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Do you enjoy the Seder?
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Post Sun, Apr 14 2024, 7:22 pm
I love the sedarim. My kids are teens down to littles, but we put the little ones to sleep and only elementary and up stay up. We spend the night discussing great questions about emunah, about life, about Hashem, real yosodos. The kids get really into it. When we have done it at our house, the seder has been pretty long because we're all so into it. When we've been at my parents' or in-laws' house, they do everything very quickly and don't want much discussion, so we stay up (or sometimes just dh, depending on whether I'm up with a newborn or very pregnant) and are "mesaper b'yetzias mitzrayim" for hours afterwards with the kids who aren't falling off their feet yet. (Maybe ages 9 and up or so.) It's amazing how the questions and discussions just flow, on a very deep and meaningful level.

If you aren't enjoying the seder, are you preparing for it at all ahead of time? Not the food and stuff, but reading about it on the Shabbos afternoons beforehand, or listening to shiurim about it while you're cleaning? That's what gets me in the mood and really wakes up the side of me that enjoys the discussions. Just jumping into the seder without any prep would also probably feel long and boring to me.
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Post Sun, Apr 14 2024, 7:24 pm
amother Heather wrote:
I hate it. It’s long boring and I feel guilty that I don’t want to be there. I work hard before pesach and I’d rather go to sleep. I know I sound so negative but I get no appreciation for all that I’ve done and I’m just waiting to serve and clean up so I can finally get to sleep

Same. And my dh runs a pretty boring seder but gets insulted if I give any suggestions. I have low expectations so I don't get disappointed. And keep a good book hidden upstairs so I can go take some breaks LOL
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Post Sun, Apr 28 2024, 5:02 am
How was your seder?

Better than you expected or worse?

B"h we really enjoyed it.
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Post Sun, Apr 28 2024, 6:12 am
amother OP wrote:
I find the seders really hard. I'm tired and exhausted and I don't want to sit on a chair for 5 hours. I can read a novel or shmooze but sitting at a table and just listening and reading the hagada and listening some more, to all the kids and dh divrei torah is challenging for me.
I feel guilty about this but it doesn't change anything.
am I the only one?

Adhd family here. I take many breaks because I can't sit for 5 hours. I keep getting up and going to the kitchen for different reasons. I sit as much as I want to and as long as it's interesting. I don't make my kids sit either. Whoever wants can go play. They come and go. We have toys in our dining room on the floor they can play while listening.
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Post Sun, Apr 28 2024, 6:24 am
I think I would enjoy it if it was a little shorter, at a normal time of day, and didn’t have to eat the matzo. I normally end up sick by the end of it and not able to sleep well from a stomach ache.
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