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Certain Women by Madeleine L'Engle

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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:24 pm
I enjoyed all her children's books, so I picked up this one.
Now I see it contrasts an actor named David who had many wives, with Dovid HaMelech L'Havdil.

I suspect I should put it straight in the trash as I don't need to have the thoughts of a non-Jew in my mind.

If anyone has read the book and can offer a perspective, I would appreciate it.
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:43 pm
This is not her first foray into a biblical story... Did you read Many Waters?
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:47 pm
I read Many Waters in camp when I was 11. So good!
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 1:56 pm
All of her books had some religious stuff in them, didn't they?
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Post Thu, May 09 2024, 3:47 pm
I have some vague recollection of Many Waters, Mehitabel etc? Nefilim... yeah, I don't think I'd read it now.
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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 3:40 am
Once upon a time the classics were full of reference to religion
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Post Fri, May 10 2024, 2:50 pm
References I don't care so much.

E.g. IIANM five Love Languages quotes New Test a lot. I try to avoid exposure to that so when I'd see it coming, I'd turn the book upside-down so harder to read by accident, & black it all out. Maybe some will find that a little extreme...

But here I'm afraid it's going to portray a figure from Tanach in a disrespectful way (or just from an Xian POV) & I don't want that in my brain.

For that matter there's probably a graphic discussion of Amnon & Tamar...

So was just hoping s/o who's read it can tell me if that's the case.
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Post Sun, May 19 2024, 2:30 pm
I haven't thrown it out yet. I'm thinking maybe I will read the contemporary part & skip the "historic" part which is likely full of kefirah...
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Post Sun, May 19 2024, 2:35 pm
Her books all have strong religious references, just the savior is the people with special good intelligence. It's similar to reading cs lewis
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chocolate moose


Post Mon, May 20 2024, 4:04 pm
she's a religious christian and uses those influences in her works
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Post Tue, May 28 2024, 12:28 am
Personally, I'd toss such a book out, like, yesterday.
It's a serious transgression to even have such heresy in one's home.
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