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Anyone used Delayed Timed Cook for Yom Tov Sheni?

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Post Sun, Apr 21 2024, 8:11 pm
This is a spin-off of my thread about not being able to disable the 12 hour auto-shut off on my oven: https://www.imamother.com/foru.....00944

I realized my oven has a "Delayed Timed Cook" feature, where I can set cooking to start up to 24 hours in the future, for 1 minute to 12 hours.

We have a double oven, and my plan would be to use the top oven for the 1st night dinner and the bottom oven for the 2nd night dinner on Delayed Timed Cook. In other words, for the bottom oven, before the start of yom tov Monday night, I'd set it to come on at about 6pm on Tuesday night and cook for 6 hours and then put the food in the oven at tzeit. I'd tape the plunger button shut so it doesn't make any sounds/lights when I open and close it.

Husband checked with our rav and he said this is halachically fine.

I'm asking as a practical matter, will this work? Am I missing anything?
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