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Can this be early sign of learning disability?
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Post Sun, May 05 2024, 11:03 am
It could be, a sign of labeling issues. Definitely do an evaluation because the earlier he gets specified help the better school will go.
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Post Sun, May 05 2024, 12:04 pm
My 8 yr old didn't know colors until very late(5-6!!!)
He's a smart boy, was able to answer questions about the parasha without a problem . He's on the ball, follows discusssions...
He had a very hard time learning how to read. Bh with a lot of support, tutoring AND starting ADD medication, he's now reading beautifully .
He's in a 2nd grade self contained classroom, definitely at the top of the class. I'm still not sure it was the right decision to put him in that classroom.
Although academically he's doing amazing I think socially it affected him very much. Something that I was very worried about before I put him there and I now regret but school convinced me that he would only benefit.
So although he's very smart I think his ADHD was preventing him from concentrating.
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Post Sun, May 05 2024, 10:45 pm
Dill, what’s the plan for transitioning your son back into a regular classroom?
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Post Sun, May 05 2024, 10:58 pm
Just weighing in (I also happen to do language therapy), a few things about colors
1) colors is developmental and some kids just don't get it, until one day they do.
2) he could be colorblind
3) green is actually a very hard color to distinguish in general for little kids (don't know why) and for people who are colorblind in particular. I would start with a more obvious color (and NOT blue that has like 90 different shades)
4) monitor for other signs of language/ learning disability. If you're only seeing colors as problematic, I wouldn't be too concerned.

As an aside, one of my children called green "pink" for the longest time. Like if I said, what color is the grass,she would say, pink.". She knew all her other colors and I was convinced she was colorblind for green. Eye doctor said it's probably nothing and turns out he was right. Within a few months she suddenly knew green as well.
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 3:50 pm
My dc s ot was trying to get him to know yellow but if was totally clueless two min later. He said it's I short term memory. And will likely have issues picking up alef beis. I'm so concerned and nervous for him Sad and can't imagine this sensitive child struggling
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Post Thu, May 16 2024, 4:25 pm
The most important thing for now as that he shouldn't pick up on your anxiety. It's crucial. As a special education teacher I would tell you not to worry and to give him the gift of time. He's still a baby. I'm in touch with a lot of teacher through the field I currently work in and several have told me that one of the biggest issues they are dealing with is ANXIETY - in very young children. We are putting way too much pressure on little kids. Pushing them to perform. There's so much development that should be happening before they learn to read that isn't happening. There's so much more that could be happening in a natural environment instead of artificial learning.
For now I would just point out things "derech agav" like
"lets go on the green slide"
"do you like the red candy?"
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