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Do you cook on yom tov?
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Post Tue, Apr 23 2024, 3:53 am
Yes, 100%. I've tried getting it all done in advance before and it did not turn out well.
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Post Tue, Apr 23 2024, 11:28 am
Nope. No matter how much company I have, all food is cooked in advance and warmed up on the Plata.
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Post Tue, Apr 23 2024, 11:58 am
amother Ghostwhite wrote:
I’ve never known mashed potatoes to be a staple! I’ve never made it in my life. There’s tons of other side dishes other than mashed potatoes you know. Anyway liking fresh food works well for you if you don’t mind cooking several times a day. For those of us who go to shul there just isn’t time For fresh food

I have a friend who leaves the crockpot on, and before going to shul puts in hot water and potatoes. They are cooked and ready to mash when she gets home from shul.

(She serves plenty of other side dishes and potatoes cooked other ways. Freshly mashed potato is just one option.)
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Post Tue, Apr 23 2024, 12:33 pm
Generally not but I did make mashed potatoes today.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 12:41 am
This is our first year making Yt. We ate out first day and only managed to cook the meat before YT. So cooking everything today for full YT. Should only take a couple of hours though. We're only 2-4 people most meals.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 12:50 am
I usually don’t. I like to chill on yomtov and not have to be busy cooking.
But, yesterday what I did was put the leftover boiled potatoes from karpas in a foil pan with oil directly on the hot plate and it became crispy. Does that count as cooking?
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 2:39 pm
No I do everything before.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 2:44 pm
Never. I dont like to leave the fire on.
Everythingbis made before, no matter the amount of people.
And we have a plara to warm things.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 7:03 pm
I would love to but my husband doesn't like to leave flames or an oven on. Cooking everything in advance is a lot of work and fresh food is so much yummier. I do like to cook and it would not be chore for me at all. Alas sholom bayis comes first.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 7:38 pm
Yup. I cook whatever can't be done in the oven beforehand but leave oven foods to the day of. We did a dairy meal for lunch Tuesday so in the oven, we baked lox with eggs, cooked matza brei, cheese blintzes, matza pizza, the made a cheese platter and salads. Super easy to do and keeps the kids entertained.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 8:07 pm
BH I was able to make everything I'm advance this year, but it doesn't always work out that way. I warm food up on a Plata / in a crock pot
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 8:48 pm
Married almost 20 years and have never cooked on yom tov. Everything is made before and either frozen or in the fridge, except for fresh salads (but even my dressings are all made).
This is how my mother always did it and I love not having to worry about it on yom tov.
I leave the oven on shabbos mode on 225 degrees to warm up food
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 8:59 pm
No, I like to relax on Y"T (though sometimes I'll grill a fresh steak on the last day like I did today- open the flame with the lit yartzeit candle at noon and only keep flame on for a few hours until motzei Y"T).

I grew up with a lot of cooking being done on Y"T- thought that was better because fresh food. But then I realized I was punishing myself, and so I learned what tasted good made in advance and started planning my menus accordingly.
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 9:12 pm
I cook on yom tov, but only really easy things.

I make a roast when I get up, literally takes five minutes to put into the oven, and... fresh roast.

I put in sweet potatoes and I would put in frozen vegetables, apples for baked apples, in the oven... nothing that takes a lot of time.

On Pesach I also make potatoes, which does take a little time but I've never figured out how to make that in advance in a way that will last. I also like fresh bletlach...

I don't really mind cooking on pesach as I don't go to shul anyway. I have the whole afternoon to relax....
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Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 9:13 pm
Yes I cook fresh and I enjoy being in the kitchen
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Ema of 5


Post Wed, Apr 24 2024, 9:26 pm
amother OP wrote:
How do you warm up food without the oven on?

Warming up food is not the same as cooking it.
Usually I have everything cooked before, but this year I wasn’t 100% feeling well and I didn’t even have all my ingredients until Sunday evening, so I left a few things for cooking on chag, and then ended up not even making them all.
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