 1) I should mekabel again extend it with same numeber 2) accept to do more times a day 3) take on a new Kabbalah ?
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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 8:58 pm
Of course you do what feels best for you but based on my own experience, I’d say keep doing exactly the same thing but take a little bit of a longer time. Say you’ll keep it up until Purim or until after Pesach. Now that you got used to doing this you might want to add another kabbala in a different area. Instead of tefilla you can choose doing one small kindness or favor a day for your dh, your kids or a complete stranger, or taking on something extra in any area that interests you.
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Post Sun, Dec 10 2023, 8:59 pm
Just keep going. Go slow and take day by day. You’re inspiring me and I’m sure there’s plenty more ppl on here you’re inspiring.
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