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What do you think of this tuition assistance policy?
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:14 am
In my city school finishes at 2:30/3:00 so I'd say it's only fair to make it half day. But I think half day is fair everywhere - working full time at minimum wage plus cleaning/cooking is really hard and not everyone is capable.
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:24 am
amother Eggshell wrote:
Agree that there needs to be exceptions. For example, years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was going through chemo, surgeries, etc. and we were getting crushed with medical bills. We asked my daughters former school for a tuition break. We just didn't have the money to cover tuition and chemo at the same time. The school told us no and that we would need to find someone else to pay for us. I was crushed. We had no savings, no family to ask for help and I was honestly, so resentful of the school and others who were taking advantage and getting away with it. In the end, my husband worked it out with the school and bh, I didn't die. Now, bh bh bh, I am able to work full time and with my paycheck, cover full tuition for my kids AND help pay for others who need assistance. Even though we didn't get help when we needed it, I make sure to help others now that I can. Exceptions must be made. What I went through was absurd and no family should have to deal with that.

Kol hakavod on coming through all that and taking away that you want to help others. Shame on the school for putting you through that when you were already going through so much.
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:35 am
amother DarkMagenta wrote:
I'm curious how much they think a reasonable salary.

And if the school hours work with a full time schedule (in lakewood they really don't)

They said minimum wage + full time, so 30k
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 4:23 am
That's what they said if the parent isn't working but they didn't say if the parent is working how many hours it needs to be...
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