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Advice for Slipping Band

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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 3:14 am
I wear a band under my sheitel and tichels. No matter what I do, the band ends up slipping sometime during the day. It drives me crazy.
Yes, I put the band on the right way. Yes, also new bands slip. Yes, this happens with both sheitels and tichels.
The cleaner and silkier my hair is, the more it seems to slip. Teasing my hair, while annoying, seems to help a bit, but only if I tease it enough. I've tried special volumizing shampoos, and even putting moose on the top of my hair which both helped a bit. I tried clips in my sheitel a few years ago but they pulled on my hair and were so uncomfortable that it just wasn't worth it.
No one I've asked, sheitelmachers included, know what to tell me, and the feeling drives me crazy (also, the way I can never be sure how far it will go).
Anyone suffer from a similar problem and have any practical advice on how to stop it?
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 3:35 am
Same , sometimes spraying hairspray under band and on top has helped stay with a new band , but not sure if u can do on shabbos I have to ask
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 4:42 am
I have a flat head. Super annoying.
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 4:47 am
Is there a way to sew clips into the tichel like the ones they sew into wigs?

I bought comfortable tichels from Temu it fits well and doesn't slip.
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 8:33 am
I use a lace band and it's the only one that held
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 8:48 am
Lace band
If not it slipps a lot
Be liberal with the hairspray
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 9:01 am
You can try hairgel, a little bit (dime or nickle size amount?) with a little water to dampen hair, all around my hairline, not so precisely but just to distribute around
(I do this daily, so prefer buying dye free brands) this works well for me.
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 9:09 am
There’s a powder you can try - S-xy Hair Big Powder Play. Comes in a small red bottle with black cap.
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Post Wed, Apr 17 2024, 10:48 am
amother Butterscotch wrote:
Same , sometimes spraying hairspray under band and on top has helped stay with a new band , but not sure if u can do on shabbos I have to ask

I spray hairspray for this reason (only on top of my hair before putting on the band). My Rav said I can do this on shabbos.

OP you can try this and/or using Bobby pins to secure the band to your hair.
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Post Fri, Apr 19 2024, 10:16 am
Thanks for all the tips!
I'll have to try buying some hairspray/hairgel/powder and see if it helps.
In the meantime, I guess I'll try the bobby pins.
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