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If you sold your house that had work done
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Post Sun, Feb 18 2024, 11:09 am
amother Chicory wrote:
Yes I am and in my circles it’s rare to not get permits. Many people run in front of speeding cars and live. That doesn’t make it less risky. It means you took a risk and didn’t get caught. But don’t pretend it’s not a huge risk and it doesn’t cost people a lot of money when they are caught.

I’m also really shocked that you are handing out advice when you don’t know the city has architecture plans of the inside of all legal construction.

Where do they have plans of original interiors of houses built 100 years ago??! I have the deed and title and survey for my house and it shows nothing of the sort.

In terms of construction—The risks are generally worth taking. For our current house it would’ve cost over 200k for permitting. Plus aroind 2 years. Since it was highly unlikely to get caught we decided risk was worth it. The contractors get an alert the minute a complaint is filed and then you have 2-3 weeks before they come investigate. In that time we knew we could’ve closed up whatever was going on. So risk was low. Our friend had 15 complaints called in. By time the dob came the work was closed up as if nothing happened.unless ppl are basically building from scratch most ppl I know don’t get permits. And yes we asked a shayla and our rav had no issue w it. But either way that’s not her question.
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