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Best honest place to buy a couch in Brooklyn
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 11:37 am
We also bought a "geniune leather" couch from a frum store in BP, only for it to start ripping a year later. We had someone come look at it and they said there isn't an inch of leather in the couch, it's pure vinyl! We looked at the tags on bottom of the couch and indeed it doesn't say leather.
I've since learned that you can't trust the marketing tags, even at a frum store. So disappointing! At LEAST check the materials tags sewn to the bottom of the furniture. Also, "genuine leather" usually means bonded leather and will also flake and rip. You want to make sure it's top grain leather. A real leather 3 seater couch is in the $2,000 range. If it's $1,000 it's not real.
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 12:14 pm
Also some places only use real leather on the sitting areas, but to save money they use another material on the back and sides, which can then split and peel. Ask whether it's top-grain leather or bonded, and if that applies to the entire couch or only parts of it.
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 12:34 pm
I got my leather couch at GK, looks brand new still 3 years later, and was cheaper then any other stores when we priced around.
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 1:28 pm
Inexpensive leather sofas can advertise themselves as "real leather" because technically they are real leather. But they are small pieces of thin leather which are glued to fabric - technically it is called bonded leather.

If you want a leather sofa that lasts you need one that is Full Grain or Top Grain - full grain is better than Top Grain.

This link contains excellent information on sofa construction and rates various brands - but the explanation of how the quality of the foam impacts longevity is important to know when you evaluate any furniture


FWIW, a high quality leather sofa would probably be at least $3000 to $4000
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 8:48 pm
amother Nemesia wrote:
Another vote for GK...they could get you all high quality companies from popular Brooklyn stores for drastic reduced price

they dont have a norm show room...
(718) 680-8046

Is there a place they send customers, or its like buying from Amazon?

Whats their return policy if theres an issue?
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 10:24 pm
I have a 10 year old leather, reclining couch from TGI. Looks brand new! And my kids climb/jump on it every day.
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 10:41 pm
I had a bad experience at raymour n flannigan however I was not leather.
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Post Mon, Feb 19 2024, 11:43 am
amother Turquoise wrote:
I had a bad experience at raymour n flannigan however I was not leather.

Can I ask for more info on your bad experience? What was the problem? Did they try to fix it? Did you purchase their warranty?
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Post Mon, Feb 19 2024, 2:17 pm
We checked out Raymour and Flanagan today. We liked this one and a decent price. They said its top grain leather besides for the back and sides where no one touches. Any chance anyone have this couch and can tall me how it lasts?

We also went to eisenbergers who were selling palliser sofas for Abt $1700.

Is it worth the price difference? Since I had a bad experience before I'm nervous to spend so much and that it won't last

Any recommendations?
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